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Ultimate Guide to Using AI to Convert a Photo into Painting

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published Apr 22, 24, updated Apr 22, 24

Are you bored of the same old paintings at your home or office? Do you envision your room decorated with aesthetic paintings but have no time to reach an artist? Well, your concern is well-heard and understood by tech savvies. Yes, you read it right. Today's technology allows you to use AI to convert a photo to a painting in an instant that fits your needs.

ultimate guide to convert photo to painting

AI is a revolutionary change in the market. It can do a lot. It has made things much simpler and has solutions for everything that consumers are searching for. If we tell you that AI can also let you turn your basic portraits into aesthetic paintings, would you believe it? Well, yes. With just a click, you can enter a virtual art gallery where you can have your own paintings. Read further to learn how you can use AI to turn your image into a beautiful painting.

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  1. How to Convert Photo to Painting With FaceMod?
  2. Top 5 Painting Styles To Turn Photos Into Paintings

How to Convert Photo to Painting With FaceMod?

It takes time and work to create a truly remarkable masterpiece of art. However, with the FaceMod AI tool, you can now bring out the artist in you. Whether you want to improve an already-existing image or want to produce a painting despite your lack of experience, FaceMod's AI tool can do it for you.

Supported by the most recent AI technologies, FaceMod enables you to create spectacular artwork in just a few clicks. 's FaceMod software helps you generate amazing oil paintings from your favorite photos. With cutting-edge AI technologies and various presets, you can instantly transform images with a swipe.

The high-resolution output gives you an impressive portrait. It has sophisticated features that allow users to create their desired output. Whether you are an amateur or professional enthusiast, FaceMod offers a smooth experience to produce classic digital works of art.

Below mentioned are a few features offered by the AI image generators:

Various Templates to Choose From

Explore the various templates or presets available on FaceMod. These options let you turn your image into a painting. Whether you want a scenic background or a specific style of a famous painter, just click on your desired template or upload one to create the magic.


The camera may occasionally catch a moment, but the quality may not be what you were hoping for. In that instance, modifying the image to improve its quality can alter its overall appearance. This function enables you to create an artistically beautiful image, regardless of whether you desire a colorful abstract or a pop of color.

Smooth Downloading Option

You only need to click once to save your artwork with FaceMod. FaceMod has taken great steps to minimize wait times and friction throughout the image/video download process, making the product easy to use and comfortable for users.

The FaceMod AI toolbox simplifies the process regardless of your level of experience. With only a tap, FaceMod allows you to unleash your creativity and do everything from face swapping to creating creative portraits to dressing up as your favorite celebrity.

Step-by-step guide to start using the tool:

FaceMod is very easy to use, making the art-making process effortless. With just three steps, you can create professional-looking paintings.

  • Step 1: Upload the Photo

To swap your photo according to an AI portrait style, you need to navigate to the "AI Portrait" section on the left.

go to facemod official website and select generate image now
  • Step 2: Choose The Painting You Want To Convert Your Image Into

Once you upload the media, explore the various presets available on the FaceMod tool and select the one you like. Click “Generate” to swap the face with any portrait or painting.

scroll through the options available
  • Step 3: Save the Result

Once you get your desired results, you can preview your painting and click on the “Download” option to download it. That’s all it takes to create art!

Top 5 Painting Styles To Turn Photos Into Paintings

Paintings come in different styles and colors. From sketch painting, cartoon painting, and pop art painting to watercolor painting, FaceMod offers you various options to produce original artwork combined with the creativity of the AI. With this, users can experiment with different styles and features to create visually stunning paintings.

Here are the top painting styles to turn your images into paintings

Sketch Painting

When it comes to drawing, many of us are total amateurs. But not anymore! The sketch painting option allows you to create realistic sketches of your own portrait. You don't need to really sketch out your image to obtain a pencil sketch of it. With the use of an AI image generation tool, your image will appear to have authentic pencil drawings added to it.

creating paintings with ai

Cartoon Painting

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a renowned character or how you would look as one, you only need to use an AI image generator to transform your photo into your favorite cartoon character. This will allow you to relive your best memories from childhood. Skip the hassle and convert your image into a cartoon painting; all you have to do is select your preferred cartoon using the cartoon painting option.

Pop Art Painting

An out-of-the-box painting away from the actual colors creates magic, especially when it is displayed on a canvas. Getting a painting with a bright pop and play of colors can burn down a hole in your pocket. However, the pop art feature available on FaceMod allows you to get your hands on a brilliantly made piece of art just like an expert artist.

Oil Painting

This amazing AI tool mimics the texture and brushwork of classic oil paintings, so you can get the ideal oil painting impression on your portraits or vintage landscapes. Skip this expensive and time-consuming affair and transform your normal image using AI to convert a photo into a painting tool that can turn it into a realistic oil painting.

Watercolor Painting

Do you want to quickly and easily transform a snapshot into a watercolor masterpiece? Turn the laborious task over to the AI tools. All it takes is a single click to let this tool's clever technology turn your image from a plain photo into a work of art right before your eyes. The watercolor painting feature allows you to turn your portraits into vibrant landscapes.

ai face swap tool


If you are looking to add vibrant hues, contrasting colors, and classic styles, then transforming your image into a majestic art painting using AI tools can be the best option for you. Bring delight to your eyes if you wish to see brilliant artwork using FaceMod's AI to convert a photo into a painting tool.

With FaceMod, you can add richness and depth to your image. By including some color splashes, your image can look more lively and realistic. With just a few clicks, you can get a realistic painting as you have always desired. Try now!

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Apr 22, 24
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