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Turn Your Picture Into A Painting: Easy Tutorial with Stunning Results

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 10, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Have you ever wanted to turn a photo into a painting but didn't have the skills of a professional artist? You don't need to worry; this article will explain how to turn any photo into a beautiful painting without needing to have any painting skills.

Turn your photo into a painting with advanced and extraordinary AI technology. With AI, everything becomes possible and much easier. You only need to upload your best picture, select the art style you want to try, and generate it with AI! You'll have a painting out of your picture in your hands.

You can use the painting as a gift for your friend's wedding or birthday or add home decor. Explore this article and learn how to turn your photos into paintings quickly.

In this article

Part 1. Explore Different Painting Styles

You have many styles when turning your picture into a painting with AI. The following are several painting styles of AI-generated art that you can usually try:

  • Pixel

The painting style is generated by AI technology which produces a pixel art style. This style is like paintings made with graphics software, where images are created using pixels. This painting style is synonymous with bright colours and objects that appear to be made of blocks, not complex continuous shapes.

  • Oil Painting

A painting style generated by AI technology that results like an oil painting. It features realistic lighting, visible brushwork, luminous colours, and a charming painterly aesthetic created with oil paints. The AI ​​art style of oil painting is to recreate the feel of hand-made, three-dimensional fine art.

  • Watercolor
  • The painting style generated by AI technology is similar to watercolor painting, where the painting method uses a type of paint that can be mixed with water to produce a translucent layer of color on paper.

  • Sketch
  • A painting style generated by AI technology whose results are like colourless sketch paintings. This style can produce sketch paintings like those made by the hands of skilled painters.

    Part 2. Find the Picture-to-Painting Converter That Suits Your Needs

    Once you have decided which painting styles you want to try, it’s time to find a picture-to-painting converter. Different tools have different styles and capabilities, so choosing one that aligns with your desired artistic outcome is essential. This tutorial will use Fotor as an online photo-to-painting converter with various art styles.

    Fotor AI photo-to-painting converter is a tool that converts your photos into a painting in a matter of seconds. You just need to upload your image and choose your preferred painting filter. Then, Fotor will automatically analyse[a][b][c] and turn your photo into an extraordinary painting in no time.

    logo of fotor

    Part 3. How To Turn Your Photo Into A Painting Using AI

    The following is a step-by-step way to turn your photos into paintings with Fotor:

    Step 1: Visit the Fotor website then click “Turn Picture Into Painting Now.”

    fotor turn picture into painting

    Step 2: After that, an image will appear as below, then click “Open Image” and select which image you want.

    fotor turn picture into painting

    Step 3: Upload a picture to Fotor's free online picture-to-painting converter. You can upload anything like landscapes, portraits, or selfies.

    fotor turn picture into painting

    Step 4: Choose a painting filter you like, click apply, and watch Fotor transform your pictures into paintings in no time.

    fotor turn picture into painting

    Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the result, you can download it in the format you want and share your artistic creation.

    Bonus: How to Make an Enhanced Portrait of Yourself with AI

    In turning a photo into a painting, your chosen photo must have good quality and a supporting background. It would help if you enhanced your self-portrait first with AI to get the best results.

    One of the tools that can help you with this purpose is FaceHub's advanced AI Portrait tool, which allows you to get the best portrait results before turning it into paintings.

    FaceHub website

    FaceHub has several AI Portrait Styles to help you get the best Portrait. Here are some AI FaceHub portrait styles that are suitable for use if you want to use your self-portrait to turn it into a painting:

    • Nature Style: This style has several interesting natural backgrounds and is suitable if you want to turn a photo into an oil or watercolor painting style.
    • Bride Style: This style has several backgrounds and nuances, such as that of a beautiful bride or princess.
    • Animal Style: This style has some interesting backgrounds and adorable cute animals. This style is suitable for use to turn a photo into an oil, watercolor or anime art-style painting.

    The following is a step by step for using FaceHub AI Portrait:

    Step 1: Visit the FaceHub website, scroll down until you see “AI Portrait” and click “Create Now.”

    access FaceHub ai portrait

    Step 2: After that, a window will appear as below. Select the AI ​​Portrait style you want. If you're going to turn your self-portrait into a painting, we recommend using a natural, bridal, or animal style.

    FaceHub ai portrait

    Step 3: Once you have uploaded your photo, click “Generate.”

    FaceHub ai portrait

    Step 4: Download the results.

    Once you are satisfied with the results, you can download and save them to your computer or device.

    FaceHub ai portrait


    Thanks to AI, turning a photo into a painting doesn't require you to have painting skills like a professional artist. You only need sophisticated tools like Fotor to turn photos into paintings in seconds. However, for better results, change your self-portrait using the AI ​​Portrait FaceHub feature which can change your ordinary photo to be more attractive and suitable for turning into a painting.

    Richard Brown
    Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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