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Finding The Best Deepfake Service To Use

Are you eager to discover unmatchable deepfake services? In this context, you can find a reliable answer to this question.
Facemod Originally published Dec 07, 23, updated Mar 12, 24

The deepfake services are powered by artificial intelligence and have advanced algorithms that can manipulate photos and videos. You can make your friends and family laugh with the hilarious context created by deepfake tools. Don't lose heart if you have no idea about the best deepfake tools because this discussion got you covered.

Here, we will introduce and discuss some unmatchable and comprehensive deepfake software. You can find both online and offline software in this article. Furthermore, we will also enlighten you with some beneficial points that can help you to select the best AI face swap tools.

    1. 1. Mivo: Face Swap Video Bride [Android]
    2. 2. iface: AI Face Swap App [iOS]
    3. 3. Facee – AI Face Swap [iOS]
    4. 4. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face [Android]
    5. 5. FaceApp: Face Editor [Android | iOS]
    1. 1. FaceMod
    2. 2. DeepSwap.AI
    3. 3. FaceHub
    4. 4. Hoodem
    5. 5. Icons8
  1. Part 3: How to Select The Best Deepfake Service For Swapping?

Part 1: Best Deepfake Apps to Use

Initially, you need to be aware of the apps that can help you to swap your face with another person in a realistic manner. Moreover, you can also use some of these applications without any robust internet connection. Thus, look below to find the best deepfake software:

1. Mivo: Face Swap Video Bride [Android]

With over 50 million downloads, Mivo: Face Swap Video Bride never fails to surprise users with its higher functionality ratio. Using this innovative tool, you can change your face with another person in photos without any issue. To see yourself in the movie posters, you can also replace your face with the movie star.

This deepfake best lets you do this in a realistic manner so that no one can differentiate between new and old images. Other than this, you are also free to make intuitive slideshows to make your own music video.

mivo face swap video bride

  • • It also has tons of 3D effects, which you can use to make your videos and photos more eye-catching. You can also create transitional videos with several images.
  • • With its Facial Effects feature, you can virtually give a new and out-of-this-world look to your face. No matter if you want to enhance the details or add effects, it can assist you with all.
  • • It is not available in the App Store, so iPhone users cannot use it to make their photos and videos more eye-catching.

Compatibility of Mivo: Face Swap Video Bride

• Android: 5.0 and above.

2. iface: AI Face Swap App [iOS]

No matter if you want to see yourself as Willy Wonka or Hermione Granger, this app can help you with all. With this best deep fake videos and photos app, you can also add smoothness to your skin and brighten your skin tone. This tool also comprises a classic sketch feature that lets you see your picture as a pencil sketch.

It is also a very helpful thing for art students and art lovers. To see your face in the form of colorful art, you can also use its Art Face feature. Other than this, it can also give an oil painting look to your photos with ease.

iface ai face swap app

  • • With iface: AI Face Swap App, you can tonify your images to see yourself as a Disney princess.
  • • Not only humans, but it can also tonify the pictures of pets which is a very convenient thing for pet owners.
  • • There are numerous ads in this app that can interrupt your workflow. Moreover, it can sometimes work slowly, which is not a great thing.

Compatibility of iface: AI Face Swap App

• iPhone: 13.0 and above.

3. Facee – AI Face Swap [iOS]

Facee – AI Face Swap is the most known best deepfake AI app as it can make your life more entertaining. You can not only swap faces with this, but it can also make your photos sing. Moreover, it also lets you save your edits in the form of GIFs. By using its face aging feature, you can also see yourself as an older adult with a white beard.

This app is capable of making ridiculous real faces with just a few taps. One of the best things is it supports a wide array of file formats, so you don't have to worry about format compatibility.

facee ai face swap

  • • There are diversified templates of multiple categories in this app. You can use them to make high-class and funny edits in a limited time.
  • • You can save your edits on your device in lossless quality, or you have the option to share them on social media platforms.
  • • This premium-level app is not available on Android devices, so you cannot use it if you are an Android user.

Compatibility of Facee – AI Face Swap

• iPhone: 11.2 and above.

4. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face [Android]

Do you want to see yourself as a movie star, or do you want to prank your friends by changing your face? Worry no more because you can do both of the previously mentioned things with the app named MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face. The interface of this exclusive app is quite delightful, and it also has blazing-fast processing speed.

It matches the skin tone with the face in an automated manner, so no one can guess that it's a work of a deepfake app. In addition to this, it also has several types of trendy templates which you can use to make your photos and videos more intuitive.

morphme deepfake magic face

  • • The process of face swapping is not tricky in this app. You need to upload a photo or video, upload your face, and wait a few moments.
  • • You can also add faces in its library, or you can also search the faces throughout the device without any limitations.
  • • Some of its features are limited to the premium version. If you need to use these features, it is compulsory to buy the premium version.

Compatibility of MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face

• Android: 5.0 and above.

5. FaceApp: Face Editor [Android | iOS]

This app is popular among video and photo editors because it has many intuitive features, including face swapping. By using this app, you can make your images more understandable by adding virtual impressions. It also lets you see yourself as an old or young person. Not only the face, but you can make the whole photo more attractive by adding high-class color effects in them.

