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Top 10 Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps for Every Style

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 10, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

A cartoon avatar is a digital image representing you in a fun, animated style. You often see them as profile pictures on social media or in gaming. Customize them with your hair color, eye style, and even pick an outfit. There are different styles, too, like realistic, anime, or chibi.

If you’re wondering why cartoon avatars are popular, it’s simple! Because they’re easy to design and fun to share with friends. This article will show you the top 10 AI cartoon avatar makers you can use, whether you’re a gamer, a social media butterfly, or just curious.

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In this article
  1. Comparing the Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps
  2. Top Picks: 10 AI Cartoon Avatar Makers

Part I. Comparing the Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Apps

Here’s a quick overview of the top 10 selected cartoon avatar generatoryou should try:

Cartoon Avatar Maker Best for/Use case Supported Platform Price
FaceHub Social media engagement; profile pictures Web browser

Free trial

Subscription starts at $2.33 weekly

AILab Graphic novel Web browser

Free trial

Subscription starts at $9.9 for 50 credits

ToonMe Full body cartoon avatar iOS and Android devices Subscription starts at $1.99 monthly
Pixton Comic avatars Web browser Subscription is at $144 annually
Avatoon Full body 2D cartoon avatar Web browser, Android, and iPhone

Free trial

Artist’s service starts at $39.99

Animaze Streamers, VTubers, and YouTubers Windows desktop

Free trial

Subscription starts at $3.99 monthly

LightX 3D gaming avatar photo Web browser, Android, and iPhone

Free trial

Subscription starts at $5.99 monthly

Plugger.AI 2D and 3D cartoon avatars Web browser

Free trial

Subscription starts at $5.99 monthly

Plugger.AI 2D and 3D cartoon avatars Web browser

Free trial

Subscription starts at $19 monthly Personal cartoon avatar for social media streamers Web browser Pro subscription starts at $59.99 annually
DiceBear Cartoon avatars for websites or apps Playground is available online Open-source

Part II. Top Picks: 10 AI Cartoon Avatar Makers

Finding the right AI cartoon avatar app can be tricky. Don’t worry; there are many AI-powered tools available to help you. This section lists some of the best AI cartoon avatar makers you can find online and on mobile devices.

FaceHub: Best Free AI Cartoon Avatar Maker Online for Style Selection

FaceHub cartoon avatar maker online

Barbie Girl, Theft Gangsta, Street Fighter, Wonka, and more? FaceHub is an excellent AI-powered tool that lets you do just that. With FaceHub, you get a wide variety of artistic styles, allowing you to create a cartoon avatar that perfectly matches your personality. This user-friendly cartoon avatar maker works directly from your web browser.

How To Convert Your Picture Into a Cartoon Avatar?

Here are simple steps to turn a photo into a cartoon online:

  • Step 1: Click Log in or Sign Up on the upper navigation pane of the FaceHub website to start.
  • create an account on FaceHub
  • Step 2: Select AI Anime from the left side and choose the cartoon style from the AI Animation Styles section.
  • FaceHub ai anime styles

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  • Step 3: Upload the image file to face swap your photo to cartoon, then click Generate at the lower right side to apply the style.
  • turn photo to cartoon online
  • Step 4: Preview the results, and if you’re satisfied, click Download to export your unique cartoon creation and share it with friends.
  • FaceHub ai cartoon avatar maker

    Key Features

    • AI image generator
    • AI video generator with over 1000 pre-designed templates
    • AI anime with gender and skin color detection
    • AI portrait with more than 106 facial key point positioning
    • · Great selection of avatar styles, including famous cartoon and anime characters
    • · User-friendly interface
    • · Cost-effective with a free trial option
    • · Free trial users may experience in-app ads and watermarks
    • · Relies on the quality of the uploaded photo

    AILab: Best AI Cartoon Avatar Generator for Graphic Novels

    ailab cartoon avatar maker online

    AILab is a powerful AI tool for generating cartoon avatars that are ideal for graphic novels. This cartoon avatar generator can create fun cartoon renditions that capture the essence of your characters. You can try this app if you want to see yourself as the protagonist of a story - as Naruto, Boss Baby, or a Simpson character.

    Key Features

    • Image generation
    • Smart cutout
    • Image enhancers
    • · High-quality, realistic outputs
    • · Customization options for personalization
    • · Streamlines character design process
    • · Need to upgrade to a paid plan for more access
    • · Limited customization options

    ToonMe: Best Cartoon Person Maker for iPad

    toonme cartoon avatar generator website

    If you own an iPad and love the idea of creating cartoon versions of yourself or others, ToonMe is the perfect app for you. This AI cartoon avatar builder boasts intuitive editing tools, making converting photos into 3D cartoon avatars easy. ToonMe is a great app for personal and professional use, allowing you to create fun and engaging avatars for social media profiles like Instagram.

    Key Features

    • Optimized for iOS and Android devices
    • Offers a vast collection of cartoon styles
    • · User-friendly interface ideal for smaller screens
    • · Extensive library of cartoon styles
    • · Works with selfies
    • · Limited functionality compared to graphic design software
    • · In-app purchases might be required for some features

    Pixton: Best Comic Avatar Maker for Classroom Storytelling

    pixton avatar maker of cartoons

    Want an engaging way to incorporate storytelling into your classroom lessons? Pixton is a comic avatar maker designed specifically for educational purposes. This app allows educators and students to create their cartoon characters and use them to develop storylines, presentations, or even educational comics.

