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Discussing the Impact of AI on the Anime Industry

Did you know anime art has become a modern way of expressing oneself? Learn how these AI anime art creators keep your content updated.
Facemod Originally published Jan 23, 24, updated Apr 11, 24

Through art, individuals sculpt their emotions into masterpieces, and anime enhances them. AI anime art gained popularity after anime blockbusters like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and more. Just like the trends of AI avatars, AI anime artwork also reflects vivid imaginations. With the progress of AI generative abilities, it refined over time, and now you can make custom anime.

This has been possible due to AI automation that handles most of the work. As users, we only need to give instructions, and AI handles the technicalities. Today's article will discuss how artificial intelligence anime art has progressed the art industry. Furthermore, users will learn about advanced technology closer to real-time art.

  1. Part 1. How Has AI Inspired Creativity in Anime Creators?
    1. 1. Fotor
    2. 2. ZMO.AI
    3. 3. Pica AI
  2. Bonus Part. Deepfake Technology Serving as an Alternative To AI Anime Generation

Part 1. How Has AI Inspired Creativity in Anime Creators?

Content creation has overcome all industries, and those who don't follow the trend are ruled out. This section will share insights on how AI art anime has been of help during the journey:

1. Audience Analysis and Character Design

AI tools have been able to analyze your social media metrics and observe your audience. They can assist you in understanding your audience’s anime preferences. These tools also have a “Trending” section where you can find the most demanding AI art anime styles.

2. Automated Creation and Customization

You all have been aware that AI automatically generates characters based on prompts. To add a personalized touch, you can customize these characters. You can fashion their race, hairstyle, hair color, features, and clothes.

3. Storytelling and Scene Creation

AI is not confined to visual creation, but it can be integrated into any task. AI tools can help you write anime scripts for your content while considering your ideas. Moreover, you can ask these tools to generate scenes and landscapes based on the scripts.

4. Voice Generation, Translation, and Subtitles

AI voices can be integrated into your art AI anime characters with custom dialogues. You can clone any anime character's voice and integrate it into your anime model. Furthermore, AI tools have auto-translation and transcription abilities to enhance content reach.

Part 2. Some Tools to Assist the Idea of AI Art Anime

There are tools specialized for AI art anime; this section will highlight a few. Give tools are easy to employ and require zero technicalities to accomplish art:

1. Fotor

High-quality export is guaranteed when it comes to achieving art with this Dragon Ball AI art. The tool can work with both text and image inputs to generate anime characters. From Pokémon characters to other anime styles, genders, and landscapes, it can do all.

fotor ai anime tool

Key Features

1. You are one click away from enhancing images with its "Photo Enhancer."

2. Turn your images into literal paintings using this AI anime art tool’s “Photo Effect” feature.

3. Remove unnecessary background from your images with its AI background remover.


• Fotor Pro: $3.33/month

• Fotor Pro+: $7.49/month


Facilitate your content with this anime art AI's diverse collection of 30+ anime styles. ZMO.AI follows your instructions or turns personal images into anime with AI. It also works by transforming your pet images into anime art and customizing poses.

zmo ai anime tool

Key Features

1. Transform product images into masterpieces with its professional "AI Photo Editor."

2. Bring stunning background to your images with its "AI Background Changer."

3. Eliminate unwanted objects and people with its “Magic Remover” AI.


• Basic: $49/month

• Pro: $149/month

• Enterprise: $599/month

3. Pica AI

Unleash the art demon in you and let it harness the powers of this AI art waifu creator to do wonders. Pica AI has a user-friendly workspace with a one-click generator to create anime art. It has a range of anime styles to boost and bring your imagination to reality.

pica ai anime tool

Key Features

1. This AI anime art from photos has an “AI Image Generator” for realistic image creation.

2. Uplift the features, colors, and quality of your images with its “Photo Enhancer.”

3. Its “Face Swap” technology can duplicate your face on anyone else’s face.


• Monthly Plan: $9.99/month

• Annual Plan: $3.33/month

Bonus Part. Deepfake Technology Serving as an Alternative To AI Anime Generation

In the context outline previously discussed, you have learned about art AI anime for content creation. Wondershare FaceMod provides a real-time face swap feature to generate content. The tools use professional-grade AI analysis to detect and duplicate a face. Besides images, its diversity envelopes videos as well and creates high-quality results.


Get Started Online

Key Features

1. The workspace is ad-free and exports content without watermarks.

2. You can swap up to a 5-minute video with this tool and its built-in templates.

3. It maximizes data privacy protection by removing data after 24 hours of creation.

Steps To Create an AI Faceswap Image With Wondershare Facemod

When exploring a new tool, the user interface can confuse anyone at the start. While possessing a minimal interface, the unfamiliarity may slow down content creation. Thus, here are the steps to create an AI image with this anime AI art alternative:

Step 1: Access FaceMod for Faceswap

Upon entering its website, navigate towards the top and select "Faceswap." Once in the editing interface, hit the "Upload" button to upload media.

upload media to facemod

Get Started Online

Step 2: Faceswap Face Selection

Since the first face was the imported image, navigate towards the right of the new screen for 2nd. Locate and click the “Choose your own face” option and upload an image. Afterward, commence the Faceswap procedure by clicking “Swap.”

select face to swap

Step 3: Export Image

Once the face swap action has commenced, hit the "Export Arrow" navigation to save it.

export final image


This article reflected upon how AI anime art has advanced over time with the advancement of technology. While the discussed tools are great anime generators, FaceMod's AI competes better. It can duplicate your face in real time and add it to anyone else's body, which you must try.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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