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Top 10 Clean Shave Filter Online That You Should Try

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published Apr 28, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Ever wish you could change your facial hair with a click? Whether you are itching to see what you’d look like with a clean-shaven face or aren’t ready to commit to a razor. Whether it's for a professional profile pic, experimenting with styles, or just plain fun, clean shave filters have the solution!

This guide will introduce you to the top 10 clean-shave or no-beard filters online that allow you to get the look that you need — be it for a polished professional appearance, trying new styles, or simply having some lighthearted fun. Need a powerful filter that allows you to get all these different clean-shave looks from a single app? Look no further – this guide will also introduce you to the best clean-shave filter tool – FaceHub AI.

In this article
    1. Perfect Corp. AI Beard Simulator: (Free, Easy to Use)
    2. Fotor No Beard Filter: (Free with limited access)
    3. Pixlr's Healing Brush and Clone Stamp: (Free, Moderate Difficulty)
    4. CutOut Pro: (Paid, Easy-to-use)
    5. Picsart Photo Effect (Free with limitations, Paid for Advanced Features)
    6. Befunky's Touch Up Tools: (Free, Targeted Editing)
    7. Media.io: (Free, Basic to Cartoonish Results)
    8. Photoshop Online (Photoshop Express Editor)
    9. FixThePhoto: (Paid, Professional-Level Edits)
    10. Makeup.Pho.to Online Retouch
    1. Why FaceHub Excels
    2. Here’s How to Get a Clean Shave Using FreeMod:

Part 1: What Is A Clean Shave Filter?

A clean shave filter uses image editing or artificial intelligence (AI) to remove your beard from a photo and give you a virtually clean-shaven appearance. Think of them as your virtual razor that requires no shaving cream!

clean shave filter

Part 2: How Does Clean Shave Filter Work

While the specifics vary from app to app, here’s how the clean-shave filters work:

  • Facial Analysis: These filters use advanced technology to scan your image and identify your unique facial features. Once identified, it pinpoints the exact location and growth pattern of your beard.
  • Beard Removal: The best filters just don’t erase your beard. The AI meticulously simulates the act of shaving and removes hair while accounting for the natural contours of your face.

While this is limited only to some filters — expect the best filters to go beyond beard removal. For instance, the FaceHub AI uses advanced AI technology to analyze your skin texture, tone, and even subtle imperfections — ensuring the shaved area blends flawlessly and the photo looks natural.

Part 3: The Top 10 Clean Shave Filter Online

1. Perfect Corp. AI Beard Simulator: (Free, Easy to Use)

perfect corp clean shave filter

Specializing in augmented reality and artificial intelligence, Perfect Corp. is a digital cosmetic solution — digital makeup, clean shave, and other grooming options. You can both take a photo instantly or upload an existing photo to try the filters. Perfect Corp. AI technology then accurately maps the uploaded photo—like contours of your jawline, cheeks, and chin. You can then select a beard style (or clean shave style) to realistically superimpose the filter onto your face. You can also tweak the thickness, length, and color (in case you want to keep a light beard) and customize the photo for a personalized look.

2. Fotor No Beard Filter: (Free with limited access)

An online photo editor that also features an array of AI-powered tools, Fotor’s No Beard filter is a fun and convenient way to visualize yourself without facial hair. Like Perfect Corp., you can upload a photo or take a selfie directly within the Fotor editor. Its AI technology scans your images and identifies the areas of your face with beard growth.

fotor no beard clean shave filter

What I like the most about Fotor is that filters also smoothen your skin and subtly adjust the facial contours to give you a more natural, clean-shaven look. But note that the quality of the result depends on the complexity of your beard and the lightning conditions of the original photo. However, if you need to remove a beard from a photo that has simple stubble or shorter beards — Fotor has the perfect filter for you.

3. Pixlr's Healing Brush and Clone Stamp: (Free, Moderate Difficulty)

Pixlr powerful editing tools can be harnessed to achieve a beard-free look – perfect for those with some photo editing experience.

The healing brush works like a magic wand that analyzes the area around your beard, sampling textures and colors. You just have to "paint" over your beard with the Healing Brush, and Pixlr will seamlessly blend it into your existing skin tone, creating a clean-shaven illusion. For more precise control, the Clone Stamp lets you copy a perfect patch of smooth skin and "stamp" it over your beard area. However, this tool requires a bit more finesse, as selecting the right source area is crucial for a natural-looking result.

pixlr clean shave filter

Keep in mind that Pixlr's tools may not be as powerful as some dedicated photo editing software, especially when dealing with complex beards or busy backgrounds. However, for a manual and effective solution, Pixlr's Healing Brush and Clone Stamp offer a fantastic free, browser-based option to apply a clean shave filter.

4. CutOut Pro: (Paid, Easy-to-use)

cutout pro clean shave filter

CutOut Pro delivers impeccable results for removing facial hair, and gives you a realistic clean-shave look. Whether you have stubble, a short beard, or a full-on lumberjack look, Cutout.pro erases it with precision. CutOut’s AI technology analyzes your image and replaces removed objects with a realistic blend, making edits virtually invisible. Additionally, it features a user-friendly interface that allows even beginners photo editors to modify their photos easily.

5. Picsart Photo Effect (Free with limitations, Paid for Advanced Features)

picsart photo effect clean shave filter

Picsart Photo Effect is another powerful AI-driven tool that offers creative possibilities for reducing the appearance of facial hair. You can experiment with the Enhance feature on photos with beards. It can sometimes reduce facial hair while restoring clarity and detail to the overall image. This effect might work best with simpler beards or grainy vintage photos. Or you can try gentle blurring and smoothing effects to soften the appearance of facial hair. This works well for stubble or lighter beards. However, note that achieving a realistic clean shave look requires experimentation.