    Key Features

    • Inclusive customization options like body type, skin tone, and more
    • Can create comic panels and avatar characters
    • Offers lesson ideas and resources for teachers

      · Can directly printable themed avatars from the website

      · Easy to use and has an intuitive interface

      · Can choose gender for avatar - female, male, and non-binary


      · May have limited character customization options compared to general avatar makers

      · Full functionality might require a classroom subscription

    Avatoon: Best Cartoon Avatar Builder for Android Phones

    avatoon cartoon avatar builders

    If you’re looking for a free and easy-to-use cartoon person maker for your Android phone, Avatoon is a top contender. This app offers a streamlined experience, allowing you to create personalized cartoon versions of yourself with just a few taps. Avatoon boasts a fun and quirky collection of avatar styles, making it perfect for anyone who wants to express their unique personality in the virtual world.

    Key Features

    • Full body 2D cartoon avatar styles
    • Customization options from outfits, shoes, accessories, and more
    • Can be used as stickers for social media apps
    • · Simple and convenient for creating cartoon avatars on smaller screens
    • · Offers a good selection of pre-designed styles
    • · Cross-platform compatibility
    • · Limited platform support
    • · It may not suit users looking for more realistic cartoon avatars

    Animaze: Best Interactive Avatar Maker of Cartoons for Streamers

    animaze comic avatar maker

    Animaze stands out as a top choice for streamers looking to create unique and interactive cartoon avatars. This avatar maker of cartoons offers a wide variety of features to bring your character to life, allowing for facial expressions and animation. Animaze integrates seamlessly with streaming platforms, making using your avatar during your broadcasts easy.

    Key Features

    • Create and customize avatars with premade base models
    • Import Ready Player Me, Live2D, and VRM models
    • Integrates with streaming platforms
    • · Ideal for creating a memorable and interactive avatar for streaming
    • · Offers advanced customization options
    • · Free users can access 80+ free items
    • · May have a steeper learning curve compared to online avatar makers
    • · Needs subscription for pro-streamer commercial rights
    • · Not available for macOS desktop

    LightX: Best Gaming Photo AI Cartoon Avatar Maker for Free

    lightx cartoon person maker

    LightX is a free cartoon avatar maker that lets you transform your gaming photos into cool cartoon avatars using AI technology. Simply upload a picture, and LightX will automatically generate a cartoon version of yourself. It’s perfect for gamers who want a quick and easy way to create an avatar that reflects their online persona.

    Key Features

    • Custom prompt to describe the cartoon avatar
    • Several styles include Snow white, Grinch, and Woody
    • · A fast and convenient way to create a cartoon avatar
    • · Free daily AI credits
    • · Royalty-free images for free trial users
    • · Limited customization options compared to other avatar makers
    • · Users need to subscribe for cross-platform access Best 2D AI Cartoon Avatar Maker for Social Media

    plugger ai cartoon avatar maker is a powerful AI cartoon avatar generator that lets you create trendy 2D cartoon avatar styles perfect for social media profiles. With different styles and unlimited use, it can convert your photo to a cartoon avatar that looks like you. also makes it easy for anyone to create a colorful avatar in minutes.

    Key Features

    • Uses AI to make 2D and 3D cartoon avatars from photos
    • Several cartoon filter options
    • Custom prompts to generate good-quality cartoon avatars
    • · Creates high-quality and unique cartoon avatars
    • · Easy to use, even for beginners
    • · It may require a paid subscription to access more features
    • · Limited control over the customization process Best Cartoon Avatar Generator for Twitch Community

    own3d cartoon avatar generator caters to the Twitch community, offering a platform to create cartoon avatars tailored for eSport gamers. This service allows you to design your avatar however you want for a more personalized touch. is also ideal for YouTube and Discord communities, making it easy to showcase your avatar during streams and interact with your audience.

    Key Features

    • Customization options include gender, facial features, and other stylish elements
    • Plenty of possible combinations for defining an avatar’s appearance
    • · Multilingual support
    • · Easy to use without waiting time
    • · Need to pay before you can download the cartoon avatar
    • · It may not be cost-effective for casual users

    DiceBear: Best Open-Source Cartoon Avatar Builder

    dicebear cartoon avatar builder

    If you’re looking for an open-source solution, DiceBear is a free cartoon avatar builder that lets you create customizable SVG avatars. While it doesn’t offer AI-generated options, DiceBear provides a wide range of icon sets and styles to choose from. You can easily modify the colors and other elements to create a unique avatar that reflects your preferences.

    Key Features

    • 25+ avatar styles
    • Customizable individual avatars
    • Fast and free HTTP API
    • · Free and open-source
    • · Highly customizable
    • · Requires some technical knowledge to use effectively
    • · Doesn’t offer AI-generated options like some other avatar makers


    So, you’ve seen the best cartoon avatar maker available. Now you know these apps can create a fun, personalized way to represent yourself online.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment! With so many options and features, you can find an avatar that perfectly captures your style. Dive in, have fun, and release your creativity with one of the abovementioned apps. By the way, for those who want a powerful and versatile option, FaceHub is a great AI tool to start with.

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    Richard Brown
    Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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