Unlock Your
Artistic Self With
AI Portrait Generator

Create stunning art avatars with AI Portrait Generator's massive templates,
turn your selfie into a work of art , and enhance your brand's visual power.
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Explore a Variety of Styles With
FaceHub AI Portrait Generator

Want to convert your selfies to different styles, such as ID photos, custom avatars, graduation portraits, science fiction art, or art portraits?
This can be done quickly with FaceHub's AI portrait generator. Express your individuality in every scenario, unleash your creativity, and redefine your visual identity.

Enhance Your Self-Expression
by Creating Your Own Artistic Image

Use FaceHub's powerful AI capabilities to quickly create your AI portrait in a few steps and see yourself in a new light.

Transform Your
Photos Into Stunning AI Portraits

Bored with the usual selfies? Want to switch to another style of yourself? FaceHub's AI portrait generator has got you covered! Just upload a photo and choose a preferred template, and FaceHub will generate multiple mind-blowing versions of you, from police to cowboy to scientist and beyond.

Make Stand Out Social Media Portrait

Use FaceHub's AI image generator to switch your face to any different kind of photo. You can freely use them on your favorite social media platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, and more.

Easy Steps to Create Your Personalized Artistic Portraits


Upload Your Photo

Upload the photo to be edited as the source image. Make sure the image is clear and well-lit for better results.

Choose Your Unique Style

Choose a unique template you prefer, such as nature, magazine photos, wedding photos, etc.

Preview and Download

Once you've confirmed the image is perfect, grab those portraits and simply bring them home to your local folder.

Why Is FaceHub AI

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Face-Swapping AI Engine
Legit and Safe
No Data Collected

are people saying about us?

What are people saying about us?

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I used Face Swap for a company event, which was a hit! The app is easy to use and produces hilarious results. Highly recommend for any marketing or advertising campaign.
William Johnson
(Marketing Manager)
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As someone who works with technology daily, I was impressed with the accuracy and speed of Face Swap. It's a fun way to switch faces with friends and family and a great tool for testing facial recognition software.
James Davis
(Software Engineer)
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Face Swap has become my go-to tool in designing. It allows me to visualize ideas quickly and try out different concepts without creating new artwork. Love it!
Emma Smith
(Graphic Designer)
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Face Swap adds a new level of engagement to our social media channels. It's a fun way to connect with our audience and has increased our overall reach andengagement.
Sophia Lee
(Social Media Manager)
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I've used Face Swap in several video projects, and it always adds a comedic element that keeps viewers engaged. The app's tracking technology is impressive and makes the process seamless.
Olivia Brown

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