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Top Time Travel Generators that Take You to the Old Days

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 10, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Ever wondered what life was like in the past? Somehow, you wished there was a time travel machine so you could know what it was like. Well, you are not alone! A huge trend in delving into the old times has emerged among young people.

Imagine stepping into a time machine not to physically travel through time, but to catch a glimpse of yourself as you would appear in different eras throughout history. Thanks to AI Time Machine, you can virtually embark on a journey through time, changing the appearance you'd look like in different eras.

In this article
    1. Try AI Time Travel Online without Installing
    2. Change your Portrait into old styles using FaceHub

Part 1: Different Historical Periods You May Want to Explore

When it comes to historical periods, definitely all aspects evolve according to the era. Fashion and trends have evolved significantly throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, reflecting changes in society, culture, and technology.

For now, we will focus on discussing 1930s and 1980s fashion. These two eras have a uniqueness of fashion that is interesting for us to discuss. Before we start the journey with AI time travel, let's take a look at its history first!

History of fashion trends in the 1930s

The 1930s was a time for innovations and changes, with designers experimenting with new shapes, fabrics, and styles. Fashion in the 1930s was marked by several iconic trends and styles that reflected the social, economic, and cultural context of the time:

    1. Art Deco fashion

The Art Deco movement, which emerged in the 1920s, continued to influence fashion in the early 1930s. Art Deco's geometric shapes, bold colors, and sleek designs were evident in clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

    1. Military Influence

Another hallmark of 1930s fashion was influenced by men's and women's fashion in the 1930s. Military-inspired jackets and trench coats were popular outerwear choices, while military-style details such as brass buttons and epaulets were incorporated into clothing designs.[a]

Overall, fashion in the 1930s balanced elegance with practicality, reflecting the societal values and economic realities of the time while also embracing innovation and glamor.

fashion in the 1930s

History of fashion trends in the 1980s

Fashion in the 1980s was very iconic, fashion with bold and fearless characteristics became the key point of this era.

In this era, fashion was influenced by TV shows, movies, as well as celebrities. Bright neon colors, punk, and power dressing were influential movements, with trends like shoulder pads, and leg warmers.

    1. 1980s Power Dressing

Power suits were a significant trend in the 1980s, especially among working women. This trend involved tailored suits with padded shoulders, highlighting a strong, defined silhouette. Women's suits often featured broad-shouldered blazers, high-waisted pants or skirts, and bold colors or patterns.

    1. Neon and Bright Colors

The 1980s were marked by bright colors, with neon colors being popular. Bright pink, electric blue, neon green, and neon yellow were popular, adding fun and energy to fashion.

  1. Denim on denim

The denim-on-denim trend became a big hit, with people wearing jeans paired with denim jackets or vests. Acid-wash denim, characterized by its bleached or faded appearance, was particularly trendy during this time.

These are some of the 1980s fashion trends that defined a vibrant and eclectic style. Overall, it was a decade of experimentation, self-expression, and bold fashion choices.

fashion in the 1980s

If you wonder how you would look if you joined the fashion trends of the 1930s and 1980s, you can experiment with it easily by using AI Time Travel.

Part 2: Top AI Time Machine for You to Choose

Ready to transform yourself into different eras? This section will introduce you to various AI Time Machines you can choose from. Each app has key features, and they vary in price. Find out below the top travel generator apps before you try them out.

    1. RetroLens: AI Time Travel

With one simple selfie, you can jump back in time. RetroLens offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse cultures and iconic eras.

retrolens time travel generators

Key Features

      • Advanced AI ensures your historical avatar is realistic and real.
      • Enjoy various themes from diverse decades.
      • Shareable on any social media like Instagram and TikTok.

Price: Start for free, craft watermarked avatars across all themes. With no subscription, you can access watermark-free avatars starting at just $1.99 per theme.

Pros Cons
Generate plenty of styles with high-quality results
No Subscription, pay for a free watermark per theme you want
Android and iOS versions are available
Some users find that paying for each picture is too expensive
Some users experienced a different result from the samples
    1. Portrait AI

If you are into something more artsy, Portrait AI can produce your portrait in a stunning 18th-century style. This free AI time machine has various filters you might try, from Anime, Futuristic, and Cartoons to Classic Portraits.

portrait ai time travel generators app

Key Features

      • This AI time machine photos app can give users a new perspective with highly imaginative and artistic transformations.
      • No artistic skills are required, so anyone can try out this app.

Price: Free version available. Subscription plans for premium portraits start at $4.99 per week.

Pros Cons
Unique concept where you can turn your self-portrait into an old painting.
Portrait AI offers many filters and you can compare the original image to the transformed image.
Available for full-face photos only, not available for full-body styles.
Limited applicability to certain photo types.
  1. AI Time Machine by MyHeritage

Do you want to know your self-portrait in different historical themes? You can create an AI avatar with this AI Time Machine online. Fun and unique way to unlock the past and explore your appearance in different periods.

ai time machine by myheritage

Key Features:

  • Creating photorealistic AI avatars based on photos, allows users to visualize themselves in various historical periods.
  • You can generate 10-25 images in one go.

Price: Users can try their free trial. The time travel package costs $12 for 480+ images.

Pros Cons
User-friendly interface
Provides a diverse range of themes.
The package cost is relatively affordable.
Takes more time in the generating process
No features in self-customization

Try AI Time Travel Online without Installing

Well, from the variety of time travel generators, online tools also offer the same functionality as the AI time machine apps we've mentioned above, such as FaceHub. FaceHub is a web-based tool that can also function as an AI portrait generator. With various styles and themes, you can also use FaceHub to change your appearance in diverse styles, especially 1930s and 1980s styles.

FaceHub ai generator

Before we go to FaceHub's AI Portrait Feature, we'll tell why AI web-based tools are more recommended than mobile apps.

  • No installation is required, you can try it right away

Users can use the web-based tool right away without downloading or installing anything. If you are using web-based tools, like FaceHub, you don't have to worry about your storage getting full.

  • Web-based is more accessible

Updates for web-based tools can be deployed instantly to all users, without requiring users to manually download and install updates from the app store. New features, bug fixes, and performance improvements are faster and more efficient compared to mobile apps.

Change your Portrait into old styles using FaceHub

Without the hassle of changing into different themed outfits, you can easily style yourself the way you want and experiment with multiple templates in just a second with FaceHub’s AI time machine photos.

Step 1: Go to FaceHub AI Portrait website

Click on the "Generate Portrait Now" button and a new window will open.

FaceHub ai portrait generator

Step 2: Pick the 80s style and click "Try Now".

After you pick your style, you can either select a photo from the "Samples" section or click on "My face" and click "Add Face" to add your photo

FaceHub a portrait templates

Step 3: Download your photo results

Afterward, you can immediately download the results by clicking the download button on the top right or by clicking the arrow icon at each of the photos.

FaceHub a portrait result


Fashion trends throughout eras are exciting to discuss, each era has its iconic trends. Thankfully, with an AI photo time machine, you can experience yourself with these fashion trends. Among the wide selection of time travel generators, FaceHub stands out for its ease of use and the fact that you can use its online tools without downloading an app.

With FaceHub AI portrait, you can transform your ordinary portraits into various eras with multiple templates. In just a few clicks, anyone can experience traveling through time.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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