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AI Manga Generation With the Best Tools in 2024

Are you a fan of anime resulting from AI and human collaboration? Read this article to learn about the top AI manga generators to facilitate your content.
Facemod Originally published Jan 23, 24, updated Apr 11, 24

If you are an editor, creator, or viewer interested in anime, you must know what manga is. Manga is a Japanese-origin word that refers to comics or whimsical drawings. This word is specialized for the types of anime images or comics that result in collaboration between humans and AI. The AI manga generators have become famous for several reasons.

Anime manga is more expressive than other animations. This is because of their expressive eyes and other facial expressions. Furthermore, the voices behind these manga characters are relatively loud and clear. In this article, the focus of attention will be these AI cartoon video generators, their limitations, and alternatives.

    1. 1. AnimeGenius
    2. 2. Neural.love
    3. 3. DeepAI
  1. Part 2. Discussing the Challenges and Limitations of Using AI Manga Generators
  2. Part 3. Alternative To AI Manga Generation: Face Swapping With FaceMod

Part 1. Create Impressive Cartoon Characters With the Best AI Manga Generators

Have you ever thought if you could also experiment with anime characters and infuse your ideas for a change? Here is your chance to utilize any of the given AI cartoon character generators for this purpose:

1. AnimeGenius

Explore the diverse graphical realm of this AI manga generator that holds the power to transform your words into manga style. The tool is developed on advanced algorithms that serve in the creation of anime characters, backgrounds, and scenes. While proposing a simple keyword input interface, the tool ensures 100% data security.

Key Feature

1. There are 6 styles of AI models that you can take inspiration from for your manga art.

2. This AI cartoon generator from Image has a prompt library where you can find anime keywords.

3. With its “Enhance” option, you can upscale your image via a prompt.

Steps To Create AI Cartoon With AnimeGenius

With an interactive yet minimalistic user interface, this tool is open to use. The best thing is you can get started with this AI cartoon creator for free. Here is the basic instructional manual of this tool for creating anime:

Step 1: Upon accessing this tool's AI Manga Generator, click the "Try AI Manga Generator Now" button.

start creating on animegenius

Step 2: Access the prompt box under the “Upload” option in its interface. Add relevant keywords, navigate towards the right-side panel, and select "Anime" in the “Models” section. For more specifications, select a style under the "Loras” section. Moreover, set “Output Settings” and hit the “Generate” button.

add image and set prompt

Step 3: Your AI-generated cartoon image will be featured on your screen in a few seconds. If you are satisfied, hit the "Download" icon below the image to save it.

create ai manga image animegenius

2. Neural.love

Use this versatile online tool that seamlessly transforms your images into AI-generated cartoon images. It has an art generator that assists in the creation of multiple art styles from images or prompts. You can generate your manga model in HD quality and enable the private results option for user security. Moreover, it has two Model categories that you can select; “NL 1.0.3” and “DALL.E 3” or add a custom one.

Key Feature

1. This cartoon character AI generator has three aspect ratio options: square, vertical, and horizontal.

2. It also has a search library where you can access and download images.

3. The microphone option enables you to insert prompts by speaking your ideas.

Steps To Create AI Cartoon With Neural.love

This tool operates on a Credit system for creating images. The procedure is simple: you can choose a creation method you like, whether text or image upload. Here is a procedural guide to creating art with this AI manga generator:

Step 1: Upon accessing the drawing interface of this tool, scroll towards the bottom and hit the “Use prompt” button.

add prompt across neural love

Step 2: In the prompt section, add a prompt, adjust other settings, and hit "Generate for free." You can also select the number of responses; however, HD results and private results require credits.

provide further details and generate

Step 3: After waiting a few seconds, your AI-generated manga will appear on the screen. You can click on the picture for a preview or navigate toward the right side to access the "Download" option.