6. Befunky's Touch Up Tools: (Free, Targeted Editing)

befunky clean shave filter

Befunky's "Touch Up" section offers tools for targeted beard reduction and skin smoothing. Furthermore, you can experiment with these for a more customized approach:

  • Spot Heal: Allows you to erase stray hairs and minor beard patches. This tool is fast and easy for simple edits.
  • Blemish Fix: This tool works best on stubble or patchy areas, softening the texture of your beard for a smoother look.
  • Clone Tool (Advanced): For maximum control, the Clone Tool lets you copy areas of smooth skin and "paint" them over parts of your beard. While powerful, the Clone tool requires some practice to get a natural effect on your photo.

7. Media.io: (Free, Basic to Cartoonish Results)

media.io clean shave filter

Many people might know Media.io for adding beards, but it can also help you take a lighter approach! Media.io's "Face Shave" feature offers a fun way to experiment with a beard-free look in your photos. But note that this feature isn't designed for professional-grade clean-shaven edits. The most intense setting might give you a slightly cartoonish result. On the other hand, lower settings can provide a decent beard reduction and soften your facial hair, and offer a glimpse of what you might look like without it. If you're looking for a lighthearted way to transform your photos, the Media.io’s Face Shave feature is a great choice!

8. Photoshop Online (Photoshop Express Editor)

photoshop express clean shave filter

While not specifically designed for beard removal, Photoshop Express Online's selective edit tool, powered by AI, you can manually remove a beard using tools like the "Spot Healing Brush" or "Clone Stamp Tool.”, you might be surprised at how well the AI can remove facial hair while restoring clarity and detail to the overall image. The free version offers limited processing compared to the full version of Photoshop, may require some learning curve for beginners, but the paid plan is required if you want an enhanced higher quality result.

9. FixThePhoto: (Paid, Professional-Level Edits)

fixthephoto clean shave filter

FixThePhoto offers professional retouching services, including realistic beard removal and editing — however, you will have to pay for every photo. Unlike other clean shave filters mentioned here, FixThePhoto does not let you work on your photos. Instead, their team of experts do it for you. In all, FixThePhoto allows you to achieve a clean-shaven look that's perfect for both casual and professional photos. With FixThePhoto, you describe the specific look you want, whether it's a completely clean-shaven appearance, a touch of subtle stubble, or anything in between. The process is simple:

  • Upload your photo
  • Specify your desired edits
  • Receive your professionally retouched image

10. Makeup.Pho.to Online Retouch

makeup.pho.to clean shave filter

While not a dedicated beard removal tool, Makeup.Pho.to offers an “Automatic Retouch'' feature that can soften and reduce the appearance of facial hair. However, it only works best on lighter beards and stubble. Overall, Makeup.Pho.to is best for quick edits and experimentation.

Bonus: Best Clean Shave Filter AI Tool [100% Work]

If you're looking for the most realistic and technologically advanced clean-shave filter available, FaceHub's AI solution is an absolute must-try. Here’s what you have to know:


FaceHub utilizes cutting-edge AI models designed specifically for in-depth facial analysis and producing convincingly smooth, hairless appearance — that go far beyond what the above apps can achieve. Once you upload the photo, it pinpoints the exact contours of your face and the nuances of your beard growth – down to the finest hair.

The AI doesn't merely erase your beard. It will meticulously account for the unique angles and textures of your specific face — resulting in a stunningly natural clean-shaven look. Additionally, FaceHub's AI is trained replicates your individual skin texture, tone, and even subtle details like pores — so, the shaven area blends seamlessly with your surrounding skin and gives you incredible levels of realism.

Why FaceHub Excels

  • Unmatched Detail: In my testing, FaceHub consistently produces the most natural and convincing beard removal results. It really gets down to the details and preserves every subtle nuance of your skin for a flawless shave result. Every subtle nuance of your skin is preserved for a flawless digital shave.
  • Professional Potential: If you're considering a clean-shaven look for a job interview, portfolio, or simply professional curiosity — FaceHub provides unparalleled accuracy and believability.

Here’s How to Get a Clean Shave Using FreeMod:

Step 1: click the button below to generate AI images.

Get Started Online

safe Download100% safe & secure

Step 2: Upload Your Photo:

  • Look for the "Upload Image" option.
  • Choose a well-lit photo where your beard is clearly visible.
FaceHub upload image

Step 3: Apply Clean-shaven effects by face swapping

FaceHub remove beard
  • Choose from the available templates made for clean-shaven effects or beard editing.
FaceHub templates
  • Or, upload a photo of you without a beard to swap your face.
  • Click on “Swap” to allow the AI to process your image.

Once satisfied with the preview, download your transformed image.


Whether you need a glimpse of a beard-free you or a professional-looking photo for job interviews — the above clean-shave filters allow you to match your needs. If you want a powerful and versatile powerhouse — FaceHub AI definitely takes the prize. Given it offers a range of beard editing and face-altering features and uses advanced analysis, it will make the clean-shave transformation realistic and natural.

Get Started Online

safe Download100% safe & secure


  • What is the AI for removing beards?
    Several AI-powered technologies are used in beard removal apps and software. These include:
    Facial Recognition AI: Analyze your image to pinpoint the exact location and shape of your beard.
    Image Inpainting AI: "Fills in" the area where your beard was — using information from surrounding skin texture and colors for a seamless look.
    Generative AI: Advanced tools like FaceHub use generative models to realistically adjust your face shape and skin tone for an even more convincing clean-shaven appearance.
  • Is there a filter that shows you clean shaven?
    Yes, there are many apps and software that offer filters specifically designed to give you a preview of a clean-shaved look. Of course, the best tool to apply a clean shave filter is FaceHub. You can also use Fotor, Picsart, and other filters mentioned in the list.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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