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4 Best ID Photo Makers Online [Free and Paid]

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 17, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Photos on your ID cards serve as proof of your identity. As such, you cannot take ID photos as you like, for you need to meet requirements. These criteria vary based on the country you live in and the form of ID, including identity cards, passports, driving licenses, etc.

Remembering the importance of ID photos, you need to ensure that those photos are up-to-date. One way to ensure that you have high-quality ID photos is by getting a professional photographer's help. However, if you do not have time to go to a photo studio, you can use a free ID photo maker online, instead. Aside from helping you save money, using an online ID photo maker is also more convenient than going to a studio.

You can find many ID photos online makers. Though all these tools offer the same service, each has its unique features and limitations. With this article, we will help you find the right ID picture maker online.

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Part 1. Requirements for Different ID Photos

As mentioned before, for ID photos, the requirements you need to meet differ according to the type of identification. Here are a few examples.

1. Passport photo

In the US, passport ID photos must be in color. They cannot be older than six months, and the background must be plain white or off-white. Another requirement is that your whole face should show in the photos. You can fulfill all these requirements with the help of an ID photo maker free online.

passport photos need to meet requirements

2. Visa photo

The ID photo requirements for a US visa are similar to passport photos. However, for a UK visa, the size of your picture should be 35x45 mm. There should be a distance of 3-5 mm between the top of your head and the top of the photo, and the top of your shoulders should also be visible in the photos.

For the background color, it should be cream or light gray. You cannot use photos with patterned backgrounds. The photos you submit for visa application should be in color. Last, you must take your photos within 30 days of applying for the visa.

3. Student ID

Meanwhile, the requirements for student ID photos vary depending on the school or university. Generally, you should submit a recent photo that shows your whole face. Student ID photos should feature a plain background, with many educational institutions asking a white background.

Part 2. 4 Best ID Photo Makers Online

With the right ID picture maker online, you can take a photo that meets all your requirements. Here is a list of the four best online tools you can try.

1. FaceHub's AI Portrait

FaceHub is a web-based tool that enables you to transform your selfies into various styles of photos, including ID photos. With FaceHub's AI Portrait feature, creating stunning portraits is as simple as a few clicks. The AI analyzes your selfie and generates it into its ID photo templates. You can keep generating your photo until you can find one that suits your needs.

FaceHub’s official website

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Key Features:

  • AI to superimpose your photo to a template you choose.
  • Templates and styles you can pick.
  • Data protection and privacy.
  • Ease-of-use, thanks to AI

You do not need to be an expert at photo-editing to be able to use FaceHub's AI Portrait. All you need to do is pick the best photo of yourself and upload it to FaceHub's site.

  • Vast library of templates

FaceHub offers many templates you can use. These templates can also serve as inspiration, so you do not need to worry about being uninspired.

  • High-quality resulting photos

The requirements for ID photos might vary according to the type of identification. However, one thing they all have in common is that ID photos should be clear. With FaceHub, you can be sure that your ID photos will have the best quality.

  • Limited customization: Despite the many templates FaceHub offers, some users might feel like they are not enough.

2. IDPhoto4You

Majer János made IDPhoto4You in 2009 to help people who need to take passport photos. Even now, IDPhoto4You remains a website, so you can access this free ID photo maker online with any device.

interface of idphoto4you

Key Features:

  • Cropping function.
  • Drop-down menu to pick a country.
  • IDPhoto4You has a database of requirements for passport photos according to country

Thanks to this database, all you need to do is select your country, and IDPhoto4You will show the requirements for your photos.

  • User-friendly interface

The interface of IDPhoto4You is straightforward. You can understand how to use the site right away.

  • IDPhoto4You lacks feature

There is only one feature you can use on this website: cropping.

  • No guarantee

There is no guarantee that the ID photo you make with IDPhoto4You will be accepted by the authority.

3. PicWish

PicWish is an online biometric photo maker that uses AI to help you remove background and other tasks. You can use the web version of PicWish for free. However, you can also download PicWish from the App Store.

picwish’s site

Key Features:

  • Background removal.
  • Photo enhancer.
  • PicWish is accurate.

Using AI, PicWish can detect the edge of a picture and separate it from the background. Even when the photo is complex, PicWish can still remove the background accurately. Even though there might be mistakes, they are not glaring.

  • PicWish has other features aside from background remover.

Aside from removing background and changing it into a solid color, PicWish offers other features, including image compressor and photo enhancer. With PicWish, you can also crop or enlarge a photo.

  • You need to erase the background on your photos manually.

PicWish's primary function is to remove background, even if you can change the background into a solid color after removal.

  • You can only access some of PicWish's features via its app.

Some of PicWish's features are exclusive to its app. For example, you can only use a pre-designed template if you use the app version of PicWish.

4. Persofoto

With PersoFoto, you can crop your photo to fit the criteria of a passport photo. Unfortunately, this tool does not help you to remove your photo's background.

what you can do with persofoto

Key Features:

  • Drop down menu about type of identification and country.
  • Cropping feature.
  • PersoFoto allows you to create ID photos for passport and other identification cards.

In the drop-down menu, you can pick the type of identification card. Aside from a passport, you can find an identity card, driving license, and even a bus pass.

  • You can take a new photo.

Some tools ask you to upload a photo, but PersoFoto has a different approach. PersoFoto allows you to take a new selfie before editing it.

  • You cannot change the background.

You can only crop your photo with PersoFoto. So, if you need to change the background in your photo, you'll have to use other photo editing tools.

Part 3. How to Create ID Photo [Easiest Method]

Among all the ID photo makers above, FaceHub is the best online ID photo maker. Not only is it easy to use, but it also guarantees that you will only get high-quality photos. Since FaceHub uses AI, you can use the AI Portrait feature to its full potential without having to learn any photo editing.

When using AI-powered photo-editing tools, many people worry about the safety of their data. However, there's no need for concern when using FaceHub. On its official website, FaceHub assures users that it will safeguard their personal information. Besides, FaceHub does not store your photos; it deletes them once it finishes analyzing the facial feature points for processing.

With FaceHub's AI Portrait, you can get your ID photos done fast. All you need to do is click several buttons:

Step 1. Go to FaceHub AI Portrait's official website and click the "Generate Portrait Now" button

ai portrait on FaceHub’s site

Get Started Online

Step 2. Click the "ID Photo" style

FaceHub has more than 20 styles you can choose from. However, to take ID photos, the "ID Photo" style is the best.

styles you can choose

Step 3. Upload your photo

At the bottom, you can see several photos as samples. You can upload your photo by clicking the smiley icon.

uploading your photos

Step 4. Click the "Generate" button

FaceHub will automatically superimpose your photo to the templates.

Step 5. Download the resulting images

It does not take long for FaceHub to get your ID photos. Right away, you will get four resulting images. You can download them by clicking the "Download" button in the top-right corner. You can also get more images by clicking the "More Portrait" button, located at the end of the resulting images.

download the resulting images


Unlike other photos, ID photos need to meet requirements, depending on what you are going to use the photos for. So, if you need to submit ID photos for identification, the first thing you need to do is to find out the criteria. To get high-quality photos, you can go to a photo studio and hire a professional photographer. However, if you want to save money or time, you can use an AI-based tool instead.

There are many AI-powered ID photo makers online, including FaceHub. With the AI Portrait feature on FaceHub, you can get high-quality ID photos with ease. Another benefit FaceHub gets to offer is data protection and privacy. You do not have to worry about your data getting scrapped or leaked when you use FaceHub.

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Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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