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Guide To Perform Gender Swap AI With The Best Options

Do you want to get more creative with the gender swap apps? Here you can find some of the best functional applications for this purpose.
Facemod Originally published Nov 30, 23, updated Apr 11, 24

In this world of artificial intelligence, there are so many options to get creative in an entertaining way. One of them is to swap your gender virtually with a gender swap AI tool. Girls wonder how they will look like boys, and boys wonder how they will look like girls. Now you can satisfy your curiosities with the help of these tools.

In case you don’t know any good tool for this purpose, this article will help you. Here you will discover the most efficient and reliable AI gender swap apps. Moreover, we will discuss online and offline tools for this purpose so there are no worries about limitations.

  1. Part 1: How is AI Swapping Beneficial For the Media Industry?
    1. 1. Wondershare AILab
    2. 2. FaceApp: Face Editor [Android | iOS]
    3. 3. FaceTrix – AI Face Editor App [Android]
    4. 4. FaceLab: Face Editing App [Android | iOS]
    5. 5. Gender Swap Face Swap & Changer [Android]
    6. 6. Face Story App: Age & Gender [iOS]
    7. Part 3: An Online Solution to Gender Swap AI: FaceMod
  2. Part 3: An Online Solution to Gender Swap AI: FaceMod

Part 1: How is AI Swapping Beneficial For the Media Industry?

Many of you think that virtual gender swapping is used for entertainment only. Yet, media industries also use these tools. If you are curious why, have a look below to find the answers:

• Minimum Time and Cost: With the help of AI gender swap, you can save a significant amount of time and money. There is no need to do complicated post-shoot editing once you work with these tools. Moreover, it also saves you from holding expensive shots.

• High-Quality Content: AI tools always lead to desirable results. Thus, with these tools, you can get the best-in-class photos and videos. It gives the feeling of both authentic and visually appealing media content.

• Escalated Usability and Experience: You will not get bored using these tools as these tools are loaded with entertaining features. Above all, it will create engaging content which will escalate the usability and user experience of both users and viewers.

• Higher Creativity Ratio:Now, you can implement your creativity on photos and videos with the help of gender swap tools. This also opens the way for high-class visuals and audio effects for media companies. It can attract a higher number of viewers in a limited time.

• Seamless Workflow:With AI tools for gender swapping, you can create compelling content in an automated manner. It also helps companies to streamline their workflow efficiency with its modernized features.

Part 2: Top Apps and Platforms Providing Gender Swap Functionality

In this section, you will learn about the innovative AI gender swap tools. Thus, let's dive into them without any further delay:

1. Wondershare AILab

This tool works like magic as it can virtually swap your gender with the highest authentication ratio. There is no need to use complicated tools for gender swapping, as this tool can help you in this task. You just have to add the photo or customize the gender. All the complicated work will be handled with Wondershare AILab. Above all, you can work on several types of photos with it, such as PNG and JPG.

wondershare ailab

Key Feature of Wondershare AILab

• It supports a wide array of image and video file formats. This includes JPG, WEBP, M4V, MVI, MP4, and more.

• This is a free-to-use online platform. You don't have to compromise your device's storage to use it.

• The procedure of working with this tool is automated, so even people without any tech knowledge can use this tool.

Compatibility of Wondershare AILab

• Online

2. FaceApp: Face Editor [Android | iOS]

FaceApp: Face Editor also holds its name higher in the list of AI genderswap apps. With it, you can not only swap the genders but can also do many file edits to your face. One of the best among them is you can add high-quality makeup looks to your face in images. You can also add mesmerizing color effects in colorless images.

face app face editor

Key Features of FaceApp: Face Editor

• Young people can also turn their young selves into older ones to know what they will look like after many years. It also lets you customize your facial features like skin tone and more.

• You can also change and customize your hair color in the photos by using this high-class tool. In case you have a smile-less face in photos, it also lets you add a smile to your face in any photo.

• It lets you add vibrant color effects to images. Not only this, but you can also change the background of the photos with it.

Compatibility of FaceApp: Face Editor

• Android: 8.0 and above.

• iOS: 14.0 and above.

3. FaceTrix – AI Face Editor App [Android]

Now you can turn a girl into a boy and a boy into a girl with this high-class AI gender swap images app. Along with aging filters and gender swapping, you can also find a progressive cartoon filter on this AI-powered app. This intuitive app also has an old age effect by which you can see yourself as 50 years old even if you are 15.

facetrix ai face editor app

Key Features of FaceTrix – AI Face Editor app

• With its AI Retouch feature, you can retouch your selfies and give smoothness to your skin in photos.

• Using the AI Cartoon Filter, you can also turn yourself into several types of cartoons, such as Disney, 3D and more.

• If you are 50 years old, you can also turn your selfies into your younger version with this application.

Compatibility of FaceTrix – AI Face Editor App

• Android: 5.0 and above.

4. FaceLab: Face Editing App [Android | iOS]

With over 10 million downloads, this app never stops amazing the users with its higher functionality. Along with AI gender swap, there are many entertaining things about this app. It also offers a variety of age effects for all aged people, such as young, old, cool old, and more. Above all, you can cartoon yourself or add glasses to your face in photos.

facelab face editing app

Key Features of FaceLab: Face Editing App

• You can add virtual freckles or mesmerizing makeup to your selfies with it. This app also lets you customize your hair color.

• It lets you whiten your skin, add smoothness, customize the texture, or enhance the facial details of your face in images.

• There are also options to remove the spots from the skin and manage opacity. You can also add a high-class background to photos with it.

Compatibility of FaceLab: Face Editing App

• Android: 5.1 and above.

• iOS: 15.0 and above.

5. Gender Swap Face Swap & Changer [Android]

Along with a great rating, you can know that this tool can improve your user experience in no time. It's an easy-to-use app, so you can use it uncomplicatedly. You can also swap your gender virtually by using this AI gender swap app. Moreover, it also lets you add customized hairs, and you can also change the shape of your jaw with it.

gender swap face swap & changer

Key Features of Gender Swap Face & Changer

• You can add virtual hair, beards, or glasses to your photos with it. In case you don’t like that, you can also remove these things anytime.

• From the My Creation section, you can access all your previously edited images even if you delete them from your device.

• It is an offline application, so there is no restriction to having fast internet to use this application.

Compatibility of Gender Swap Face Swap & Changer

• Android: 5.0 and above.

Part 3: An Online Solution to Gender Swap AI: FaceMod

If you don’t want to go through the process of installing AI gender swap software on your device, then you can use online software. The best software to help you with gender swapping is FaceMod. You can use thing tools for professional purposes. For example, its image face changer can create visually appealing images for you.

It is one of the most innovative tools powered by versatile, efficient features. This tool can also swap faces in videos along with customized frame rates. You can also experience the seamless playback of videos without interruptions. Moreover, it never compromises the quality of the video, so there is nothing to worry about.


Get Started Online

Key Features of FaceMod

• You can face-swap the video without worrying about irritating ads and watermark issues. Moreover, you can also experience full control over face-swapping metrics.

• It allows you to work on both photos and videos for face swapping. For more entertainment, you can also turn your simple photos into funny GIFs and memes.

• There is a wide array of templates in it. You can select any one and modify it as per your need without any restrictions.


To put things simply, you can use gender-swap AI tools to experience more entertainment with photos. This lets you see yourself as the opposite gender without risking your privacy. There are many online and offline tools that can help you with this. Some of them are Wondershare AILab, FaceApp: Face Editor, FaceTrix - AI Face Editor App, and more. These tools are also discussed above for your ease.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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