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Image to Anime AI Generation: The Best Tools

Facemod Originally published Jan 23, 24, updated Apr 11, 24

With the increasing social media trend and content generation, content uniqueness is the goal. If you want to bring uniqueness to your content, anime generators from photos are your go-to trick. You can use them as profile pictures, promotional content, and more. Read this article to learn about images for anime AI tools, including their attributes.

  1. Part 1. How Does AI Anime Generator Operate?
    1. 1. Drawever
    2. 2. ZMO.AI
    3. 3. Fotor
    4. 4. AiPassportPhotos
    5. 5. Artguru
    6. 6. Media.io
  2. Part 3. FaceMod: Replacing AI Anime With Deepfaking Technology

Part 1. How Does AI Anime Generator Operate?

The world of anime AI generators from the photos is revolutionizing with the demands of content. Regarding SEO trends and algorithms, everyone is focused on the quality of content. It is fair if you want to know what happens at the back end of the generators you are using. Here is your complete guide to learn about the working mechanism of such tools:

1. Information Acquisition and Analysis

The AI anime generator from photos first collects a large amount of image-related data from different sources. The sources include anime-generated images, anime series, or other internet sites. This enables the AI to understand instructional references and generate precise results. The vaster a tool’s data collection is, the more its output diversity and specificity.

2. Machine Learning Model

The next step is to train the generator to produce images according to its learning model. This usually involves deep learning neural networks of different types. The most widely used form of neural networks is GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). These generators are responsible for the level of relatedness and realism in images.

3. Mastering Anime Art

This procedure is specified for art or photo to anime AI-free generators. These tools are designed to learn about anime styles, expressions, and other physical attributes during the training stage. It learns everything about anime manga realms, backgrounds, and overall details. This means it will be able to turn your images into an anime series scene accurately.

4. Customization Options

Some of the advanced pic to anime AI generators offer multiple customization options. This refers to adjusting image attributes like aspect ratio, resolution, and format. Furthermore, many tools provide different anime styles from classic to modern era.

5. Image Upscale Options

Finally, many tools that turn pictures into anime AI use image upscale options. The upscale feature often enhances the elements like image clarity or realism. There is also an enhanced option that improves the image visuals, like colors.

Part 2. Top 6 AI Anime Generator To Create From Photo

If the above part clarifies your confusion related to anime generators, let's move forward. There are usually two types of generative AI used in these tools. The first utilized prompt-based input to bring your words to reality. At the same time, the second type takes your chosen images as input and turns them into anime. Today, we will learn about the tools that turn pictures into anime AI:

1. Drawever

Generate anime from photos using this online tool that meticulously turns your images into anime. Its advanced AI algorithms analyze images and convert them by simply uploading. Its online presence and open access don't require you to go through any installation process.

drawever ai anime tool

Key Features

1. This picture to anime AI generator accepts famous image formats like JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

2. It offers high-definition, diverse anime styles to bring quality to your content.

3. Whether the picture is in portrait, landscape, or any other style, it accepts all.

  • ● The text-to-image AI anime converter uses fast processing, and conversion is a matter of seconds.
  • ● Upon creating a new account, users get 10 free credits to get started with.
  • ● It only allows a 10MB file size, and compressing HD images will result in quality loss.


Unleash the creative monster in you with the help of this picture to anime AI generator. This tool uses a one-click algorithm to effortlessly turn your input into anime. Whether you want the old and classic anime characters or the modern ones, it can do all.

zmo ai anime tool

Key Features

1. It bestows the users with more than 30 anime-style filters for exclusive results.

2. The “Pose-Control” feature enables you to personalize the anime character’s posture.

3. It also has a prompt section to transform your words into anime art.

  • ● You can control the number of output images it creates: 4, 6, and 8.
  • ● There are three output resolution options: 640px, 1024px, and 2048px.
  • ● The Chat or Email support feature is not active in responding to customers.

3. Fotor

Liberate yourself from the cage of manual efforts and let AI turn pictures into anime AI. It has vast analyzing abilities, enabling it to transform all types of images. Its range includes portraits, selfies, pet images, and landscapes. With the right connectivity, Fotor generates results in less than 5 seconds.

fotor ai anime tool

Key Features

1. The interface escapes the ordinary and has an aesthetic yet self-explanatory appeal.

2. It enhances UX with advanced customization and similarity-level options.

3. Fotor generates anime from photos with its multiple built-in anime filters.

  • ● There is a “My Creation” corner from where you can access all your previous creations.
  • ● You can also employ its “From Text” feature to generate from scratch.
  • ● The tool is designed for beginners, and it is not a perfect fit for professional content.

