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Top 10 Online Caricature Makers From Photos

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 22, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Caricatures are portraits with a twist. They use exaggeration to create a humorous likeness of someone. You know, a funny photo of a friend with a bigger nose or a wider grin – that's a caricature. Caricature makers can be artists who draw by hand, but there's also a simpler way!

Online caricature makers let you upload a photo and get a caricature back in seconds. They're perfect for creating funny avatars, unique social media profile pictures, or even personalized gifts. You can turn an ordinary photo into a hilarious caricature with a few clicks. We'll look at how to do this and provide some of the best tools in the next section.

3d caricature concept by ai
In this article
  1. How To Make a Caricature From a Photo Online?
  2. 10 Best Online Caricature Makers To Use
  3. Bonus: Let FaceHub Provoke Your Inner Celebrity (and More!)

Part I: How To Make a Caricature From a Photo Online?

AI caricature online generators use their programming to turn your photo into a funny cartoon. First, the AI finds the face in your picture. Then, it analyzes your features, like your nose, mouth, and eyes. Finally, the AI uses this information to comically exaggerate your features, creating a caricature that still looks like you.

Here's how to make a caricature from a photo online:

  • Step 1: Pick a clear, well-lit close-up photo where the face is the focus. Most free caricature makers online accept JPEG and PNG formats. Then, click the Upload button or drag and drop your photo into the designated area.
  • Step 2: Most of these online AI tools let you upload your photo directly from your computer or phone.
  • Step 3: Some tools offer different caricature styles, like lighthearted or dramatic. Explore these options if available and pick the one that suits your preference.
  • pincel online caricature maker styles
  • Step 4: Click a button to start the process. The AI will analyze your photo and create a caricature in just a few seconds.
  • Step 5: Once the caricature is complete, you can download it to your device and share it with friends and family.
  • Now that you've seen how AI makes caricatures, let's put it to use! In Part II, you'll learn 10 of the best online caricature creators you can try yourself.

    Part II: 10 Best Online Caricature Makers To Use

    Caricatures are a fun way to exaggerate a person's features for a comical or artistic effect. Whether you want to create a funny birthday gift or a unique gaming avatar, there's a caricature app out there for you. Here's a look at some of the best options available, along with their strengths and weaknesses: Best Dramatic Online Caricature Creator online caricature generator uses deep learning to create not just one but a whopping 64 variations of your caricature. You can choose from subtle exaggerations to dramatic distortions, letting you pick the perfect level of silliness. This caricature creator online is ideal if you only want a sketch of a face caricature that stands out.

    • · Bulk download available
    • · No in-app ads
    • · Easy to use and has an intuitive interface
    • · Processing time takes 3-5 minutes; longer than other apps
    • · Need a subscription to download the image in HD quality

    Fotor: Best Wedding Celebration Free Online Caricature Maker

    free online caricature maker from photo

    Fotor, the freeonline caricature maker from photos, is perfect for adding a lighthearted touch to wedding celebrations or invitations. You can also add a touch of humor that speaks to the couple's unique personalities. This free tool is a fun way to personalize your wedding stationery or create keepsakes for guests.

    • · Users can get free reward credits
    • · Availability of AI customization features
    • · Multiple image generation
    • · Not a straightforward caricature maker
    • · Caricatures may have a simpler style Best Caricature Creator Online for Elevating Expressions caricature online creator's AI engine focuses on capturing and amplifying facial expressions in caricatures. It means you can upload a photo with a big smile or frown, and the caricature will exaggerate that expression for even more humor. is a great choice for making a caricature from a picture online for free that is both funny and expressive.

    • · Easy to use, even for beginners
    • · Free cloud storage
    • · Can use AI tools for free
    • · Images have a watermark unless subscribed to a plan
    • · Offer less customization options

    Toonify: Best Online Caricature Maker for Cartoonize Photos

    toonify ai caricature maker from photo

    Toonify is a versatile, free online caricature maker from photos. This feature lets you transform your photos into cartoon versions, with a caricature style included as one of the options. While it might not be the most advanced caricature creator, it's a good choice for a quick and fun cartoon makeover.

    • · Good balance of ease of use and customization
    • · The original model is available for free
    • · Face can't be found in the source image occasionally
    • · Need to buy image credits for more usage

    Snapbar: Best AI Caricature Online Generator for Event Attendees

    snapbar ai online caricature generator

    Snapbar is an online AI caricature generator designed to create caricatures at events. It allows event attendees to take photos at a booth and instantly receive a caricature version. Snapbar is a fun and engaging way to add entertainment to parties, conferences, or other gatherings.