view and download ai manga image


This is a powerful AI cartoon character generator that is designed to eliminate unnecessary complications. It has a Manga Panel Generator that draws results accurate results according to your prompts. Furthermore, you can choose the output from the Standard or HD model according to your preference. It provides some other options that we will be discussing below:

Key Feature

1. By enabling its "Options" function, you can select the ratio of manga art.

2. This cartoon generator AI has 100+ styles in its style gallery, including anime, art, vintage, and more.

3. It also has an AI Image Editor that allows you to enhance images further.

Steps To Create AI Cartoon With DeepAI

The protocols are simple to create an AI image with this. Follow the given steps, and you'll have an AI-generated manga image:

Step 1: Upon accessing the tool, scroll down and add a prompt in the prompt box. After adjusting other settings like model, style, and ratio options, hit the "Generate" button.

add prompt in deepai

Step 2: Wait for a while, and the image displays on the screen. Reach the bottom of the image and hit the "Download" button to export it on your device.

download ai manga deepai image

Part 2. Discussing the Challenges and Limitations of Using AI Manga Generators

While AI cartoon generators from text enhance human efficiency and productivity, they lack certain prospects. Read this section to learn about the problems that people have reported or that you might face using these cartoon character AI generators:

1. Difficulty in Capturing Expressions

While cartoon generator AI has improved over the years, anime manga is known for its bold expression of emotions. However, AI-generated characters might lack this diversity of emotions and detailed expressions.

2. Lack of Uniqueness

AI cartoon creators operate on machine learning and use vast training data. This means they generate results based on existing data, meaning content repetition. Moreover, the updates in systems of such tools depend on the developer.

3. Plot and Storylines

Another thing lacking in these AI manga generators is their inability to understand complex storylines. Most of them offer limited prompt characters and do not generate details accurately. Furthermore, they cannot assist in generating images from plot references.

4. Ethical Considerations

Since these tools are open to employees, they may raise ethical concerns. They utilize the same background information as reference data, which may cause copyright issues. Furthermore, many creators or productions do not accept AI-generated content, and there are tools to detect it.

5. Lack of Cultural Diversity

While these tools have many styles and models in their style library, they might lack cultural diversity. They have limited or zero information on culture and race. This might be an unintended bias, but some may find it unfair or offensive.

Part 3. Alternative To AI Manga Generation: Face Swapping With FaceMod

While AI manga generators are in trend and provide unlimited possibilities for creation, they lack realism. This is a notable drawback, as many people find it difficult to relate to anime or animated genres. This is where Wondershare FaceMod steps in and enables users to add realistic faces to their content. Whether it is images or videos, its deepfake technology covers both.

Its advanced AI analysis and face swap functionality help add any face to any video. The tool offers built-in face swap options, including 12 male and 12 female faces. Furthermore, you can add a custom face using its "Add your own face" option.

facemod face swapping technology

Get Started Online

Key Features of FaceMod

When working with personal data or business content, knowing a tool to its core is integral. Hence, this section will catch you up with the outstanding features of FaceMod:

1. Video Templates

FaceMod has built-in video templates that users can swap faces with and use in content generation. Users can also upload custom videos; however, it only supports videos of 500 MB. The video duration must be kept within 300 seconds or 5 minutes.

2. My Work

This AI cartoon video generator offers a premium user experience by providing auto-save services. If you had a mishap during face swap and couldn't save your content, you can access it in the "My Work" tab. The tab saves any content 24 hours after its creation and deletes it afterward for privacy purposes.

3. User Interface

The interface of this tool is user-friendly, with online access to preserve your device storage. It features an Ad-free one-click interface and doesn’t add any watermarks upon export. The process of creation is covered with 3 simple steps.


With the rise of Anime, AI manga creators also rose, and their creational parameters are beyond words. The diverse range of anime styles, models, and custom options make these tools ideal for anime producers and editors. However, if you want to experiment with something more realistic, we suggest Wondershare FaceMod. It takes care of precision, user privacy, and experience all at once.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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