Best AI Image Generator for Face Swapping

FaceMod is an amazing online AI image generator for face swapping.
You can swap faces with templates and custom images on this one-stop platform.

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How to Swap a Face Online?


Upload Photo

Upload the photo to be edited as the source image. Make sure the image is clear and well-lit for better results.

Choose Face to Swap

Select the image you want to face swap with. Choose from preset photos or upload any image to replace your face.

Preview and Download

After the face swap you can preview the image and quickly download it to local.

Unleash Your Infinite Creativity With the AI Face Swap

With the FaceMod AI tool, you can effortlessly generate creative face swap images, like celebrity swap images, gender swap images, funny memes, or personal images. The AI image generation techniques help you enjoy the pleasure of creation.

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Get Playful and Stunning with Face Swapping

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Gender Swap

Generating gender-swapped images could be so simple. You can use your favorite avatar to create a spoof replacement or swap faces with your partner.

Meme Swap

Use the FaceMod AI image generator to create pranks by replacing your best friend's avatar with a funny meme. Just choose the meme emoji you like, and you can quickly create amusement.

Personal Portrait Swap

As one of the best image generator tool for reface, Facemod AI allows you to exchange faces in real life on real photos such as ID photos, wedding photos, travel photos, etc., without showing any traces.

Celebrity Swap

With FaceMod AI technology, you can seamlessly exchange faces with your favorite celebrity and attract more attention on social platforms.

Swap Faces Online. Simple, Funny, and Useful

  • Social media enthusiast
  • E-commerce marketer
  • Graphic designer
  • Creative content generator
  • Game developer

Social media enthusiast

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Boost Your Social Media Presence and Expand Your Reach

Social media users are passionate about creating and sharing engaging images on social platforms. FaceMod AI Face Swap tool can help you quickly generate images that will increase your exposure and attract more attention.

E-commerce marketer

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Optimize E-commerce Marketing Strategies

Easily create a variety of advertising posters by swiftly swapping faces. Not only does this innovative tool add a fun twist to your campaigns, but it also saves time and keeps your budget in check.

Graphic designer

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Express Your Passion for Design With FaceMod

With the innovative FaceMod AI face swap, graphic design enthusiasts can effortlessly transform and enhance completed illustrations, posters, and various graphic designs in the blink of an eye.

Creative content generator

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Unleash Your Boundless Creativity

Creative enthusiasts are passionate about their creations and can elevate them with the captivating power of face-swapping technology. This innovative tool allows enthusiasts to infuse new life into their creations, whether it's transforming travel photos into whimsical adventures or giving a playful twist to world-renowned paintings.

Game developer

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Quickly Build Characters That Exceed Your Expectations

If you want to put your favorite or expected characters online in the game, you can quickly realize face replacement with FaceMod AI face swap technology to meet your needs.

Beautify the Image As You Want

With the help of AI technology, the detailed effect of the picture is enhanced, and the variable shape is created through the preset parts.

AI Image
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AI Image Enhancer
Take your images to new heights with powerful AI technology, you can upscale images, enhance clarity, and increase resolution, We will help you perfect every detail of the image.
Magic Image
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Magic Image Inpainting
Simply select the area you want to modify, and the AI Inpainting tool will help you quickly erase the unwanted parts of the image, allowing you to achieve the desired effect.
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Local Redrawing
Still facing a dilemma of making decision? With the FaceMod AI photo generator, you can easily know which haircuts or clothes are suitable for you.

Why Is FaceMod

Fast Swap Online
Face-Swapping AI Engine
Legit and Safe
No Data Collected

are people saying about us?

What are people saying about us?

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I used Face Swap for a company event, which was a hit! The app is easy to use and produces hilarious results. Highly recommend for any marketing or advertising campaign.
William Johnson
(Marketing Manager)
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As someone who works with technology daily, I was impressed with the accuracy and speed of Face Swap. It's a fun way to switch faces with friends and family and a great tool for testing facial recognition software.
James Davis
(Software Engineer)
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Face Swap has become my go-to tool in designing. It allows me to visualize ideas quickly and try out different concepts without creating new artwork. Love it!
Emma Smith
(Graphic Designer)
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Face Swap adds a new level of engagement to our social media channels. It's a fun way to connect with our audience and has increased our overall reach andengagement.
Sophia Lee
(Social Media Manager)
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I've used Face Swap in several video projects, and it always adds a comedic element that keeps viewers engaged. The app's tracking technology is impressive and makes the process seamless.
Olivia Brown

FAQs About FaceMod's AI Image Generator

Yes, you can use Swap Face on FaceMod for commercial projects. However, you must ensure you have the rights and permissions to use the videos you are swapping faces on. FaceMod is not responsible for copyright infringement or legal issues arising from using face swap.
We charge $9.99 for 20 credits, but swapping is free. You can go directly to this page to learn more information:
Yes, you can save the swapped faces on FaceMod. After changing the looks, click the "Download" button to save the new video with the swapped faces. You can also share the video on social media platforms.

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