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Reviewing The Top Gender Swap Apps in The Market 2024

Are you tired of searching for gender swap applications? You don’t have to search anymore, as the review of top gender-changing tools and apps is here.
Facemod Originally published Nov 30, 23, updated Apr 11, 24

Gender swap apps and tools have gained immense popularity in recent years. These apps offer a new and exciting way to explore different genders. Moreover, such apps can generate realistic images and videos of the opposite gender. These apps are not just limited to entertainment but can also be used for practical applications.

Additionally, they can be used in film, television production, and other ways. More people use these apps to have fun and explore new possibilities with easy accessibility. If you are seeking a popular application to perform a gender swap, learn more about the best apps in this article.

  1. Part 1: What is AI Gender Swap?
    1. 1. Face Changer 2
    2. 2. Face Swap Gender Swap&Changer
    1. 1. iface: AI Face Swap app
    2. 2. Arture - Aging, Hairstyle

Part 1: What is AI Gender Swap?

Recently, there have been talks and discussions about various AI gender-changing apps. However, the real question is what these AI-based are and how it works. Gender swap face apps use AI to make it look like the gender of a person has been modified. These apps make certain adjustments to a person’s body for convincing results.

The algorithm has been trained on different datasets of male and female faces for better accuracy. After learning from the datasets, these apps can easily modify the gender in any image or video.

Part 2: Some Top Android Gender Swap Apps to Use

Choosing a good gender-swapping application might be easy. However, selecting one of the best gender swap apps is challenging. Here are two of the most popular apps available for Android devices.

1. Face Changer 2

This amazing Android app can easily swap the gender of a person with the opposite. It helps you discover how you’ll look in a gender opposite to which you were born in. Moreover, swap gender with your partners and capture their hilarious reactions. Besides this, you can swap faces with any person or personality. This incredible application lets you create hilarious-looking photos and edits.

face changer 2

Key Features

• Face Changer 2 has different filters and effects that users can apply to their edits. These funny effects can warp your face as a skinny monster, alien, or even more.

• Furthermore, this application allows users to add stickers, accessories, or backgrounds to their photos. This app has over 600 stickers to which you can apply.

• With this app, users can warp, morph, or smudge their photos. Moreover, you can even swap your face with any animal or object.

2. Face Swap Gender Swap&Changer

Face Swap Gender Swap&Changer is another application that can seamlessly modify your gender. If you want to explore yourself in a different gender, this is the app. You can make hilariously-looking gender swaps to your friends and family’s photos. Moreover, users can not only swap genders but also swap faces with any person with simple edits.

face swap gender swap & changer

Key Features

• This app has a unique feature of seamless cloning. With this feature, users can easily blend faces with others to give them a realistic look.

• Users can change and modify their facial features. You can change your eyebrows, lips, eyes, and other facial features.

• Furthermore, this tool lets you save all your creations in the app to use them in the future. In addition to this, you can even add stickers to your photos.

Part 3: Some Top iOS Gender Swap Apps To Use

Other than Android gender swap apps, there are some excellent iOS apps. In the section below, the two most talked-about iOS applications can be used for gender swaps.

1. iface: AI Face Swap app

iface is an AI-powered face swap app that allows users to swap their gender easily. With this app, users can explore different aspects of their appearance with the opposite gender. If you want to experiment with your appearance, it’s a fun app. This app can create unique and interesting gender and face-swapped content for social media platforms.

iface ai face swap app

Key Features

• This application lets you swap faces or genders with any celebrity. There are pre-installed videos available in the app that you can use.

• Moreover, users can swap their faces in a live video. With its real-time swapping capabilities, you can swap your face anywhere and anytime.

• You can create customized stickers to apply to your videos and photos. Similarly, you can even choose from the stickers collection available in the app.

2. Arture - Aging, Hairstyle

Arture app offers a range of features to help users transform their appearance. This app can swap the genders of any person or personality in pictures and videos. Moreover, users can also explore themselves in different personalities and roles with face switching. Additionally, you can make cutouts of any image and map that onto another photo.

arture aging hairstyle

Key Features

• This app lets you try different hairstyles, clothes, and makeup to enhance your look in the opposite gender. In addition to this, you can even try different templates as well.

• Another amazing feature that users can try is that this app can create live wallpapers. With this feature, users can create their live wallpapers to use.

• There are other effects and filters that you can apply. For instance, using various filters, you can change your age or transform yourself into a cartoon.

Bonus Tip: FaceMod: An Online Alternative to Free Gender Swap

FaceMod is an incredible tool that lets you be creative with yourself by changing your gender. You can swap the gender of any person with the other using this online tool. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool that uniquely transforms pictures and videos. With just a few clicks, anyone can swap gender using photos and videos.


Besides gender-swapping, this tool allows you to swap the faces of any person in photos and videos. Make yourself a movie star by swapping your face with any movie character. This online tool is a great alternative for people looking for free gender swap apps.

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To conclude, new gender swap apps and tools let you uniquely experiment with your gender. These AI-based tools have opened new doors of self-expression and creativity. Now users can see themselves in different gender identities. These applications are accessible to people of all age groups and backgrounds. However, when used responsibly, users can play around and have fun with these apps.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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