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Want to Create Free AI Images? Learn How!

Are you truly staying current with the trend as a creator if you haven't explored AI imagery? Awaken your artistic spirits with these free AI image generators.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published Jan 29, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Artificial intelligence was supposed to enhance human efficiency but went beyond that. While streamlining tasks, it started acquiring human speech and creational abilities. This became the core of free AI image generators.

Not only this, but you can also even turn your images into AI images and portraits. Some of the best free AI image generators use image references to process user commands. This article will teach you all about AI-generated images free, the tools, and the alternatives.

  1. Part 1: Putting Some Light on How AI Has Integrated into Photo Generation?
    1. 1. Canva
    2. 2. Picsart
    3. 3. Wepik
  2. Part 3: Deepfake Technology: An Alternative to AI Image Generation?
  3. Part 4: FaceHub: A Practical Deepfake Application

Part 1: Putting Some Light on How AI Has Integrated into Photo Generation?

A person only deals with prompts and enhancement settings when using a free image generator AI. Nonetheless, there are multiple algorithms working at the back end that make an AI image. These generators are integrated with GANs and VAEs that work as facial architects. Both neural network types result in realistic and probable imagery according to input.

Then come the vast training datasets and deep learning techniques to capture and create patterns and styles. These are like an artist’s style guide, helping it coordinate and collaborate with existing ideas to create new ones. Afterward, CNNs ensure diversity in features or patterns to avoid repetitions.

The AI that creates images uses progressive techniques to refine the AI images by quality or visuals. Furthermore, AI with cloud computing capabilities can diversify their assets. When all of this collectively develops an AI image tool, there are two ways to provide input. It can be either the prompt section that uses words or the image upload option to take inspiration from.

Upon generating results, many free AI image creators provide custom options. This gives them options to modify resolution, aspect ratio, colors, styles, and more. At the end, there is a feedback section that enables developers to keep users in the loop. It helps design and optimize AI image algorithms for realistic and HD results.

Part 2: Create Exceptional AI Images Using Free Generators

The internet is flooded with AIs that create images, and it becomes hard to select one. This section will ease the selection process for you by providing perks of some top tools:

1. Canva

Canva is one of the professional grade-free AI image makers that turn your ideas into reality. Its extended creational abilities result from collaboration with Magic Media, DALL-E, and Imagen. Furthermore, it enables several responses, each with distinct styles to choose from.

  • ● Adjust the lighting, exposure, and other elements of your images with its image enhancer.
  • ● Take your creativity game up a notch and apply effects and filters to your images.
  • ● This free AI image generator hides the good stuff for paid users.

Steps to Create an AI Image with Canva

Step 1: Once you have accessed the Canva AI image generator, hit the "Generate AI Images" button. Continue next to set up a new design canvas for generating AI images. In the pop-up section, click "Custom" and select the appropriate aspect ratio for the process.

start creating a new design

Step 2: Upon reaching the main interface, navigate towards the left and add a prompt. Swipe down to select style and aspect ratio and hit "Generate image."

add prompt to generate on canva

Step 3: Once the progress is completed, you can see your image on the left panel. Bring it to the main screen for editing if needed, and hit the "Share" button at the top right corner to download it.

export final generated canva image

2. Picsart

Turn your thoughts into a vibrant reality with this free AI generator image. The tool creates realistic results with multiple responses depending on your style choice. It has hundreds of style options, a simple interface, and a prompt section to comprehend and create accurately.

  • ● You can generate images with AI free in 8K high resolution and amazing texture.
  • ● Choose your preferred image size from 3 built-in options: square, portrait, and landscape.
  • ● The first few creations are free, and afterward, you have to choose a plan.

Steps to Create an AI Image with Picsart

Step 1: Upon reaching Picsart free AI image creator page, hit the “Generate” button.

proceed to generate on picsart

Step 2: In its editing interface, navigate towards the left and add a description of the image. Afterward, select a style by swiping it down and hit "Generate images." Once the image has been created, choose it and bring it to canvas.

add prompt and set style

Step 3: From the upper right corner, hit the “Export” button and save your image.

export final picsart image

3. Wepik

Turn words into amazing visuals and share them on social platforms to showcase these images. It stylizes images with custom choices and realistic, 3D, and multiple styles. The AI is developed on modern algorithms and automatically follows textual requests.

  • ● The process of creating an AI image with WEPIK is a simple add-and-generate process.
  • ● It has 10+ AI image styles, including 3D, Anime, Digital Art, and more.
  • ● It provides 50 credits upon login, after which you'll need to buy credits to create.

Steps to Create an AI Image with WEPIK

Step 1: Upon reaching the tool online, add a prompt, set style, and click “Generate.”

add prompt on wepik

Step 2: On its AI Image Editor page, you'll find many responses. Afterward, hit the “Download All” or a specific image “Download” button to save it.

download required generated image

Part 3: Deepfake Technology: An Alternative to AI Image Generation?

The free AI image generators online are not just confined to prompt-based generation. However, image AI extends its applications to deepfake technology. There are generally two methods to generate AI images using deepfake algorithms. The first one involves providing AI with some samples, and it clones the face based on them. Afterward, you can use the cloned face for any purpose.

While this is more accurate, the process takes time and doesn't fall under normal price ranges. As an alternative to AI cloning, there is AI face swap technology. It also incorporates deepfake AI analysis to only swap faces. This technology has vast applications, as you can swap a face on any image.

Part 4: FaceHub: A Practical Deepfake Application

Since deepfake technology overpowers AI image generators online for free, it is necessary for content. Wondershare FaceHub integrates it as an integral part of its functionality. It has a high-definition AI that performs deep face analysis for precise face swaps. The tool displays an ambiguous and minimal user interface with dark contrasts.

This dark theme enables users to have a better understanding of content editing. Furthermore, there are brilliant built-in model faces to swap with. Users can also upload a custom face in the “Choose your own face” section.


Get Started Online

Key Features

1. Creates a premium user experience with an ad-free website and watermark-free outputs.

2. This AI that creates images also assists in AI video creation with built-in templates.

3. You can access your AI content in the "My Work" corner.

Steps To Create an AI Faceswap Image With FaceHub

As discussed before, FaceHub manifests a plain interface designed to assist beginners. Here is the step-by-step guide to creating a face swap image with this:

Step 1: Upload a Source Image

From the official website of FaceHub, access the “Faceswap” tab from the upper bar. Afterward, click the “Upload” button and upload an image.

upload media content on FaceHub

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Step 2: Face Selection and Identification

Once the image has been uploaded, access the face swap option from the right side. Afterward, upload the face you want to swap the source image with and click "Swap."

select face to swap

Step 3: Download the AI Image

Once your image has been created, you'll be redirected to a new page. From there, navigate towards the bottom and hit the "Downward Arrow" icon.

download final image on FaceHubs


This article discussed how free AI image generators operate and how you can create content with them. While these creators offer diverse creative opportunities, deepfake's realism overpowers them. Therefore, FaceHub is a top choice for creating face swap images. Visit its website to create content effortlessly and efficiently.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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