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Top Online Video Editors To Be Aware Of

Do you want to edit your videos to make them more attractive but don’t know any good video editor? Find the best AI video editors to create perfect videos.
Facemod Originally published Dec 07, 23, updated Mar 12, 24

In this era of digitization, making your media content more aesthetic is not an issue. Yet, it can be disturbing if you don't know any good AI video editor online. There is no need to panic because we are going to discuss the top-rated AI video editors. You can use them to make your videos a trend in 2023.

Above all, we will also discuss other questions related to video editing in this discussion. These questions will include the efficiency and ethical considerations of online AI video generators.

  1. Part 1: How Does AI Video Editor Online Make Workflow Simpler?
    1. 1. AIVO
    2. 2. InVideo
    3. 3. Synthesia
    4. 4. Veed.io
    5. 5. Steve.AI
    6. 6. Lumen5
  2. Part 3: What are the Ethical Disadvantages of Using Online AI Video Editors?
  3. Bonus Part: Make Quick Face Swapping on Video Using Online Solution: FaceMod

Part 1: How Does AI Video Editor Online Make Workflow Simpler?

Before getting into the video editor online AI, it is very important to understand its functionality ratios. You need to know how AI video editors can streamline your workflow. The understated points will help you with this issue:

Swift Editing

Online video editors offer hundreds of built-in templates for every type of video. You can use the video templates and customize them as per your needs and requirements without any issues.

Powerful Editing Features

There are multiple types of intuitive and powerful editing features in a video editor that can upgrade your user experience. Moreover, with powerful editing features, you can make simple videos more captivating with vibrant colors and sleek layouts.

Organization and Management

Within the AI video editors, you can also find some organization and management tools. This categorizes your media files in an automated way and also simplifies the location procedure.

Modernized Content Strategies

These tools also suggest several modern elements and preferences. You can access royalty-free music, animations, and other realistic effects to make videos more special. This also minimizes the need for manual searching and adjustments.

Part 2: The Best Online AI Video Editors to Consider

If you are moved by the higher performance ratio of video editing AI tools, you must be curious about some of these tools. Getting confused while exploring the best-in-class tools is a thing to happen. Yet, to prevent this confusion, we are going to introduce numerous premium-level tools that can make your work more efficient. Look below to discover more about these tools:


This exclusive online AI video maker lets you turn simple content into eye-catching videos. It has the capability to create the most mindful and realistic content that can engage more and more followers for you. Other than this, you can also access uncountable clips, music files, and images right from Unsplash and Pixabay with this.

It also has several customizing metrics that let you create personalized content with a few taps. You can also add descriptive voiceovers in the videos to make them more understanding.

aivo ai video editor

2. InVideo

It is another AI video generator online free through which you can turn your text into videos with ease. This tool can be used to create cinematic masterpieces to grow your channel or pages in no time. You can also create several types of videos with it, such as ads, shots, and more. There are diversified templates in it, such as business, marketing, YouTube, slideshow, advertisements, and more. You can customize them as needed and create a video in a limited time.

There is also a feature of AI-powered voiceovers through which you can add realism and depth to your simple videos. One of the best things is you can also turn the predesigned te4xt into videos along with synchronized voices.

invideo ai video editor

3. Synthesia

As the name indicates, you can synthesize outclass videos with the AI powers of this AI video generator free online. You have to add the text, and this can turn the text into real videos; other than this, it also supports 120+ languages, so the users can add voiceovers in the language of their choice as this is an AI-powered tool so you can use it even if you have no editing skills.

One of the best things is it also offers 85+ avatars that can act in your intuitive video or can narrate the speech. You will not face any limitations because it offers innovative editing tools. It lets you edit the text, background, or colors of the video. You can also add unique animations, photos, and audio to the videos with it.

synthesia ai video editor

4. Veed.io

Do you want to create an unmatchable video just by adding text? Worry no more because Veed.io is an AI online video editor that has the capability to assist you in this part. To make videos more expressive and understandable, you can also use its AI text-to-voice tools to add voiceovers. You have to input the text in the text field; this video creator will handle the rest for you.

The interface of this tool is quite structured and tidy, so you can explore it without getting bored. Moreover, it offers blazing-fast processing speed so that you can convert video to text in no time.

veed io ai video editor

5. Steve.AI

Steve.AI is the best choice for creating live-action videos with unique animations. It has innovative patented AI technology, which creates the most professional-looking videos for you. Not only simple text, but you can also turn the blogs into animated videos to engage more users. If you don't like the idea of adding text, then you can also add audio to create professional-grade videos.

Above all, there are no irritable restrictions in this tool, as you can regenerate the videos by adding new context. The AI avatars of this online AI video editor also help to make lip-synced videos.

steve ai video editor

6. Lumen5

If you want to create AI videos for business, this is the tool of choice. The videos created by this tool have the ability to attract more users and create real hype for your brand. You can also use it to transform long zoom videos into attractive clips which are easier to watch. It also has hundreds of template designs you can customize and make videos while staying on budget.

With this tool, you can create videos on content marketing, communications, promotional context, location, and cultures. All the templates are modernized and upgraded, so you can even start without editing them.

lumen5 ai video editor

Part 3: What are the Ethical Disadvantages of Using Online AI Video Editors?

There is no doubt that an online AI video generator can make your work smoother and more efficient. However, there are considerable ethical disadvantages that can concern the users. Some of them are:

Privacy Issues

You know you have to upload the media content to process video editing, but sometimes it can lead to privacy issues. Thus, if you are not using a reliable tool, you may also face several privacy-related issues about your private content.

Biased Algorithms

The algorithms in the video editors can be influenced by biased presentations. It can result in exclusion or discrimination, which can reinforce harmful narratives.

Job Replacements

Many of you are concerned that your position as a video editor can be harmed by AI video editors. It is somehow true because AI video editors can accomplish your task in a limited time and effort.

Misleading Information

With AI video editors, one can replace their face with other people. They can sometimes deliver misleading information pretending to be you. It is one of the biggest ethical concerns for most users.

Bonus Part: Make Quick Face Swapping on Video Using Online Solution: FaceMod

Yes, you can create high-class videos with the tools mentioned above. Yet, it is important to know the tool that lets you edit simple videos to turn them into more engaging ones. An AI video editor online free that can help you with this issue is FaceMod. With FaceMod, you can even swap your faces with other people to prank your friends and family.

The user interface of this tool is very delightful, so you will not get bored while using it. In addition to this, FaceMod also has a blinking fast speed, which lets you edit videos in a limited time. The media content created with FaceMod is such a realistic look that no one can guess it's a work of an AI tool.


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Key Features of FaceMod

• Using the "reface mod," you can turn serious-looking photos into hilarious memes and GIFs without worrying about anything.

• It offers non-destructive, ads-free, and watermark-free editing. Thus, you can also use it to create professional-grade videos.

• This tool lets you add your face to the face of any person so you can also see yourself as your favorite actor or game character with FaceMod.


As this article states, there are several free AI video generators online that can help you to make your videos more accessible. If you have no idea about such tools, then you can go with the ones listed above. This article also covers some of the ethical considerations and functionality ratio of AI video tools. You can use them to gain more knowledge about these tools.

Yet, if you are eager to discover the free AI video editor online with superior functionality, the answer is FaceMod. You can learn more about this tool from the above discussion.

Facemod Mar 12, 24
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