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Photo to Art AI: A Comprehensive Overview

Step outside the ordinary and transform your images into art. Read this article to learn about the tools and techniques involved in photo-to-art AI.
Facemod Originally published Jan 29, 24, updated Apr 11, 24

Photo-to-art AI generators redefine the boundaries between technology and artistic expression. These are AI-integrated tools that facilitate art generation by manipulating visuals. They can transform your images into varied styles like anime, 3D, cartoon, painting, and more.

Photos to art AI can be one of your loopholes in generating unique and artistic content. Let's dive into this article to review some of these tools, their requirements, and an AI alternative that outsmarts all.

  1. Part 1. What Factors Should a Reference Photo Fulfil in AI Image Generation?
    1. 1. Cutout.pro – AI Art Generator
    2. 2. OpenArt AI
    3. 3. Pica AI – AI Art Generator
    4. 4. Artguru – Photo to Art AI
  2. Bonus Part. Make Photo Generation Easy With Deepfake Technology - Using FaceMod

Part 1. What Factors Should a Reference Photo Fulfil in AI Image Generation?

Image-to-art AI tools use photos as input, which is important to fulfill the input requirements. Although most images qualify for transformation, some factors ensure the maximum outcome. The below section will discuss some image aspects that help in achieving proficient results:

1. HD Resolution and Clarity

A high-resolution image is integral to the photo art AI process as it captures perfection. For instance, it accurately covers the facials, locations, scenes, or products. Furthermore, it is better to upload a clear and unedited image. By unedited, it means avoiding uploading high-contrast or blurry images.

2. Relevant Pose and Expressions

It is important to remember that you are importing the relevant image as a reference. Therefore, it should include everything that you desire to see in the image in an AI-generated photo. The uploaded image should have a stylish right pose while showcasing expressions

3. Upload Diverse Images

The text-to-art AI tools are trained on millions of image data to cater to user's requirements. Nevertheless, it is advised to upload multiple reference images for precise results. This enables AI to capture the essence of images: color, style, facials, and locations.

4. Style Consistency and Neutral Backgrounds

If you want a specific style, make sure to upload images consistently. This means uploading images taken at the same location with similar backgrounds. Plus, you should also consider the size and orientation of images. Furthermore, upload an image with a neutral background so AI can focus more on the important parts.

5. Ethical Boundaries

Transforming your images to art AI is acceptable; however, it doesn't violate someone else's privacy. This means avoiding uploading someone else's images without consent. It will not only eliminate the risk of hurting others but also save you from copyright allegations.

Part 2. Detailed Overview of Some Top Photo-To-Art AI Tools

Are you exploring the image to art AI technology and want to use some reliable tools? Read the following section to learn about some market competitive tools for that purpose:

1. Cutout. Pro – AI Art Generator

Engage yourself in the creation of unlimited photo-to-art AI creation with Cutout.pro. The tool not only turns real images into art but also provides text-to-image functionality. Furthermore, it has 40 styling options aimed at transforming characters and scenes. Before creation, the tool provides 6 aspect ratio preferences.

cutout.pro ai art generator

  • ● The user interface is light and straightforward, with a one-click generate option.
  • ● This text-to-art AI creates varied art responses from a single prompt.
  • ● The tool is unable to process large files and takes time to generate results.


• Subscription Plan: $0.099/credit (100 credits/month)

• Pay as you go: $0.499/credit (10 credits)

2. OpenArt AI

With this text-to-art AI tool "Image to Image" feature, users can turn any image into art. With its shadowy interface and image personalization options, it aims to achieve perfection. Its ControlNet model operation enables you to redefine the poses in images. Furthermore, the tool also facilitates art generation via prompts.

open art ai interface

  • ● After creation, you can use the “Upscale” button to enhance image resolution.
  • ● There is an “Edit” section in which you can enhance the visuals of your images.
  • ● Its subscription plans are higher than those of other image-to-art AI competitors.


• Starter: $12/month

• Hobbyist: $24/month

• Pro: $56/month

3. Pica AI – AI Art Generator

This image-to-art AI creator provides you with that and more. Pica AI has a range of art styles, including oil paintings, watercolors, sketches, cartoons, and more. Besides image upload, users can also opt for the custom prompt option. The tool also features a preview of the AI image so that users can have an idea.

pica ai art generator from photo

  • ● You can access your photo to art AI images in the "My Creation" tab before export.
  • ● It has an HD mode that can elevate the resolution and clarity of AI art.
  • ● The tool doesn't offer a trial version before venturing for its subscriptions.


• Monthly Plan: $9.99

• Annual Plan: $3.33/month

4. Artguru – Photo to AI Art

Do you prefer paintings and wish to transform your images into them? This photo-to-art AI uses AI integrations to bring out that element and others. Artguru has multiple style options to transform boring images into anime, cyberpunk, sketches, and more. The interface is just an upload and generate functionality, making it easy to generate art.

artguru photo to ai art

  • ● Accessing the image to art AI photos is now more convenient than ever with its "My Creation." Feature.
  • ● Along with portrait styles, it also has scenery styles to stylize destinations.
  • ● Limitation of customization editing options before and after creation.


• Monthly Plan: $9.99

• Annual Plan: $3.33/month

Bonus Part. Make Photo Generation Easy With Deepfake Technology - Using FaceMod

In real-time content generation, these images to art AI lack competition. This is because realistic content is preferred for content generation, especially on social platforms. In contrast, Wondershare FaceMod emerges as a sophisticated online alternative.

It harnesses the powers of advanced deepfake algorithms to perform facial replication. Within FaceMod's face swap interface, a wide array of 24 distinct model features. Additionally, users can upload personal or enterprise images for an amazing, personalized experience.


Get Started Online

Key Features

1. It goes beyond image creation and provides face-swapping for video content.

2. Alongside its primary features, it introduced video templates and Reface Mod.

3. You can navigate effortlessly in its Ad-free interface and create endless masterpieces.

4. The tool lets you enjoy watermark-free exports, ensuring content integrity.

5. Its “My Work” corner saves your creations for 24 hours even if you have not saved them.

Steps To Create AI Faceswap Image With Wondershare FaceMod

Its hassle-free, and the dark-themed interface is a deadly competition for creators. Given below is the comprehensive procedure for operating this image-to-art AI face swap tool:

Step 1: Initiate by Uploading Media

Commence the face swap action by navigating to the "Faceswap" tab on the upper bar. Proceed by selecting the "Upload" option, choose an image for transfer from your device.

upload the source image

Get Started Online

Step 2: Commence AI Faceswap Action

Afterward, wait for the AI identification and navigate towards the right-side options. Choose the "Choose your own face" icon and upload the image of the face you want after the face swap. Afterward, initiate the “Swap” command.

execute swap action

Step 3: Preview and Download the Faceswap Image

Once the face swap image creation is completed, you will be led to a new page. Then, direct your action and click the "Downward Arrow" navigation to save the image.

download your image


In conclusion, users must be familiar with photo-to-art AI technology. The article has explained the basics of developing these AI tools and which ones to go for. Furthermore, if you are looking for a tool that transforms photos through faceswap, use Wondershare FaceMod. Its premium versions can assist in generating precise face swap images and videos.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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