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Generate Perfect Image Using AI: Discovering Best Tools

Facemod Originally published Jan 27, 24, updated Apr 11, 24

Deep learning models of AI are developing to show accuracy in recognizing objects within images. Such innovation is vital in healthcare for diagnosing medical images and retail product recognition. Besides, some AI models are trained to provide realistic images for creating art and design.

AI-generated images also moderate content on social media and maintain a safer environment. As technology continues to develop, the latest AI create images are emerging. This article will highlight some top-tier AI image generators available for diverse services. Before moving to them, you should know some unique use cases of image AI for good.

  1. Part 1: What Are the Basic Use Cases of AI Image Generation Developed Over Time?
    1. 1. DeepAI
    2. 2. Canva
    3. 3. Freepik
    4. 4. Hypotenuse AI
    5. 5. Picsart
    6. 6. Shutterstock
    7. 7. Visme
  2. Part 3: Integrating Deepfake Technology in Image Generation and Editing: Working With the Best Tools

Part 1: What Are the Basic Use Cases of AI Image Generation Developed Over Time?

Advancements in AI images are expanding their use in diverse industries. It is better to know AI image expansion in different niches so you can utilize it to the maximum. In this regard, you should keep reading this section about the applications of AI-created images.

1. Deepfake Technology

It is a technology within AI that creates realistic images by face swapping. This AI image generation is useful for special effects in the entertainment industry. Although it’s raising many ethical concerns, it has countless use cases in the dubbing sector.

2. Architectural Designs

In realistic visualization of buildings, computer-generated images are lifesaving. Architects don’t have to draw such interior designs by spending hours. AI aids them in presenting ideas in a visually appealing way.

3. Video Game Graphics

The gaming industry is also not behind in using AI-powered images. Game developers use realistic graphics and environments produced with AI. Despite that, the AI-generated gaming characters are offering an immersive gaming experience.

4. Meme and Internet Culture

As you know, this is an era of social media, memes, and following trends. People like to make hilarious content and relatable memes to go viral on social media. For this purpose, they create images with AI and communicate with this ever-evolving landscape.

5. Art Creation

AI-driven images are specifically uplifting the creativity of artists. With style transfer algorithms, they apply an artistic style of one image to another. It is a way to foster novel visual expressions and craft pleasing art pieces.

Part 2: Working on Some Top AI Image Generators for Creating Exceptional Content

Powerful AI generator images empower artists to explore new realms of creativity. Let’s dig into some AI image makers who can produce innovative content:

1. DeepAI

If you are concerned about the legal rights of AI images, this tool is a reliable option. It allows users to use the generated images anywhere, commercially. DeepAI is an online image generator that works with text prompts.

generate ai images with deepai

Key Features

1. It offers a vast image-style library to craft similar output.

2. You can choose an aspect ratio of the image based on your streaming platform.

3. Users can add illusions to their content if they craft a standard image.

Pricing Plans

DeepAI Pro:$4.99/month

Pay As You Go:$5

2. Canva

Bring your imagination into virtual reality by using this image-generator AI. It is integrated with the DALL-E model to craft storytelling images from your phrases and words. You can pick an image style from watercolor, neon, and retro wave options.

generate ai images with canva

Key Features

1. Users can select an existing design to continue the image creation.

2. For creating an image, they can set its custom size or choose from preset sizes.

3. It provides a “Surprise Me” option for text prompt inspiration and ideas.

Pricing Plans

Canva Pro:$54.99/year per person

Canva for Teams:$130/year for first 5 people

3. Freepik

Unleash your creativity through this tool with an intuitive interface. Anyone can spark their imagination with the help of unlimited image styles. Freepik image generators can make content from painting, 3D, digital art, and many other domains.

generate ai images with freepik

Key Features

1. You can pick an image aspect ratio from square, portrait, and landscape possibilities.

2. It brings four photos from your single prompt to choose one freely.

3. After getting results, you can further edit them if required.

Pricing Plans


Teams:€8.06/month per seat

4. Hypotenuse AI

Do you want to know the first choice of marketers and entrepreneurs? Undoubtedly, Hypotenuse AI is the one with the ability to make images with AI that inspires. It is trained with millions of images to create what you have imagined.

generate ai images with hypotenuse ai

Key Features

1. It accepts prompts in more than 30 languages to remove the linguistic barrier.

2. You can avail yourself of its basic chat and e-mail support facility if you face difficulty in the process.

3. This platform is beyond just an art creator and assists content writers in many tasks.

Pricing Plans



5. Picsart

Picsart is another AI image maker aimed to transform your vision into vibrant colors. Picsart offers high-resolution output of up to 8K resolution. Besides, it can customize your images with colors, moods, and styles as you like.

generate ai images with picsart

Key Features

1. It provides a style gallery with oil painting, cyberpunk, Picasso, and other unique options.

2. This image maker can inspire you with a text prompt sample for brainstorming good inputs.

3. You can add text, annotations, and stickers and edit the AI-created images.

Pricing Plans


Pro:$7/month per Seat

6. Shutterstock

Artists looking for a creative suit in the realm of social media should try this tool. It's an AI image generator that needs your detailed text prompt to craft results from different perspectives. You can play with various styles such as 3D, digital, and scene.

generate ai images with shutterstock

Key Features

1. Other than English, you can prompt in more than 20 languages.

2. It provides output in JPG file format with 1024x1024 resolution.

3. After creating an image, you can copy its link to share without downloading.

Pricing Plans

10 downloads:$29/month

50 downloads:$99/month

350 downloads:$169/month

750 downloads:$199/month

7. Visme

Explore dynamic art possibilities with AI integration in Visme. This platform creates images that cannot be found in any photo library. For an exact representation of thoughts, you can get help from its sample prompts and find suggestions.

generate ai images with visme

Key Features

1. You can enable its advanced option to pick a suitable aspect ratio.

2. Users can share the output publicly on the web and embed it wherever required.

3. Many image style options include line art, isometric, and origami.

Pricing Plans



Part 3: Integrating Deepfake Technology in Image Generation and Editing: Working With the Best Tools

If you want a unique platform to create images using AI, you should try FaceMod. Unlike the tools mentioned above, it provides high-quality results within seconds. Moreover, this AI platform is well-known for its deepfake technology, useful in the media sector. Compared with other tools, FaceMod can even swap three faces at once from images and videos.

It is designed to cater to the diverse user needs from various industries. So, continue to explore FaceMod in the given section and bring ease to your artistic journey.

facemod image generator ai

Get Started Online

1. This image generator AI can leave you amazed with countless faces for swapping. Notably, the face sample gallery includes faces from each ethnicity and race without biases.

2. Users don’t have to download and launch any software. The user-friendly interface of FaceMod even directs novices to create artwork quickly.

3. It accepts an image prompt of up to 20MB for smoother processing. You can even get high-resolution face swap videos of up to 5 minutes.

4. You can become a movie star or celebrity with one click. This AI tool offers templates for face-swapping with various emotions and real-looking results.

FaceMod is committed to ensuring your privacy and deletes the media after 24 hours of processing. In addition, it does not impose any watermark to ruin the quality of your content. Anyhow, let’s know the pricing plan it offers to provide the premium output:

Pricing Plans

20 Credits:$9.99

100 Credits:$39.99

300 Credits (100 Free Included):$99.99

600 Credits (300 Free Included):$149.99

1000 Credits (600 Free Included):$199.99


AI algorithms have significant contributions in different spheres. Architects, game developers, and social media users benefit from AI-generated images. Considering the wide use cases, this article has brought out some AI image creators. Among those tools, FaceMod stands at the top, with realistic output, quick processing, and diversity in faces.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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