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Online Yearbook Maker to Help You Design Your School’s Yearbook

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 09, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

The school yearbook is a tradition that is typically compiled during the final year of school to preserve memories from student life. Traditionally, creating a yearbook is managed by professionals using tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, or Figma. However, this process is time-consuming, complex, and often expensive.

To simplify your yearbook design process, you can use online yearbook makers as they provide accessible and user-friendly platforms. However, since choosing the perfect online yearbook maker to fit your needs can be challenging, this article will help you to compare the best online yearbook makers in the market. So, you can select the one that best suits your preferences.

In this article
  1. 5 Online Yearbook Makers Recommended by Experts
  2. What to Include in Your Yearbook
  3. Create The Perfect Photo for Your Yearbook
  4. Conclusion

Part 1. 5 Online Yearbook Makers Recommended by Experts

  1. Canva

Canva is an online tool that offers a simple drag-and-drop interface with a wide range of design elements like images, fonts, and templates. This online yearbook maker has an extensive library of pre-designed templates suitable for yearbooks, including cover layouts, pages, and themes.

canva online tool

Key Features

  • Image Library: Access a large collection of stock photos, illustrations, and icons.
  • Template Collection: Explore extensive collection of design templates.
  • Advanced Features: Canva offers many powerful tools and features to enrich the design.
  • Collaboration: Canva allows real-time collaboration with multiple users.

Price: Free plans; subscription starts from $12.99

  • Beginner-friendly and does not require design expertise.
  • Can be used from any device with an internet connection.
  • Has limited advanced features compared to professional software.
  • Some templates may be generic and less customizable.
  1. Flipsnack

Flipsnack specializes in creating digital publications with a variety of templates, including interactive online yearbooks. This yearbook online creator can add multimedia elements such as videos, audio, and links to enhance interactivity.

flipsnack online tool

Key Features

  • Customizable Templates: Access a variety of templates designed specifically for digital publications like yearbooks.
  • Interactivity: Add interactivity by selecting from a range of interactive options to include in your publications.
  • Photo Slideshows: Create engaging photo slideshows by featuring up to ten images.
  • Embedding Options: Yearbooks can be embedded on websites or shared digitally.

Price: Free plans; subscription starts from $14

  • Offers rich multimedia features to create engaging and interactive yearbooks.
  • Templates are tailored for digital publications, resulting in polished and modern designs.
  • Some users may find it takes time to fully understand and utilize all the features.
  • Advanced features may require a paid subscription.
  1. Designhill

Designhill yearbook online creator primarily operates as a creative platform connecting businesses and individuals with graphic designers for various design needs. You can collaborate directly with designers to refine and customize yearbook designs to your liking.

designhill online tool

Key Features

  • Design Marketplace: Access a global community of freelance graphic designers who can create custom yearbook designs based on your specifications.
  • Multiple Designs: The marketplace provides various design services.
  • Diverse Tools and Templates: Access to a range of free tools and templates, including poster templates, logo maker, and more.
  • Design Contests: Launch design contests where multiple designers submit entries, and you choose the best design.

Price: Free plans; subscription starts from $249

  • Direct interaction with designers allows for personalized adjustments and revisions.
  • Options like design contests allow you to receive multiple design concepts to choose from.
  • Design contests and collaborative projects can be more expensive and take longer to complete than using pre-designed templates.
  • The quality of designs can vary depending on the designer's skill level and experience.
  1. FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 lets you create interactive digital flipbooks with a variety of templates designed for digital publishing. This online yearbook maker can help you display your yearbook in a dynamic and attractive format.

fliphtml5 online tool

Key Features

  • Interactive Flipbooks: FlipHTML5 allows you to create interactive digital flipbooks.
  • Seamless PDF Conversion: Transform static PDF documents into interactive flipbooks with realistic page-flipping effects.
  • Multi-platform Accessibility: Access to flipbooks created from PDFs across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Multimedia Integration: Add multimedia elements like videos, audio, and links to enhance the interactivity.

Price: Free plans; subscription starts from $12.5

  • Can add multimedia elements to create interactive yearbooks.
  • Allows users to upload images or PDFs to the cloud platform quickly.
  • Some users may find it hard to use all features effectively.
  • Advanced features and customization options may require a paid subscription.
  1. PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall helps users to customize templates using a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, making it accessible for users with minimal design experience.

postermywall online tool

Key Features

  • Template Library: Access a vast collection of customizable templates for various types of designs, including posters, flyers, and yearbooks.
  • Quick Menu-maker: Design enticing menus and ads for tables and screens.
  • Schedule maker: Select from various schedule layouts and customize text styles, borders, or backgrounds.
  • Stock Library: Explore a comprehensive library of stock photos, videos, and graphics.