    • · Creates instant caricatures
    • · Good for guest entertainment
    • · Full body caricatures that look like the guests
    • · Paid service
    • · May require setting up a booth or service
    • · Might not be suitable for individual caricature creation

    Veed.IO: Best Engaging AI Caricature Maker From Text

    veed ai caricature maker online

    Veed.IO is an AI-powered online video editor that offers a unique caricature-creation feature. You only have to provide a text description of a person's appearance, and Veed.IO's AI will generate a caricature photo. This online caricature maker is a good option for making quick and engaging caricature videos for social media or presentations.

    • · Easy to use
    • · AI-powered for fast creation
    • · Integrates with video editing features
    • · Not be ideal for beginners unfamiliar with AI prompts
    • · May not look like the caricature users want
    • · The image result may have a watermark

    Wish2Be: Best Online Caricature Maker for Funny Birthday Gifts

    wish2be free caricature maker online

    Wish2Be is a free caricature maker online designed for creating funny e-cards. Upload a photo and use Wish2Be's tools to put your face on funny costumes. You can also add backgrounds, elements, and frames to personalize your caricature. This app is perfect for anyone who wants to create a unique and memorable birthday gift.

    • · Can generate unlimited caricatures for free
    • · More customization options
    • · Intuitive interface for beginners
    • · Caricatures have watermarks for free users
    • · The free version only allows for single-person caricatures
    • · Have in-app ads

    ImagineMe: Best Free Caricature Maker Online for Gaming Avatars

    imagineme caricature generator from photo

    ImagineMe is an online caricature creator from photo ideal for gamers looking to create a 3D personalized avatar. Describe the facial features, hairstyles, and clothing you like to create a caricature that reflects your gaming persona. ImagineMe offers lets you become who you want to be using your photo and a text prompt, allowing you to create a truly distinctive avatar.

    • · Easy to use
    • · Intuitive interface
    • · Caricature cartoon almost looks like a real person's photo
    • · Need to buy credits to use it
    • · May take time to generate the image

    LightX: Best Way to Creatively Caricature Photos Online

    lightx online free ai caricature maker

    LightX is a powerful AI photo editor you can also use to create caricatures. This free online caricature maker from a photo and text prompt offers a variety of AI tools for manipulating photos. LightX also offers a wide range of AI filters and effects that can be used to enhance your caricature further.

    • · Give free daily credits
    • · Easy to navigate with its intuitive interface
    • · More photo editing tools
    • · May not work for group photos
    • · Subscription needed for more access to remove watermarks

    Pincel: Best Caricature Maker Online for Hyper-Realistic Photos

    pincel caricature maker online

    Pincel takes a different approach to caricatures, offering a way to create hyper-realistic caricatures from photos. This online caricature creator uses to analyze a photo and then creates a caricature that is both exaggerated and highly detailed. Pincel is a good option for creating instant, playful 3D artistic portraits.

    • · Ideal for creating highly detailed and realistic caricatures
    • · Offers precise control over the caricature creation process
    • · Well-suited for experienced artists or those seeking a professional look
    • · May not be cost-effective for casual use
    • · Maybe more time-consuming to create a caricature compared to other apps
    • · Lacks some of the fun and quirky elements found in other caricature apps

    Now that we've explored some fantastic apps for creating caricatures online, let's take things a step further. Have you ever wondered what you'd look like as your favorite celebrity? In the next section, we'll delve into an app that lets you unleash your inner A-lister (and more!), so keep reading!

    Bonus: Let FaceHub Provoke Your Inner Celebrity (and More!)

    FaceHub is an online tool that uses AI to swap faces in videos. It's known for its ease of use and high-quality results. You can use it to put your face in a movie scene, swap faces with friends for fun, or even create characters for creative projects.

    Here's how to use FaceHub AI video generator for online face swap:

  • Step 1: Click Get Started Now on the homepage, then upload a clear, well-lit video where your face is centered.
  • FaceHub upload private video

    Get Started Online

    safe visit100% safe & secure
  • Step 2: Locate the timeline editor, then drag the markers on the timeline to define the part you want to use for face swapping. Once satisfied, click Next.
  • FaceHub trim video part
  • Step 3: Upload a photo of your face or use samples in the lower-right section.
  • FaceHub upload photo
  • Step 4: Click Swap and wait while FaceHub creates your face-swapped video.
  • FaceHub download ai face swap video

    FaceHub is a fun and easy way to create hilarious or interesting videos. So why not give it a try and see what kind of creative content you can come up with?


    Creating a caricature is no longer limited to skilled artists. Now, anyone can make a caricature from a photo online in just a few clicks. These user-friendly tools offer a variety of styles and customization options, making it easy to capture the essence of someone's features humorously.

    So, why not give it a try? Upload a photo, select a template, and see the fun results an online caricature maker can produce.

    Richard Brown
    Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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