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Top 8 Yearbook Makers 2024

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published Apr 26, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Is it almost time for you to graduate? Are you getting ready to quit school? The idea of using a yearbook maker to create a graduation book is becoming popular among students. They want to remember the good times and enjoy the things they've done.

This article will talk about the best online yearbook maker. As a student, you can now take charge of keeping your school memories alive in unique and personal ways.

In this article
  1. Top 8 Yearbook Maker
  2. Attractive Online Yearbook Created by FaceHub
  3. Conclusion

Part 1: Top 8 Yearbook Maker


A lot of people on social media use the digital yearbook maker app EPIK. It lets people make "yearbook" pictures that look like they belong in the 1990s and have a unique style from that time. The app also tells users to send in clear pictures with a variety of backgrounds, emotions, and angles.


compatible devices: Mac, Windows, and Android

Price: pro-plan: $8.49/month


  • Advanced AI, easy-to-use design, lots of features
  • Make classic yearbook pictures from the 1990s
  • Share it on social media to join the trend that's becoming popular.
  • One of 60 pictures to choose from


  • Concerns about privacy because of the gathering and use of data
  • Need 8–12 clear, different pictures
  • Get your pictures in 24 hours, unless you pay extra for fast service.
  • The findings of AI may not always be true.

2- Pixble

Pixble online yearbook maker is a feature of Pixble, an online tool for editing pictures that uses AI to make them better. It lets users use AI-generated templates to make vintage yearbook pictures. People can upload selfies and choose between regular or fast delivery for the AI-made photos they post.


compatible devices: Mac OS/Windows/Android and iOS

Price: Basic- $4.99/month




  • A fun way to see yourself dressed like you did in the 1990s
  • Simple to use, no tech skills needed
  • Realistic results in the style of the 1990s


  • A picture that is fuzzy or complicated might not work well.
  • Concerns about privacy when using photos
  • Free shipping takes up to 24 hours.


Based on artificial intelligence, Vidnoz AI Face Swap is a yearbook maker that lets users switch faces in pictures and videos. It also has a face swap tool that can be used to change the look of people's faces in different photos or videos. You can use the tool for free, and it's very easy to do so. Because Vidnoz is so easy to use, anyone can take great pictures and try on whole outfits without buying new clothes or paying a photographer. Just take a selfie of yourself.


compatible devices: Windows OS

Price: Free: $0

Paid: $22.49/month


  • Free and easy to use
  • Lots of fun and ideas
  • It teaches and motivates
  • Supports AI and face recognition technology
  • DrawbacksConcerns about privacy when using faces without permission
  • Chance of misunderstanding and false information
  • Risk of making pictures and videos less real and of lower quality
  • Face swap users shouldn't trick or control other people with them.


This is a great yearbook maker platform where you can share all the pictures of the things you did, the people you met, and the memories you made at school. With this yearbook software, the pages will move around, making your yearbook interactive.

Users can quickly share pictures or PDFs on the cloud platform with FlipHTML5. With its new online editing system, users can now quickly change how the yearbook is laid out. When the yearbook is done, users can also share it on social networks.


compatible devices: Mac, Windows, and Android

Price:    Free- $0

Pro plan- $12.5/month

Platinum- $25/month


  • The full set of options
  • You can change everything about your yearbook, from the color of the pages to the width of the cover
  • You can add animations and pop-up videos from your storage.
  • The Keys that fly the animation


  • Unable to change the language of the yearbook UI in the local version.
  • You can only use one language at a time

5- Fotor

Fotor is the next one on our list of the best. Fotor, a well-known design tool, has a free online yearbook maker with a huge collection of templates that can make this job easier. This is one of the best online yearbook maker, and the platform is easy to use, which can be especially helpful for schools, groups, or people who want to make interesting yearbooks.


compatible devices: Windows OS, Mac, online

Price: free-$0

Pro plan- $3.33

Pro Plus plan- $7.49


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Fun and unique
  • Free and easy to get


  • The quality may be different based on the faces and pictures that are used.
  • Legal and ethical concerns.
  • Few choices and tools.