Price: Free plans; subscription starts from $9.95

  • The features offer easy ways to customize the design process.
  • Provides a wide selection of templates suitable for various design needs, including yearbooks.
  • Access to premium features and high-resolution downloads may require a paid subscription.
  • Requires an internet connection to use the web-based editor.

Part 2. What to Include in Your Yearbook

You can be creative about the content of your school yearbook. However, if you are wondering what to include, you can follow our guide below.

  1. Cover Page

The cover page sets the tone for the yearbook and often features the school name, year, and a captivating design or artwork. Consider incorporating school colors, mascots, or thematic elements that reflect the spirit of the academic year.

  1. Individual Portraits

Include individual portraits of students and faculty members. Organize these portraits by grade level or class to help the readers easily identify and connect with classmates and teachers.

  1. Group Photos

Feature group photos of clubs, sports teams, academic groups, and other extracurricular activities. Group photos highlight collective achievements and foster a sense of community within the school.

  1. Candid Shots

Include candid shots that capture candid moments from school events, assemblies, field trips, and everyday activities. Candid photos add authenticity and spontaneity to the yearbook, showcasing memorable moments shared by students and staff.

  1. Quotes and Messages

Incorporate quotes, messages, and reflections from students, teachers, and administrators. These can include inspirational messages, memories from the school year, or words of encouragement. Personalized messages add depth and sentimentality to the yearbook.


Additional Content Ideas

  • Feature Stories: Include articles or features highlighting significant events, achievements, or milestones from the academic year.
  • Student Artwork: Showcase student artwork, poetry, or creative projects to celebrate artistic talents within the school community.
  • Superlatives: Include fun superlatives such as "Most Likely to Succeed" or "Class Clown" to recognize students' unique personalities.
  • Year in Review: Create a section summarizing key events, trends, and highlights of the school year.

Part 3. Create The Perfect Photo for Your Yearbook

One of the contents we should include in our yearbook is of course our own portrait. It will be something we will always cherish. So if you are looking to create the perfect photo for your yearbook, we have a useful tip for you—using FaceHub's AI Portrait!

FaceHub's AI Portrait is an easy-to-use online tool that is powered by artificial intelligence or AI. It allows you to convert your selfies into different styles, including school yearbook portraits, as well as ID photos, custom avatars, graduation portraits, science fiction art, and more. It helps you to express your individuality and redefine your photo.

FaceHub's AI Portrait Advantages

  1. Transform Photos into Stunning Portraits:

    FaceHub AI Portrait uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to turn your photos into captivating portraits. It can automatically generate your photos with a template of your choice to achieve professional-quality results.

FaceHub ai portrait online tool
  1. Easy-to-Use Online Tool:

FaceHub AI Portrait is designed with a user-friendly interface. You can access it and get the best result without any professional skills.

  1. Free to Use:

One of the standout features of FaceHub AI Portrait is that it is available for free. You can access the tool and transform your photos for the school yearbook without any subscriptions.

  1. Respects User Privacy:

FaceHub AI Portrait prioritizes user privacy and does not collect personal data from its users. So, you do not need to worry about your data privacy.

How To Use FaceHub AI Portrait

Step 1. Visit FaceHub AI Portrait Website

Access FaceHub AI Portrait website and choose the 'Generate Portrait Now' button.

FaceHub ai portrait home

Step 2. Choose ‘Yearbook’ Option and Upload Your Photo

Select the ‘Yearbook’ option and upload your desired photo as the source image. Ensure the image is clear and well-lit for optimal editing results.

FaceHub ai portrait selection for yearbook

Step 3. Choose Your Preferred Style

Browse and select a unique template style that suits your preference.

facemood ai portrait result

Step 4. Preview and Download

Once satisfied with the edits and style, preview the final portrait. Then, download the edited image to your local folder for further use or printing.

FaceHub ai portrait preview


Using online yearbook makers can simplify the process of creating the school yearbook. The online tools mentioned above offer a range of features that can help you produce professional-quality yearbook photos easily.

Among these platforms, FaceHub AI Portrait stands out as a solution for generating stunning yearbook portraits. Its AI-powered technology enables users to transform ordinary photos into captivating artworks. Moreover, FaceHub is user-friendly, free to use, and respects user privacy by not collecting personal data.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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