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Generate the Best Content Using Top AI Art Generators Free

Are you drawn to art and want to create something inspiring? Read this article to get to know about some anime AI art generators free.
Facemod Originally published Jan 22, 24, updated Apr 11, 24

Admiring art is universal as it speaks to the soul. It speaks volumes when incorporated in an appropriate and strategic manner. Graphics and designs are seen everywhere these days, and AI has broadened its reach. This article will discuss the leading anime art generators free that you can utilize. A user-friendly alternative will be debated along with these free anime art generators.

  1. Part 1. Overview of AI Art Generators: What Do They Provide?
    1. 1. Getimg.AI
    2. 2. ZMO.AI
    3. 3. BlueWillow
  2. Part 3. FaceMod: A Unique Alternative To AI Art Generation

Part 1. Overview of AI Art Generators: What Do They Provide?

We all know the basics of free AI anime art generators and their working. These tools can be online, desktop tools, or applications that users can access through supported platforms. The AI algorithms working at the backend understand users' instructions through the combined collaboration between NLP and vast learning data.

An AI anime art generator free provides graphical outcomes through prompts or image references. It brings out realistic results according to your input by utilizing existing data. They also provide creative tools and customizations for accurate results. Furthermore, the user interface of such tools is engaging and accessible, with a community connection option to consult with experts.

Part 2. Understanding the Operations of Some Top AI Art Generators

As the anime fandom continues to grow, the creative horizons of free AI art generators anime. So, if you want to get started with a tool that uses AI assistance to automate the process of art generation, read the below section:

1. Getimg.AI

Tap into the potential of this free anime art generator to express your imagination through graphics. Getimg.AI creates anime models from text or images and even transforms the landscapes. Furthermore, it gives you complete control over your art with its ControlNet feature. Along with custom avatars and settings, it has an accessible interface to keep everything in control.

getimg ai anime art generator

  • ● It offers 13 anime model styles that you can transform your image into.
  • ● Users are capable of generating several responses ranging from 1-10 based on a single prompt.
  • ● Simple prompts do not get you anywhere near your desired output; good prompts are required.

Steps To Generate AI Anime Art Using Getimg.AI

The process of creating art takes minutes with this tool due to its AI automation and interface. Here is how you can operate this anime art generator free:

Step 1. Upon accessing the website from the provided link, click the “Start creating for free” button.

start creating free ai art

Step 2. Navigate towards the left-side panel and write a suitable prompt in the text box. Set the image resolution and choose several images to generate. Also, set other settings and click the "Generate (n) images" button. The AI images will appear on the screen that you can then upscale or download.

give prompt adjust parameters

Step 3. Click on the image to enlarge it and hit the “Download” button in the pop-up window.

zmo ai anime generator


This free AI art generator anime brings endless possibilities to your door and brings diversity to your anime avatars. It offers 30+ anime model styles that you can integrate into your images. Just when you think that things cannot get any better, it offers image2image anime art. Moreover, its pose control AI helps maintain the posture of your anime character.

zmo ai anime art generator

  • ● Along with human portraits, it can transform your pet images into anime portraits.
  • ● This minimalism of the user interface enhances its accessibility and user experience.
  • ● Since this is an online tool, its dependency on the internet can limit the users sometimes.

Steps To Generate AI Anime Art Using ZMO.AI

The tool is perfect for those who prefer the blend of innovation and minimalism at the same time. The following section will provide you with the step-by-step procedure to generate anime art with it:

Step 1. Use the “Create AI Art For Free” button at the main interface of this tool after accessing its free anime art generator. Before starting the art generation, make sure you log in to the tool.

proceed with creating free ai art

Step 2. From the top, choose the type of input you want to add to this tool. Choose the "Text Input" option here, but you can also use "Image Input." In the text box below, add your prompt, and in the Category section, choose "Anime." Furthermore, choose a Style from the given options, adjust display settings, and hit the “Create” button under your prompt section.

give text input to generate art

Step 3. Enhance the image if necessary, or reach the options at the bottom and hit "Download."

enhance and download image

3. BlueWillow

This isn’t your typical AI art anime generator free but a tool that helps in business growth. Along with generating anime characters from prompts, you can also generate logos with BlueWillow. It is fashioned in a way that assists all, from seasonal creators to professionals. You can get started independently with its easy-to-use interface without any expertise.

bluewillow anime ai art generator

  • ● It has over 7 art models that you can choose from and an automated negative prompt option.
  • ● You can adjust the image dimensions and quality from its settings panel.
  • ● After the first free trial, you'll have to buy the subscription plan to access premium features.

Steps To Generate AI Anime Art Using BlueWillow

This platform is crafted for those who like to keep in charge of their creation with multiple settings options. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to see how BlueWillow works:

Step 1. From the main menu of this tool, add a prompt in the given box and hit “Generate Artwork.”

start with creating artwork

Step 2. This will generate the results and give you access to its user interface. Here, you can adjust other elements such as “Model,” “Prompt,” and “Columns” to improve the art. Afterward, click the "Generate Image" button to regenerate your thoughts.

manage dimensions and generate image

Step 3. Navigate towards the generated image, hit the “Three Dots” icon at the top left, and press “Download” from the dropdown menu.

download from generated images

Part 3. FaceMod: A Unique Alternative To AI Art Generation

While AI art generators free anime do bring endless opportunities, they may lack a certain amount of realism. FaceMod is an online tool that integrates deepfake algorithms for face swapping. It helps you generate self-portrait art and replicates celebrity faces to any desired image or video.

A few deepfake tools are proficient in producing face swap videos. However, this tool can swap any face with just a click in the presence of an image reference. It utilizes AI analysis to detect and swap faces within seconds. This anime art AI generator has 24 models to swap faces with; you can use the custom option.

facemod ai anime art generator

Get Started Online

Key Features To Keep an Eye On

Like every AI tool, FaceMod offers its users many creative features to enhance their experience. It not only makes editing easier but also maintains a productive workflow. Here are some of the perks of using this tool for face swap:

1. Templates

As discussed earlier, it extends its deepfake technology to face-swapping in videos. However, that isn't the limit, as it also provides built-in video templates for face swap. Moreover, the import limit for a video is 300 seconds, and it exports in 1280x1280px.

2. Enhanced UX

FaceMod is all about providing its users with the best deepfake services. However, user convenience is also integral along with efficiency. It brings a hassle-free user interface to the table with an ad-free experience. Moreover, the absence of a watermark on the final content elevates the charm.

3. Confidentiality

This tool attends to users' privacy with a 24-hour data removal policy. Users are often concerned about their data, especially when it comes to self-portraits/videos. Hence, it deletes all data after 24 hours of creation, which you cannot access from the "My Work" backup.


In conclusion, users now know the detailed process of creating anime art using the above anime AI art generator, which is free. With their ease of access and free-of-cost services, you can start immediately. However, if you are looking for advanced content generation, we recommend FaceMod. Its video generation quality makes it one of a kind, and you can start by accessing it online.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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