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Make A Vintage 80s Photos of Yourself with 1980s Portrait Generator

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published Apr 22, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

The 1980s brought us iconic fashion staples like shoulder pads, neon colors, and polka dots. Fashion trends from past decades tend to resurface, and some 80s fashion styles may become trendy again in 2024.

However, not everyone can effortlessly pull off any trendy fashion style just because it gains popularity. But don't worry! You can use tools like an AI portrait generator to create 80's vintage photos and find your perfect match for 80s styling.

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Part 1: Understanding the Unique Style of 1980s Vintage Photo

You could easily recognize the 1980s fashion trends from its "power dressing" style. Looking back at vintage photos from the 80s, you'll notice bold fashion choices from head to toe.

Big hair is one of the essential fashion trends, with perms and big accessories being used. Muted colors are not a choice in this era, and neon colors are the top choice everywhere. A sporty look with neon-colored spandex is also a staple. Polka dots and popping print patterns are other popular trends during the 80s. Meanwhile, the denim and leather jacket style might be the biggest trend for men.

The 80s trends can easily be spotted in the era's biggest stars. Madonna, for example, often showed up with wild hair and bright colors. The superstar also popularized bright skirts, neon big hair bows, and neon leggings. Princess Diana, the most famous royalty in the 1980s, also often sported a big hairstyle with perms. The British princess loved wearing polka-dot skirts. Her famous animal print swimsuit also inspired many women back then.

The 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson, cannot be excluded from discussing the 1980s fashion icons. His black-and-white leather jacket became so iconic that it even sold for a hundred thousand dollars later in an auction.


These days, many still love the 80s fashion styles and dress the way some of the superstars did back then. Fashion enthusiasts can look for 80s-style inspiration on social media. Accounts like @80s_fashion on X are dedicated to sharing vintage 80s pictures as a tribute to the decade's fashion icons and culture. The Bagels is one of the icons they spotlighted. This American girl band was known for their voluminous hair with perms, perfectly encapsulating the essence of 80s fashion!

Part 2: How to Use Portrait Generator to Make your 80s vintage photo

Still, even though you know the key fashion trends, choosing the right style for yourself can be challenging. Everyone possesses unique facial features, skin tones, and body types, rendering not every fashion style universally flattering.

Fortunately, in this digital age, AI and digital tools like FaceHub have an AI portrait generator that can make styling much easier! With this app, you can easily find your 80s aesthetics without spending money on buying different trendy fashion items. It is also very time efficient as switching between the various clothes and hairpieces is unnecessary.

FaceHub AI Portrait is a versatile tool that can transform photos into various themes, including vintage 80s photos. You can review which style suits you by matching your pictures with different 80s key fashion styles.

For those unfamiliar with this platform, here is a step-by-step guide you can follow!

Step 1: Go to the FaceHub AI Portrait website

Start by visiting the FaceHub AI Portrait website and click "Generate Portrait Now".


Get Started Online

Step 2: Log in to your account.

If you don't have an account, you can input your email address and password and create an account first.


Step 3: Select the 80s template on the AI Portrait tool

Once you've logged in, you'll be able to see and use various styles and templates freely offered by the FaceHub. First, select either the male or female option and click "Try Now" in the vintage photos 80s category.


Step 3: Generate your picture

To find out your best 80s styling, pick your best self-portrait and upload it to the platform by clicking "Add Face" under "My Face". Make sure the photo shows you clearly for the best results! Click "Generate" and let the magic work.


Step 4: Download the generated photo

After completing the process, you will get an AI-generated picture of yourself with 80s styling. You can download all of your vintage 80s photos at once or click the download icon at each photo.


Step 5: Try with different 1980s templates

Next, you can experiment with the platform's vintage photos from the 1980s templates to see which suits you best. Click the "Generate" button to regenerate your photo into more different styles.

Part 3: Bonus: How to Dress Like the 80s

You can style your hair, make-up, tops, bottoms, and accessories to achieve a complete 80s look. But you can also just opt for one or two statement pieces to add a subtle nod to the era without going full-on 80s. After all, fashion is a liberty!

But, for some who are still confused about how to dress like the 80s. Here is a guide for the fashion enthusiasts!

Step 1: Hairstyles

The big hairstyle is certainly a key point for an 80s fashion style. Both men and women can style their hair with permed and teased locks. You can also crimp or curl your hair to get that voluminous hair. Remember to use a hairspray to sustain this big hair look.


Step 2: Makeup

Don't be shy about your make-up either. Apply bright eyeshadow, bold eyeliner, and dark or fluorescent lipstick to go full 80s fashion. For the finishing touch, you can do some neon nail polish.


Step 3: Tops and bottoms

The first important thing to remember is "go bold"! Wear contrasting neon colors, polka dots, or animal prints for your top and bottom clothes! A loose shirt with fitted spandex pants is one of the top choices to get that 80s vintage pictures vibes. You can also layer your outfit with a denim or leather jacket as a cherry on top.

Step 4: Accessories

You should also go big on accessories to create a more dramatic look. Put on big sunglasses with bright-colored rims, which were very popular in the 80s. You can also wear a neon-colored sweatband for a more sporty vibe. If you want to feel like a diva, you can also wear fingerless gloves, which Madonna popularized back then.



The "power styling" from the 1980s brought us many iconic trends like big hair and neon clothes. This era has birthed many fashion icons like Princess Diana, from which many still take inspiration.

For those who want to try the 80s styling, finding the trends that actually fit you can be hard. Thankfully, you can virtually dress yourself in vintage 80s-style photos with FaceHub AI Portrait. You can create 80s pictures with your face and find your best style.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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