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5 Tools to Add Facial Hair to Your Photo

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 20, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

There’s a saying that facial hair is a man’s makeup. They can completely change your appearance–either for a good or not-so-good outcome. Instead of gambling on growing out facial hair only to realize it's not the look you were aiming for, why not try adding it digitally first?

There are many face beard editors online these days. By using digital tools, you can try out different looks without any risk, and you see the results right away. Whether you're thinking about a full beard, a cool mustache, or just some stubble, these tools let you experiment without committing to anything.

In this article, we will explore a few of the digital tools that you can use to add facial hair to your photo.

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Part 1. Facial Hair Photo Editor Available Online

1. Media.io Online Beard Filter

The first on the list is the Media.io online beard filter. The Media.io AI Beard Generator is an easy-to-use online tool that adds beards to your photos without the need to download anything. This tool uses smart AI, which allows them to find the best spot for the beard on your face, so you don't have to adjust it yourself.

media.io online beard filter
  • Offers unique and fun features like age filters, changing genders, adding glasses or smiles, and more
  • Have AI systems automatically adjust the beard position on your face
  • You need to make an account and log in to give it a try
  • You need the size of your photo below 10MB and the resolution under 6000x4000

2. Pincel Blog

Another tool on the list is Pincel Blog. Also known as Pincel AI, this tool gives an easy way to add facial hairs to your photos in a snap. Pincel AI uses a brush and text input to add your facial hair to photos. It works on mobile and desktop devices, so you can edit anywhere.

pincel blog’s website homepage
  • Gives instant results
  • Offer a text prompt to specify the kind of beard you want
  • You need to brush the beard manually
  • Some users find it hard to use

3. Facetache

Next, we have Facetache. With Facetache beard face editor, you can experiment with various beard styles and apply them to your photos instantly. You can just upload your photo, select your preferred beard style, and see your image change in seconds.

facetache’s website homepage
  • Easy to use. You only need to drag the beard to your photo
  • Offers multiple styles of facial hairs
  • You need to adjust the beard manually
  • Looks unnatural

4. Fotor Beard Filter

Another option you can try is Fotor Beard Filter. Just upload your photo, and the Fotor beard filter will add a beard for you using AI. By using the Fotor beard filter, you can try on different beard styles whether it's stubble, full beard, French fork, or shaven looks.

fotor beard’s filter website homepage
  • Provides diverse tools for editing facial hair in your photos
  • The results look realistic
  • Occasionally experiences lag on the website
  • Some users may find it too complex to navigate

5. Perfect Corp

Lastly, there is the Perfect Corp facial hair photo editor, a free website to add facial hair to your photo. Similar to Facetache, Perfect Corp offers a preset style of beard and facial hair for you to try. With this innovative tool, you can upload your photo and experiment with the provided beard options in just a few clicks.

perfect corp’s website homepage
  • Simple and easy to use
  • The facial hairs add automatically to your photo
  • Offers limited options for facial hair
  • Some users find occasional lag or technical glitches on the website

Comparative Analysis

Each of the five tools mentioned has its strengths and weaknesses, including factors like price, variety of facial hair options, and how realistic the beard looks in your photo. Your choice depends on what you want to achieve or the type of beard you prefer. To help you decide, we have included comparative tables for these five tools:

Free Trial Pricing Variation of Facial Hair Naturalness
Media.io Yes US$7.42/month Plenty of variations High
Pincel Blog Yes US$19/month Lack of variations Moderate
Facetache Yes Plenty of variations Low
Fotor Beard Filter Yes US$3.99/month Moderate High
Perfect Corp Yes Lack of Variations High

Part 2. How Facial Hair Can Change Your Appearance

If you have tried any of the five tools mentioned above, you may have noticed that facial hair can greatly change how we look and feel. Whether it's adding masculinity or maturity, it can alter our appearance in many ways. Whether it's a bold beard, a sleek mustache, or just a bit of stubble, facial hair lets us express ourselves and shape how others see us.

In this section, we will explore how facial hair can significantly alter your appearance in various ways:

1. Age perception

I'm sure you've often heard people saying that a beard can make someone look rugged and mature, while a clean shave can give off a youthful and polished vibe. And it's not just talk. Have a look at these two photos below—they give off different vibes, don't they? The young man now certainly looks much older! A well-groomed beard or stubble indeed adds masculinity, giving the face a more rugged or mature appearance.

beard makes you look more mature

2. Change face shape

Facial hair can change how your face looks by giving it a different shape. For example, a beard can make a round face look longer and more angular, while it can make a narrow face look wider and more balanced. This lets people customize their appearance to match what they like and how they see themselves. For proof, you can see and compare yourself in the two photos below.

beard can change your face shape

3. Boost confidence

Facial hair is not just about looks; it can also boost confidence, especially for those who feel insecure about their facial features. It acts like a shield, hiding imperfections like acne or scars, so people feel more comfortable in social situations. Plus, it can distract from insecurities, letting people focus on their strengths instead.

