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Top AI Animation Video Generators of 2024

Do you want to generate AI-assisted animated videos for your project? There are many AI animation video generators that you can use online.
Facemod Originally published Nov 30, 23, updated Apr 11, 24

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we use different tools and applications. It has made impressive progress in recent years, from smart assistance to prompt automation. Moreover, the arts and media field has also undergone incredible transformation due to AI. These tools have changed how we create, edit, and improve our work.

Furthermore, AI tools and applications can now create animated videos. AI animation video generators allow you to create creative and engaging animated videos with prompts. With these tools, anyone can create professional-looking videos customized to their needs. You can also create content for your social media or marketing campaigns.

  1. Part 1: How Can AI Be Used in Animation Making?
    1. 1. Steve.AI
    2. 2. Appy Pie Animation Maker
    3. 3. GOOEY.AI
    4. 4. GliaStar
    5. 5. DEEPMOTION
  2. Part 3: Animate Your Media Content Using Face Swapping Through FaceMod

Part 1: How Can AI Be Used in Animation Making?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help animators create amazing animations in many ways. Here are some of how AI cartoon video generators are helping us in different ways.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

Using AI-powered software to automate repetitive tasks, animators can save time and effort. These tools can help you with coloring, lighting, and rendering. You don't have to do all the tiresome tasks; you can take help from these AI tools. It will make the editing process easy for you by automating various tasks. Similarly, AI tools can help you save time, so you get busy in the creative process only.

Character Design and Creation

AI can generate character designs based on specific parameters and specifications. With AI, you can design a character based on a fictional character's personality traits or real-life references. It'll help create different characters using inspiration from real-life personalities and others. Moreover, you can also modify 2D animation into 3D characters using this technology.

Motion Capture

Furthermore, AI can capture motion data of real actors or objects and uses this data to create animations. It can help animators create more realistic and fluid animations. For example, an animated character can replicate a real person's movement. Moreover, it can help the animators to create a more natural and lifelike movement. It can also copy a person's gesture to create a more realistic-looking animated character.

Predictive Analytics

Additionally, this technology can analyze vast amounts of data for you. The data can be extracted using audience feedback and market trends. Moreover, this data will help predict an animated project's success. Similarly, studios can decide more accurately what content to produce using this data. In addition to this data, studios can create strategies to market their content correctly.

Natural Language Processing

AI can analyze text data and generate voiceovers or subtitles for animated content. It'll help animation studios create content that is accessible to a broader audience. With AI, animators can create content in multiple languages with different accents. Additionally, it'll help animations become more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Part 2: 5 Best AI Animation Makers That You Can Find

With the availability of various AI tools, you can transform your videos into something creative. Choosing which AI-animated video generator is the best is difficult. Here are some of the most popular AI anime generators you can use for creating impressive AI animations:

1. Steve.AI

Steve.AI is an online tool that lets you create engaging and professional videos with prompts. Using this tool, you can create animated videos using text instructions. In addition to animated videos, this tool also allows you to create professional presentations and videos. Furthermore, it lets you transform your blog or other written content into a video.

steve ai animation video generator

Key Features

1. Using Steve.AI, you don't need to create a video manually. All you have to do is input your text; this tool will automatically create a video for you. This tool even automatically chooses the media files.

2. This fantastic tool has over ten templates and over 100 million media assets. Its library is packed with different templates and media files to use.

3. Moreover, this tool has custom voiceovers that you can use for your content. Additionally, these AI-assisted voiceovers come with different accents as well.

2. Appy Pie Animation Maker

Appy Pie Animation Maker is an online tool for creating animated videos using text prompts. Besides using prompts, you can create animated videos with simple drag-and-drop options. Additionally, Appy Pie allows you to modify the facial features of animated characters. Similarly, in this way, you can create interactive videos that will capture your audience's attention.

appy pie ai animation maker

Key Features

1. You can add voiceovers to your animated videos using Appy Pie Animation Maker. Moreover, your animated character will also lip sync with the voiceover.

2. With its drag-and-drop option, you can add any media files to your videos. In this way, your video will be more interactive and engaging for the audience.

3. Furthermore, this online tool comes with different customizable options. You can choose from different templates, characters, and media files for your videos.


GOOEY.AI is here for you to generate unique and engaging animations using text prompts. Anyone can create animated videos with simple text instructions using this tool. Not only this, but you can also use its text-to-speech feature to lip synchronize any video with ease. This feature allows you to create realistic-looking, engaging videos.

gooey ai animation maker

Key Features

1. GOOEY.AI offers photo generation and editing capabilities as well. You can generate images and edit pictures using text.

2. With this powerful online tool, you can even upscale your photos. All you have to do is to import your low-res pictures and upscale their quality.

3. This tool can also help you transform your pictures into AI-generated portraits. Furthermore, this feature lets you change your style and personality to give it a new look.

4. GliaStar

GliaStar is a great tool to animate your mascot or character. You can easily modify your 2D or 3D mascot and animate it with just a few simple prompts. All you have to do is import your mascot and provide the prompts. It will change the facial expressions and movements you want to animate. This tool will take care of the rest, eliminating the need for manual animation and editing.

gliastar ai animation video generator

Key Features

1. GliaStar allows you to communicate effectively with your audience by animating your mascot. Moreover, your animated mascot can lip-sync with your voiceovers.

2. Furthermore, this tool can support five different languages. Similarly, you can input text in five languages for your mascot to lip sync.

3. Besides changing the features of your mascot, you can also change its gestures. Moreover, you can also rotate your AI animated character in 360°.


DEEPMOTION is an innovative tool that transforms your videos into 3D animation. Using AI motion captures, DEEPMOTION detects your motion to use it for the animation. This tool allows you to create and use your animated self in various ways. You can use these animations in VR or gaming using this anime maker AI tool.

deepmotion ai animation video generator

Key Features

1. To use this tool for creating AI animations, you don't need any installation. Simply access this tool from any browser and transform your videos into incredible animations.

2. Furthermore, you can track the motion of your character frame by frame. Its AI motion is smart enough to replicate our every movement.

3. In addition to this, you can create a free account. You get 60 credits to make your animated videos in this free mode. Besides this, this tool even replicates your facial expressions.

Part 3: Animate Your Media Content Using Face Swapping Through FaceMod

FaceMod is an excellent face-swapping tool that you can use for your digital media files. It is an online face-changing tool that allows you to swap your face with any character in a video. Moreover, This tool will enable you to change faces with your animated videos to swap faces. You can use your animation creator AI videos in this tool to swap faces with any person or character.


Furthermore, it offers various templates to swap faces with characters and scenes. Additionally, this online tool allows you to swap multiple faces in your animated video. With this tool, you can save high-quality videos with a high frame rate. Lastly, FaceMod allows you to modify faces and save your files in different formats, including GIFs, videos, and images.

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In conclusion, AI animation makers are transforming the animation industry. Many AI tools create excellent animated videos with not much effort. With the availability of different online tools, you can now easily animate your videos. Furthermore, FaceMod is a perfect example of an online tool that lets you swap the faces of your pre-created animated videos to optimize the process.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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