6-Pica AI

The Pica yearbook photo maker has been built to be user-friendly and offers a seamless experience. Users may upload their images, choose from a variety of templates, or upload their own, and then let the AI handle the rest of the process. Through the usage of this program, students can swap faces onto a variety of templates, including ones that are designed to look like yearbook images from the graduation years.


compatible devices: iOS,Mac,  Online



  • Effortless and quick to use
  • It's both entertaining and distinctive
  • No cost and simple to acquire


  • quality may be different based on the faces and pictures that are used.
  • Legal and ethical concerns.
  • Few choices and tools.


Another online yearbook maker, NightCafe Creator, enables users to produce incredible yearbook images with just a few clicks. An AI, known as a generative adversarial network (GAN) is the engine that drives NightCafe Creator. This sort of AI is capable of producing realistic photos from scratch. Users can provide language suggestions to the artificial intelligence to direct it in the process of generating photos that correspond with the theme that they have chosen, such as a yearbook photo.


compatible devices: Mac, Windows, and Linux

Price: unlimited base Stable Diffusion designs for free

For beginners: $4.79/month

AI artist: $39.99/month


  • personalized yearbook pictures that demonstrate your style
  • Try out different themes and styles
  • Based on your shots or pictures from the internet
  • Post on NightCafé or a social network


  • Time spent waiting for AI to process
  • Legal and moral worries about ownership and originality
  • Not being able to control how AI works
  • quickly give credit for several shots

Part 2: Attractive Online Yearbook Creation by FaceHub

The yearbook is a beloved custom that will never go out of style. But what if you could make the yearbook even better? FaceHub is the best online place to make a yearbook and change photos for the AI yearbook. FaceHub has over 1000 picture and video templates to meet all of your needs for 90s AI Yearbook picture trends. You can easily change things about a funny video and share it on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other sites.


The AI yearbook trend is all over social media right now, so it's never too late to use FaceHub AI, which supports making a stylish AI yearbook picture. You can make your own cool AI yearbook picture in seconds after uploading a selfie. Then, share it on Instagram or TikTok to get comments and likes.


It only takes a few easy steps with tools like AI Portrait to make this plan come true. This wonderful yearbook photo maker lets you make interesting yearbooks.

The FaceHub Yearbook Outcome

The images below show how adding FaceHub to your yearbook can make it stand out. Let's have the results to see how cool your yearbook can be.


Click ‘’Get started now’’ on FaceHub AI Portrait to experience how FaceHub can turn your memories into beautiful pictures.


Why Choose FaceHub as the Best online Yearbook Maker?

FaceHub as an online yearbook maker is best for you because it matches your wants and preferences.

  • Capabilities and Modification: it has a lot of features and ways to make it your own. You can choose from different themes and styles and you can add text or other things to your yearbook pictures.
  • How Easy Is It to Use? The tool does not require users with technology knowledge to use it. It is easy to post photos and make pictures for the yearbook with a few steps.
  • Quality results: you will be able to get clear quality results after making a yearbook. The pictures will look real.
  • Price: Since you want a free tool, FaceHub doesn't have any hidden fees. you will only need to get a paid version to enjoy advanced features.
  • User Reviews: You can read reviews from other users to get an idea of how well and how reliably this tool works.
  • Privacy and Security: This tool protects your privacy and has clear rules about how to use and store your data.


As graduation season approaches, students are becoming more and more interested in making personalized yearbooks. This piece talked about the eight best yearbook makers of 2024. Each one has its features and benefits. There are many ways to preserve their school memories, from EPIK's traditional style to Vidnoz's creative AI technology. Based on the suggestions, FaceHub stands out as the best option, with over 1000 models that can be changed and features that are easy to use. FaceHub is the best online yearbook maker for students and workers who want to keep their memories safe in a stylish way. Its focus is on quality, privacy, and ease of use.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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