beard can boost your confidence

Part 3. Tips for Choosing the Right Facial Hair Style

As mentioned earlier, facial hair can significantly change your appearance and how you feel. It can even alter the shape of your face. Therefore, it's important to choose the right facial hair style carefully. It involves understanding your face shape, considering your hair growth, and more. But don’t worry—we have prepared a simple guide to help you find the perfect style:

1. Know your face shape

Understanding your face shape is crucial in determining the most flattering facial hair style for you. Here are the main face shapes and corresponding styles:

  • Oval: Most styles work well. Try full beards, goatees, or clean-shaven.
  • Round: Add definition with fuller chin styles, like a goatee or Van Dyke.
  • Square: Highlight your jawline with shorter sides and a fuller chin, like a circle beard.
  • Rectangular/Oblong: Balance your face with fuller sides and a shorter bottom. Consider mutton chops or a trimmed full beard.
  • Diamond: Soften angular features with fuller cheeks. Try a full beard or stubble.

2. Consider your hair growth

Your natural hair growth pattern and density play a crucial role in determining which facial hairstyles will look best on you. What you need to remember is that it's best to embrace your natural growth and choose a style that highlights your strengths. If you have patchy areas, a full beard might not be ideal. Instead, consider styles like a goatee, designer stubble, or a chin strap to make patchy areas less noticeable.

3. Use online tools

Using online face shape analysis tools can offer a more precise understanding of your face shape. Luckily, other than the AI beard simulator mentioned above, Perfect Corp also offers an AI face shape detector. By using this tool, you can upload a photo, and the tool will determine your face shape and recommend facial hair styles that complement it.

perfect corp ai shape detector

Bonus: Change Your Appearance Instantly with AI

Aside from editing your facial hair with the facial hair photo editors we have listed above, you can also use AI to change your appearance and style in seconds. Fortunately, we have the perfect alternative for you!

FaceHub is an AI-powered tool that allows you to experiment with your photo, whether face swapping your face, generating your photo in a cartoon style, or turning your ordinary photo into different styles.

With FaceHub AI Portrait, you can go beyond just adding facial hair to your photo. It offers tons of options ranging from casual photos, business photos, and even 80's style! Whether you want a rugged or polished look, you can try different styles and looks in seconds. Here is how:

Step 1. Open FaceHub AI Portrait tool

Visit FaceHub AI Portrait’s website and choose "Generate Portrait Now"

Get Started Online

safe visit100% safe & secure
FaceHub’s website homepage

Step 2. Choose your preferred styles

FaceHub AI offers a variety of portrait styles, including sports photos, ID photos, and even 30’s and 80’s styles, for both men and women. From these options, pick one that you would like to generate for your photo. For example, we'll use the 80's style.

various styles from FaceHub ai portrait

Step 3. Upload your photo

There will be samples provided as a reference and if you don’t want to use your face. To upload your photo, simply choose "My Face" and click on the "Add Face" button.

upload your photo

Step 4. Generate your photo

Once your photo is uploaded, you can select it and click on the "Generate" button. It will only take a few seconds for your photo to be generated.

generate your photo

Step 5. Download your photo

Once your photos are generated, you will have immediate access to four download options. To create additional photos in the same style, just click the "More Portraits" button.

download your photo

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In conclusion, facial hair can dramatically transform your appearance, adding masculinity, maturity, or a touch of personal flair. Instead of committing to a new look without knowing how it will turn out, you can use a facial hair photo editor to experiment first.

The five beard editors mentioned offer various features, from different styles to realistic looks, helping you find the perfect match for your face shape and personal preferences. Additionally, with FaceHub AI Portrait, you can explore a wide range of styles beyond facial hair, from casual to professional or even retro looks. These tools allow you to see instant results and confidently choose the style that best suits you.

Get Started Online

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  • 1. Are these tools easy to use, or do they require advanced editing skills?
    The tools in the article are easy to use, with simple interfaces and intuitive controls. You don't need advanced skills, just some basic knowledge of photo editing software.
  • 2. Can facial hair be edited onto a woman's photo?
    The tools in the article are easy to use, with simple interfaces and intuitive controls. You don't need advanced skills, just some basic Yes! Although these tools are mainly for men who want to try different beard styles, anyone can use them. Adding facial hair to a woman's photo can be a fun way to try new looks and be creative, no matter your gender.
  • 3. Can I try these tools for free before purchasing?
    Many of the tools mentioned in the article offer free trials or basic versions with limited features, allowing you to edit a beard face online before committing to a purchase. It lets you explore their capabilities and determine if they meet your needs before investing in the full version.
  • 4. How can I optimize the results when adding facial features to my photo?
    For the best results when adding facial features to your photo, make sure the lighting matches. Pick features that suit the face's shape and size. Try various styles and colors for a natural look. Also, watch out for details like shadows and texture to improve the final image.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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