4. AiPassportPhotos

Use this photo to an anime AI generator with advanced AI powers, making anime art easy. With its 100% effective AI photo analysis, you can add any anime effect precisely to a picture. It focuses on the client's privacy and ensures security by deleting history after data is downloaded.

aipassport ai anime tool

Key Features

1. Besides anime, AiPassportPhotos can turn images into 3D art, American comics, and cartoon styles.

2. With its blur and remove background features, there's no need to worry about the mess behind it.

3. Turn images into anime AI in social media format and ratio to impress your audience.

  • ● The customer support feature is elaborate, and you can even attach a screenshot of the query.
  • ● The image-to-anime transfer usually takes up to 15 seconds.
  • ● The tool is unable to support batch image processing, which means less productivity.

5. Artguru

Harness the powers of this picture to an anime AI generator that generates accurate results based on advanced AI algorithms. The tool allows you to seamlessly download your AI anime photo for further use. The AI incorporation automates 90% of the process, making it an exceptional choice for beginners.

artguru ai anime tool

Key Features

1. Users can customize the image resolution, size, and a number of output results in advanced settings.

2. With this AI anime generator from text, the desired results are a matter of seconds.

3. There is a whole art community from where you can download, upload, and connect with others.

  • ● This Stable Diffusion, a style creator, enables image generation free of the watermark.
  • ● There is an option to generate 5 images for free on a daily basis.
  • ● The free plan has some production and style limitations.

6. Media.io

Don’t limit yourself to basic editing and turn your images into anime with this AI anime generator from text and photos. Its revolutionary AI technology is bent on providing accurate results. Regarding privacy, your data is safe with its SSL encryption and 24-hour data removal policy.

media io ai anime tool

Key Features

1. Even though the tool operates online, the user interface is 100% Ad-free.

2. It has an Effects and Looks at section that can bring diversity to your images.

3. It effortlessly works with images in JPG, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and BMP formats.

  • ● Besides anime, Media.io has 10 more cartoon styles to turn your image into.
  • ● This site has other AI tool kits, including auto-color and watermark remover.
  • ● The picture-to-anime AI generator lacks post-creation editing and customization options.

Part 3. FaceMod: Replacing AI Anime With Deepfaking Technology

All the above pictures of anime AI generators will suit your anime creational requirements in one way or another. Although, what if you want a tool that generates more realistic results? Wondershare FaceMod has photo conversion AI abilities, but it adds a pinch of surprise. It uses deepfake technology to swap a real human face in images and videos effortlessly.

FaceMod uses a deep AI analysis technique and a custom face upload function to do the job. Its user interface is designed to facilitate editors or amateurs universally. This means you do not require professional expertise to turn images into masterpieces.


Get Started Online

Key Features

1. It takes care of customer's privacy by deleting faceswap images after 24 hours.

2. Before 24 hours are complete, you are free to access created data in the "My Work" corner.

3. FaceMod maximizes user experience with an interface free of Ads and watermarks.

Steps To Create a Face Swap Photo With FaceMod

This tool boasts an interface that allows users to create content without any disruption. Presented below is a step-by-step guide to start generating a deepfake AI image with the tool:

Step 1. Initiate Media Upload

Upon gaining access to FaceMod's official website, navigate to the "Faceswap" tab at the top. On the appearing page, select the "Upload" button and import your desired image.

upload media to facemod

Get Started Online

Step 2. Face Selection for Face Swapping

Direct your attention to the right side of the screen. Within the designated box, locate the “Choose your own face” option. Then, opt for a face from your device and execute the "Swap" command.

select face to swap

Step 3. Download Faceswap Image

The completion of the face swap will redirect you to the download page. Therein, utilize the "Downward Arrow" navigation option to initiate saving the generated image.

export final image


You have seen how anime generators from photos can bring uniqueness to your content. They possess unique anime filters, enhancements, and customization options for a personalized touch. However, if you want to give your content a more realistic touch with deepfake technology, we recommend visiting FaceMod and using it independently.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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