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Art AI Generation With Best Options in 2024

Facemod Originally published Jan 27, 24, updated Apr 11, 24

Setting social media trends isn't easy because you need content like no one has ever seen. For this purpose, AI helps content creators by providing unique art whenever prompted. AI art generators are no exception as they adapt to market strategies and generate trendy artworks.

It helps content creators brainstorm new ideas or build their exceptional branding identity. If you are curious to know how many benefits they are availing from art AI, this article is worth reading. Here, you will also get to know the top choices of content creators regarding AI art generators online.

  1. Part 1. How Does AI Art Help Content Creators in the Current Industry?
    1. 1. IMG2GO
    2. 2. OpenArt
    3. 3. Cutout.pro
    4. 4. Imagine.art
    5. 5. Artimator.io
  2. Creating AI Art with Top Online Generators:
  3. Bonus Part. Make Quality Content With FaceMod Face-Swapping Technology

Part 1. How Does AI Art Help Content Creators in the Current Industry?

Let us clarify that content creators are those who distribute content for business or personal reasons. They might belong to the digital marketing, media, e-learning, and fashion sectors. Such industries need captivating content to gain maximum viewer engagement. In this section, we will show you how art by AI expands the reach of content creators with its assistance:

1. Idea Generation: AI algorithms suggest creative concepts and ideas to content makers. They get inspiration from AI and overcome their creative block by developing innovative art.

2. Customizable Templates: Creators don’t need to spend hours on manual editing. If they find any image less worthy, they use a predesigned art template and turn it into a graphically appealing post.

3. Style Exploration: The current media industry is a fan of aesthetic content. Influencers love to experiment with art in AI and discover new ways to present their work aesthetically.

4. Adaptive Content Strategies: Do you know AI can develop content aligned with current market trends? It ensures that the generated art pieces gain the audience’s interest and go viral.

Part 2. Top Art AI Generators To Try for Cognitive Creation

As a content creator, you might know which kind of art series you want. For this, lead into this part and find outlets for your creativity through some top-rated AI art generators online.


Harness the cutting-edge technology in your artworks and make them shine using this tool. It is an art generator that works on turning your imagination into virtual reality. If your creative block occurs, there is a “Surprise me” option that will ensure a smoother workflow.

generate art ai with img2go

Key Features

1. It offers aspect ratio options to get art images into your preferred size.

2. There are Realistic, Anime, and Artistic styles to make art in them.

3. Allows you to set the number of images you want in response.

Pricing Plans




2. OpenArt

Try this tool to elevate your creative vision with unlimited versions of your images. This AI artwork generator online tool comes up with basic and fine-tuned models to produce refined art. Even one can customize their creativity by training the AI models.

generate art ai with openart

Key Features

1. Enhance prompt is an option to polish your insert text input for exact results.

2. You can use the Negative Prompt option to avoid certain elements in the art.

3. Apart from text-to-image art, you can utilize image-to-image art for artwork.

Pricing Plans




3. Cutout.pro

Are you looking for a quick functionality tool for artwork creation? Use Cutout.pro, which is a text-to-image art maker. With various drawing styles, users can use art with a personal touch. It offers a therapeutic outlet for hobbyist art makers with high-end results.

generate art ai with cutoutpro

Key Features

1. Notably, users can add a reference image along with a text prompt to get tailored results.

2. There are many aspect ratio options that you can pick based on the platform for posting.

3. Along with character styles, it also offers a scenario-style library.

Pricing Plans

Subscription (100 Credits):$0.099/credit

Pay as You Go Image (100 Credits):$0.390/credit

4. Imagine.art

On this platform, the only limit will be your imagination in art creation. It can generate art AI effortlessly with your text prompts. Using this forum, generating several images simultaneously is possible. Also, users can pick an aspect ratio to their extent.

generate art ai with imagineart

Key Features

1. It offers a popular style gallery with options like Picasso, Tattoo, Cryon art, etc.

2. You can even pick models from V5, Imagine v4, and Disney.

3. It provides a CFG Scale to decide how much your output resembles the prompt.

Pricing Plans




5. Artimator.io

This art maker is also a reliable option for content creators these days. This is because of the integration of “Leonardo Diffusion” and other dynamic AI models. It has the largest set of styles while ensuring the privacy of your confidential media.

generate art ai with artimator

Key Features

1. It provides an art library from where you can search for art pieces by other authors.

2. There are three AI models to select and craft a masterpiece.

3. Despite models, you can pick styles such as dark fantasy, cartoon, and pencil.

Pricing Plans

1000 coins:$9.99

300 coins:$4.99

Part 3. Understanding the Basics of AI Art Generation With 2 Best Options

After looking into the above options, you should explore a few art AI generators in detail. The in-depth study of art makers will make you confident enough to use any existing art creators. So, unlike the earlier segment, you will get a step-by-step guide on creating art with AI:

1. Gencraft

Gencraft is an exceptional platform that can create artistic media for all users. For instance, you can pair the text input with styles to bring life to your ideas. Besides, you can use this tool to retouch images and create artistic videos. To explore this tool fully, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1. Go to the official site of Gencraft and log in to your account. Afterward, click on the “Generate” button and enter the editing interface.

login and click on generate button

Step 2. Describe your thoughts in the text input section. Alternatively, press the "Add Your Photo" button and import your image for input. Move down and pick one style from the "Select Style" section. Choose a model from the "Select Model" panel and select the "Generate" button to generate an AI image.

generate ai image after customization

2. Dreamlike.art

Expand the limits of artwork and create stunning art with this trusted artwork generator AI. All you need is to write imaginations into words and choose the aspect ratio, number of images, and negative prompts. Thus, follow these upcoming steps and set your creative trend across Dreamlike.art:

Step 1. After launching its site, hit the "Get Started for Free" button and navigate to the next screen. From the editing window, choose the "Login/Sign Up" button before starting.

get started for creating ai art

Step 2. Once logged into the account, insert a detailed text prompt in the “Prompt” section. Later, add “Initial Images” if required. Otherwise, move to the “Negative Prompt” section and type elements you don’t want in art. Use the “Number of Images” slider and “Aspect Ratio” tab based on your preferences. Finally, press the “Generate” button and get results in the right panel.

generate images with custom settings

Bonus Part. Make Quality Content With FaceMod Face-Swapping Technology

In the realm of best art AI, face-swapping technology is something innovative. Therefore, content creators are massively using FaceMod, an expert in face-swapping. Filmmakers use this technology to create twin characters in their movies. If you are interested in swapping your face with a famed celebrity, read out the features of FaceMod:

facemod ai art generator

Get Started Online

1. This AI tool is equipped with AI-driven deepfake technology. You only need to import your media and choose the face for swapping. The rest of the process will be finished with automation.

2. For face-swapping, this platform offers a diverse range of face samples. Those samples fairly represent all ethnicities and races.

3. Social media influencers can also benefit from predesigned art templates. They just need to pick a suitable one, and AI will process their favorite design.

4. FaceMod offers high-quality output without watermarks and annoying ads in processing. Users can simultaneously upload their images and videos for face swapping of three faces.


Content creators are striving for unique and engaging content. In this context, art generator AI rescues them with exclusive content whenever needed. This guide also assists them in unlocking some leading AI art makers and their effectiveness. Yet, no one crosses the efficacy of FaceMod, which offers high-quality face swapping instantly.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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