Other than this, you can take assistance from its best deepfake technology to make sarcastic edits. Moreover, changing your hairstyle in the photos just as you are making a hairstyle in real life is also possible with this app.

faceapp face editor

  • • You can select the retouch filter for your face in a customized way. It has many retouch filters such as Hollywood 2, Movie, and more.
  • • It also lets you add virtual makeup to your face, and you can also turn your serious photos into smiley ones by adding a fake smile.
  • • The subscription plans of FaceApp: Face Editor is quite expensive. It would be difficult for you to buy this if you have a limited budget.

Compatibility of FaceApp: Face Editor

• Android: 8.0 and above.

• iPhone: 14.0 and above.

Part 2: Best Deepfake Online Tools to Use

Online tools are also an option of choice for users who are short on-device storage. There are considerable numbers of tools available that claim to be the best software for deepfake. However, getting confused while selecting a deepfake tool can minimize your user experience.

It also interrupts your workflow efficiency, which is not a good thing. To cater to this, here are some of the serviceable deepfake tools which you can use on online platforms:

1. FaceMod

Along with the established and delightful interface and ultra-fast processing speed, you will never be disappointed with the performance of this tool. This deepfake best also comprises a versatile range of templates through which you can take photos and videos with ease. You cannot only select the templates from the FaceMod library, but you can also make custom templates with this.


Get Started Online

Key Features of FaceMod

• It has high frame rates, which optimize the playback speed of the video. You will not face any jitters and lags in the video while playing it.

• The output quality of the video also comprises the highest resolutions, which never fails to amaze the users.

• There are no annoying ads or watermark problems in it, which also makes it the best-in-class deep fake tool.

2. DeepSwap.AI

From the implementation of creativity in photos to making fantasies true, this tool can also pave the path to your success. If you have a favorite actor or actress, then you can also add your face to their body virtually. There is no tricky procedure or unwanted data policies that you have to agree upon. For a more streamlined experience, you can also buy its premium version.

deepswap ai deepfake

Key Features of DeepSwap.AI

• With this online based platform, you can face-swap several types of files, such as photos, videos, or GIFs.

• Other than this, it also has the capability to swap the face of a girl with a boy and the face of a boy with a girl.

• The amazing feature of this best deep fake creator also lets you make the most sarcastic memes for your Insta meme pages.

3. FaceHub

Just by adding photos or dragging it on its interface and selecting a face of your choice, you can accomplish your task of face swapping. The results of face-swapped images by FaceHub are quite optimistic, so users always like them. Not only photos but can also be used to face swap videos. You can also create AI avatars with this.

facehub deepfake

Key Features of FaceHub

• Moreover, it also gives you a FaceSwap Preview feature through which you can analyze the results before downloading images to the device.

• One of the best things is you can also use the previously presented faces rather than searching through your gallery.

• It also supports two modes which include Pro Mode and Fast Mode. You can use any one of your choices.

4. Hoodem

Hoodem can make you say Hurrah after watching the realistic edits made with this. It opens the way to unlimited creations and also helps you to show your artistic side to the world. This best deepfake software has many modernized features while letting you uphold any face of your choice. If you are a big fan of Beauty and a Beast, then you can also insert your face into the body of beauty.

hoodem deepfake

Key Features of Hoodem

• There are more than 12 faces present in its interface, which you can use to save yourself from hassle.

• From fictional to real-life characters, you can add your face to any person without facing any issues.

• It also preserves the sense of ethics and privacy, which also plays an important role in making it a dependable tool.

5. Icons8

This revolutionary and best deepfake program can help you to make your children laugh with the joy of watching your face on someone's body. Other than deepfake, you can also do several types of things with this. It is an optimistically impressive tool to make your loved one laugh with optimized privacy of images.

icons8 deepfake

Key Features of Icons8

• You can also present yourself as their favorite superhero or put your face on the body of Superman.

• For example, you can use the built-in assets to create a unique graphic design post.

• Along with this, you can also enhance the image resolution by using Icons8.

Part 3: How to Select The Best Deepfake Service For Swapping?

You must be worried because of the tension of selecting the wrong tool. One wrong tool not only compromise your productivity but can also lead to several privacy issues. To resolve this matter, you need to be aware of the factors that a high-class deep fake best tool should have. If you don't know any of the one, you can remember the points instructed below:

• Data Policies and Reputations: Initially, read the user’s review the know the reputation of the tool. A reliable tool also has a reliable and satisfactory reputation in the deepfake tools community. Moreover, make sure you read all the data policies before trusting the tool with any of your data.

• Output Results: If you are deep-faking an image, and it does not look realistic, then it's not a good thing. Why? Because you cannot upload that photo anywhere on social media or share it with your friends. Thus, make sure you select a tool that offers optimized output results.

• Usability and Customization: While using a deepface tool, you should not face any issues. It should have a sleek interface along with an adaptable interface. In addition to this, you should also be able to customize your image in several ways, such as by managing the skin tone.

• Compatibility and Ethical Value: Every tool has some ethical values that make it a dependable platform. So, it would be best if you considered the ethical value of the tool before selecting it. Other than this, it should be compatible with the image and video formats that you will be working on. So, don't forget to read the compatibility of a tool.


To sum up, it can be said that with the help of the best deep fake software, you can maximize your productivity and turn serious photos into funny ones. There are both online and offline tools that can help you. Yet you need to make sure you select the tool that has a higher functionality ratio.

From the above discussion, you can find both online and offline deepfake tools. Above all, you can also learn some of the factors that you have to mind while selecting the best AI deepfake tools.

Facemod Mar 12, 24
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