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Finding The Best Deepfake iOS App in 2024

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Facemod Originally published Dec 01, 23, updated Mar 12, 24

Deepfakes are a type of digital trickery that allows you to swap faces or manipulate videos. It's like putting someone else's face on your own but in a realistic way. Furthermore, deepfakes have gained popularity due to their creative and entertaining possibilities. You can use deepfakes to make funny videos or share amusing content. They offer a whole new level of fun and imagination.

Moreover, the availability of deepfake tools has increased over time. There are various software and online platforms that offer face-swapping features. With the widespread use of such tools, it's not surprising that deepfake apps are also available on iOS devices. These deep fake iOS apps allow you to create deepfake videos directly from your iPhone or iPad.

    1. 1. Facee - AI Face Swap
    2. 2. Facemix: Face Swap Videos AI
    3. 3. DeepFaceLab - Face Swap Editor
    4. 4. Faceover: Photo Face Swap
    5. 5. Face Swap Video by Deep Fake
    6. 6. Reface: Face Swap Video App
    7. 7. Avatarify: AI Face Animator
    8. 8. iface: AI Face Swap app
  1. Part 2: What Implications Can Deepfake Have on Students and Their Education?
  2. Part 3: FaceMod: A Good Online Alternative for Deepfake

Part 1: Best Deepfake App For iOS Users

We have outlined some top-notch deepfake applications for iPhone users. Go through the provided content to know more about how these free deepfake apps on iOS make things easier.

1. Facee - AI Face Swap

You can create amazing face-swapped videos with Facee - AI Face Swap. This app allows you to become someone else for a moment with the help of AI. It's like having a digital mask that you can wear to transform yourself into anyone you desire. Moreover, you can create videos with your friends, family, or favorite celebrities. Furthermore, this app lets you put your face on someone else's body or vice versa.

facee ai face swap

Key Features

• Facee is a fun app packed with so many features. With this app, you can apply filters to your videos to change your age.

• Furthermore, you can animate your face using a still image. Facee has an incredible feature that animates any still picture. Moreover, you can also generate AI cartoon avatars of yourself.

• This tool lets you save your creation in GIFs, which makes them easy to share and transfer. In addition to this, you can create stickers that you can use while texting.


• iOS: 11.2 or higher

2. Facemix: Face Swap Videos AI

Are you looking to bring some laughter into your life? Facemix: Face Swap Videos AI is the perfect iOS app for you. This fun app lets you swap faces in videos, creating hilarious and amusing videos. Just select the video you want to use, choose the faces you want to swap, and let the app do its magic. Additionally, you can imagine swapping faces with anyone, injecting a touch of humor into your videos.

facemix face swap videos ai

Key Features

• This app has an in-built library that gives you access to daily trendy and popular videos. With this feature, you can choose any trendy video to swap faces with.

• Moreover, this application lets you transform yourself into a new look. You can discover yourself in different outfits and personalities with this app.

• In addition to its face-changing capabilities, Facemix can also change your gender. It is a unique feature that lets you change your birth gender.


• iOS: 11.0 or higher

3. DeepFaceLab - Face Swap Editor

DeepFaceLab - Face Swap Editor is a powerful app that lets you create high-quality face swaps in videos. With its advanced algorithms, you can change yourself into a new you to explore your creativity. Furthermore, this iOS app is primarily a tool for personal use and artistic expression. You can create videos by swapping faces and experimenting with different characters or scenarios.

deepfacelab face swap editor

Key Features

• DeepFaceLab has so many features for you to explore. One of its prominent features is that it lets you animate your digital media.

• Another amazing feature of this application is that it gives you editing options. For instance, you can rotate or crop your media files. Furthermore, you can upscale your videos and make other adjustments too.

• Moreover, this tool gives you other creative features, such as adding text or stickers to your media. In addition to this, you can even draw with different colors in your videos.


• iOS: 11.0 or higher

4. Faceover: Photo Face Swap

With Faceover: Photo Face Swap, you can create fascinating face swapping using digital media. Additionally, this app allows you to replace your face in a video with another person's face. Furthermore, you can star in your favorite movie scenes and swap faces with your friends or celebrities. The app lets you easily select the faces you want to swap and adjust the settings to match the video.

faceover photo face swap

Key Features

• Faceover is a free deepfake app for iOS and has so many fun features. It lets you swap faces. Moreover, it allows you to flip faces as well. With this feature, you can create hilarious-looking memes.

• Additionally, this application has a library accessible to its users. You can choose from the different categories to get inspiration for your creations.

• Apart from its precise face-changing feature, you can also swap genders with this application. This feature lets you rediscover yourself in a new way.


• iOS: 13.0 or higher

5. Face Swap Video by Deep Fake

Face Swap Video by Deep Fake is another iOS app for creating face-swapped videos. With this application, you can create incredible face-changing content. By utilizing deep learning algorithms, this app enables you to replace faces in videos accurately. Furthermore, you can use it to unleash your creativity and explore various scenarios. This application adds a spark of creativity to your work.

face swap video by deepfake

Key Features

• Other than its face-changing abilities, this app can do so much more. In addition, it allows you to swap the genders of any person using your digital media files.

• Furthermore, it lets you save your videos in high definition. Using this feature, you'll get your face-swapped videos with a higher frame rate and better quality.

• Unlike other free deep fake iOS apps, it gives you access to unlimited uploads. With this feature, you can import unlimited source files for face-changing.


