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Design Your Vogue Cover Magazine with These Fake Vogue Cover Makers

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 21, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Vogue magazine's popularity is something we can't ignore. If you are into fashion, you may ever dream of gracing the cover of Vogue yourself. While landing a real Vogue cover might be an ambitious goal, creating your own Vogue-inspired cover can be a fun way to channel your inner fashionista or exercise your creative skills.

One of the easy ways to design your own Vogue cover magazine is by using fake Vogue cover makers we can find online. With these tools, you don't need fancy software or design skills. Just upload your photo, add or edit some text, and voila! You've got your own Vogue-inspired cover ready. To help you get started, continue reading our article below.

vogue magazine cover
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Part 1. 3 Iconic Vogue Magazine Covers for Inspirations

What makes Vogue magazine a standout in the fashion industry is its unparalleled blend of high fashion, cultural commentary, and influential photography. So before we get to design our magazine cover using Vogue cover makers, let’s study and gather some inspiration from some of these iconic Vogue magazine covers.

  1. Vogue September 2018 issue

September is a significant time in fashion. This period coincides with the transition from summer to fall and aligns with major fashion weeks. One memorable Vogue cover was in September 2018, which features Beyoncé wearing a beautiful white dress and a flower headpiece against a plain white background. This cover was special because Tyler Mitchell made history as the first black photographer to lens a cover for the esteemed publication.

  1. Vogue Italia May 2023 issue featuring AI

In May 2023, Vogue Italia made an innovative venture by merging fashion with cutting-edge technology. The magazine's cover featured supermodel Bella Hadid, juxtaposed against imaginative backdrops conjured by the artificial intelligence program known as DALL-E. This fusion has highlighted the potential of AI in creative industries.

  1. Vogue December 2020 issue

For the December 2020 issue, Vogue put Harry Styles on the cover all by himself. It was the first time a man had ever been on the cover of Vogue alone. In the photo, Harry Styles wore a lace dress with a black tuxedo jacket on top. He told the magazine that he doesn’t believe in the idea of fashion being only for men or only for women.

iconic vogue magazine covers

Part 2. Design Your Own Vogue Magazine: Top 5 Vogue Magazine Cover Makers

Now that you've explored some iconic Vogue covers, let’s create one featuring your own photo using one of these Vogue magazine cover makers.  Even if you're new to this, we'll outline the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best choice for your vision.

1. PosterMyWall

postermywall vogue magazine cover maker

PosterMyWall is a popular design tool widely used to quickly create high-quality graphics. This magazine cover creator features a straightforward interface and offers an extensive selection of customizable design templates, including templates for Vogue magazine covers.


  • Free with limited access to premium features
  • Subscription starts from $9.95/month to access premium features
  • You can modify the available magazine cover templates to suit your preferences
  • There are a diverse selection of designs to choose from
  • You can convert your designs into different dimensions
  • Some images may only be accessible on specific templates
  • Users may experience occasional lag while designing

2. YourCover

yourcover vogue magazine cover maker

YourCover is an online platform that specializes in creating personalized covers, including magazines. Users can upload their own photos and customize the text to appear like headlines or cover lines of the iconic Vogue magazine. The platform provides a range of templates based on different occasions or themes.

Pricing: Starts from $9.95

  • You can expect professional-quality designs for your fake Vogue magazine cover
  • YourCover offers printing options if you wish to have physical copies of your magazine covers
  • You must complete a checkout process and pay to download your designs
  • There aren’t many templates to choose from
  • The platform's color options are somewhat limited and may not fully cater to your preferences

3. Adobe Express

adobe express vogue magazine cover maker

If Adobe Photoshop feels too overwhelming, Adobe Express exists to simplify your content creation. It's an all-in-one design tool that's accessible online. You can also simply search for a fashion magazine cover template and customize it to resemble the style of a Vogue magazine cover.


  • Free plan available with limited access to premium features
  • Premium plan costs $9.99/month
  • You can store and save your magazine cover design in its cloud
  • The new auto-translate feature can help translate your content into different languages
  • The free magazine cover templates are many and cater to various styles and themes
  • Many high-quality templates and design elements are for premium users only
  • You may experience slower loading times

4. vogue magazine cover maker

In, there is a free specialized effect that can create Vogue magazine covers instantly, so you can easily achieve the signature style and aesthetic of Vogue magazine with ease. Although it comes as a filter, you can also customize the text and frame to suit your needs.

Pricing: Free

  • You can generate a fake Vogue magazine cover in seconds
  • This Vogue magazine cover maker is free to use
  • You can directly share your design on various social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Facebook
  • The customization option is limited
  • Since it’s a filter, there aren’t many magazine styles to choose from
  • The Vogue magazine cover filter style is a bit outdated

5. Free Cover Maker

free cover maker for a fake vogue cover

Free Cover Maker is an online tool offering versatile cover-making solutions catering to various needs, such as magazine covers. Among its templates, you can find options inspired by renowned publications like Vogue magazine. This tool is a pretty reliable choice if you are looking for a free Vogue magazine maker.

Pricing: Free

  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • You can add a QR code to your fake Vogue magazine cover
  • There is a preview option to check your design quality before downloading
  • There are limited font options
  • The customization options might be overly simple, limiting the ability to create unique designs

Part 3. Make Your Photo Looks Stylish for Magazine Cover

The tools are in your hands, but one reason people may hesitate to create their own magazine cover for Vogue is the challenge of selecting the right photo. Vogue magazine cover often features high-profile celebrities, supermodels, and influential figures from various fields. They are often adorned in haute couture and designer pieces to showcase the latest trends in fashion and style.

So when making a fake Vogue magazine cover using the Vogue magazine maker of your choice, you can also try generating your photo using FaceHub. Powered by AI, FaceHub has an AI Portrait feature that can help you transform your photo into a stylish magazine cover.

Here’s how to use FaceHub AI Portrait for your magazine photo cover:

Step 1: Access the FaceHub AI Portrait website.

You can go to the AI Portrait website directly and click “Generate Portrait Now” to proceed.

access FaceHub ai portrait website

Get Started Online

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Step 2: Log in or create a new account

Before generating a magazine cover from your photo, you need to log in or create a new account if you don’t already have one.

login to FaceHub ai portrait

Step 3: Select the Magazine template

Since we are going to make a fake Vogue magazine cover, you can select the Magazine template from the available options and click “Try Now.”

select the magazine template

Step 4: Upload your face or try the sample

Select the face you want to generate for the magazine cover. You can upload and select your own face or try one of the available face samples. To start generating your magazine photo, click “Generate.”

upload and select the face

Step 5: Review and download the result

It takes a few seconds for FaceHub AI Portrait to finish generating your Vogue magazine cover. Once completed, you can review the results and download multiple photos at once or individually. If none of the results satisfy you, you can click "Generate" again.

download the fake vogue magazine cover


Now you have everything you need to make a fake Vogue cover magazine. All that’s left is to try it yourself! Let your creativity run wild as you design your own magazine cover. You can experiment with different fonts, layouts, and images as you’d like.

The Vogue cover makers we have listed in this article are renowned for their ability to emulate the sophistication of Vogue's design aesthetic. Choose the one that best suits your preferences, and try it with confidence. Don’t worry about not finding the right photo for your magazine cover design. AI tools like FaceHub can assist you in transforming your photos into magazine-style images.

Get Started Online

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Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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