• iOS: 14.0 or higher

6. Reface: Face Swap Video App

Reface is a great app that lets you create face-swap videos with a few taps on your iOS device. You can swap your face with that of your favorite celebrities, historical figures, or even fictional characters. Moreover, it superimposes one person's face onto another person's body. Additionally, it creates highly realistic and humorous video results. Furthermore, you can have various types of results using this app.

reface face swap video app

Key Features

• It is an excellent iOS application that lets you swap faces in videos. However, you don't need videos for face swapping but can swap faces using still images.

• In addition to this, you can also give your videos and photos an old-school look. With this incredible feature, you can create vintage-looking content.

• Furthermore, this app is powered by AI, which helps you to generate avatars. Using this app, you can create AI avatars that look like you.


• iOS: 15.0 or higher

7. Avatarify: AI Face Animator

Avatarify is an amazing iOS app using AI to switch your face instantly, even in real-time. With this app, you can bring any image to life by making it mimic your facial expressions and movements. Furthermore, this app adds a whole new dimension to your videos. It allows for precise tracking of facial movements and maps on the source video.

avatarify ai face animator

Key Features

• This tool is unique in its own way, with features like photo animation. This feature lets your facial expressions change and move in a picture.

• Furthermore, this one of the best deepfake apps on iOS lets you create GIFs too. However, you can also save your file in a video format as well.

• Besides this, Avatarify has another fantastic feature that allows you to add music to your videos. It has a music library to import songs for any situation for your videos.


• iOS: 15.0 or higher

8. iface: AI Face Swap app

With iface, face swapping becomes easy and simple. This app allows you to experience the fun and creativity of deepfakes. Moreover, you can have fun with this app by pranking your friends and family members. However, the utility of iface goes beyond mere pranking. This app lets you create some amazing deepfakes for your assignments or content creation.

iface ai face swap app

Key Features

• iface is a fantastic deep fake iOS video creator who ensures you get good-quality results. This app provides high-quality videos with great resolution.

• Furthermore, you can access its face-changing capabilities in real time. It means with its "Swap Cam," you can record live face-swapped videos.

• Moreover, if you think this app only creates face-swapped videos, then you are wrong. You can create face-switched stickers with this application for you to share.


• iOS: 13.0 or higher

Part 2: What Implications Can Deepfake Have on Students and Their Education?

In this developing world, technology will advance at more pace than ever. Students need to understand the good or bad implications of the new tools and applications. Deepfake technology affects students and their education in several ways:

Misinformation and Trust

Beware of deepfakes, as they can spread fake news and misinformation. You might come across manipulated content that looks real, which can confuse you. Furthermore, deepfakes look realistic, making it harder to know what's true. However, it's important to be more vigilant and learn how to spot fake information.

Academic Integrity

Deepfakes can threaten the fairness of your education. Some students may use deepfake technology to cheat on exams or create fake evidence. Additionally, it undermines the credibility of the learning and assessment process. That's why upholding academic integrity is important for a level playing field. It makes you a responsible student and respectable citizen.

Privacy and Consent

Furthermore, deepfakes can violate your privacy and consent. Your images or voices could be used without your permission to create deepfakes. Moreover, it potentially invades your personal space and compromises your security. Understanding your rights and being cautious about sharing personal information is vital.

Media Literacy and Critical Thinking

Deepfakes highlight the importance of media literacy and critical thinking. It helps you to learn how to identify deepfakes and evaluate digital content. Furthermore, it helps you to distinguish between real and manipulated media is essential. These skills will help you navigate the world of digital information effectively.

Creativity and Digital Storytelling

Such technology can also be used creatively in education. You can explore the ethical use of deepfakes for digital storytelling and artistic expression. Additionally, it allows you to learn about responsible technology use and its impact on society. It's an opportunity to discuss media ethics and the boundaries of manipulation.

Ethical Awareness and Responsibility

Deepfakes bring up ethical questions that you should be aware of. Teachers can encourage conversations about the risks, ethical dilemmas, and responsibilities. Moreover, you can engage in these discussions to help you develop a deeper understanding. Furthermore, it encourages you to contribute to the ethical practices of such tools.

Part 3: FaceMod: A Good Online Alternative for Deepfake

Imagine being able to change faces in your digital photos and videos. With FaceMod, an incredible online tool, you can easily swap faces. This powerful software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to swap faces in your media. Additionally, with FaceMod, you can dive into the exciting world of deepfakes. Similarly, you can swap faces in your media files, making it appear like someone else is speaking or acting.

Deepfakes are not only about swapping faces; they also have practical applications. For instance, businesses can use deepfakes for advertising or enhancing their brand presence. It's an exciting technology that opens doors to new creative possibilities. Students can also benefit from deepfake technology. They can use FaceMod to create educational videos and to explore their imagination.


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Key Features of FaceMod AI Face Swapper

• FaceMod ensures that the face-swapped digital media you create maintains high quality. That's why you get top-quality results for your photos and videos.

• This alternative deep fake app iOS tool prioritizes providing a clean and professional output. In addition, you can enjoy a great editing experience without any advertisements or watermarks.

• In addition to face swapping, FaceMod offers the ability to perform gender swaps. It allows you to transform individuals' appearance in photos and videos.


In conclusion, deepfakes have revolutionized how we see videos and images. They offer a range of creative possibilities and can be a source of entertainment. You can explore so much with the availability of deepfake tools, including iOS apps. However, make sure to use deepfake apps iOS responsibly and be mindful of the impact they can have.

Facemod Mar 12, 24
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