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Top 10 AI Comic Makers To Create Comics (With How-To Guide)

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published May 10, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Do you have a story bubbling away in your head but lack the artistic skills to bring it to life? is one of the many exciting new tools available that can change how you design and create comics and graphic novels.

Using AI to generate comics offers a range of benefits. One is it can help overcome the artist’s block and visualize your ideas. In short, these apps are for everyone. Intrigued? Read on to discover our top picks for AI comic makers and how to get started creating your comic panels!

comic cartoon person illustration
In this article
  1. 10 Popular AI Comic Makers You Should Try
  2. How To Use a Comic Maker With AI To Draw Comic Panels?

Part I: 10 Popular AI Comic Makers You Should Try

The apps below offer various features to make comic creation easier and more fun. Let’s explore some of the best AI comic generators and see what makes them special.

FaceHub: Easiest Face Swap Comic Maker With AI

FaceHub photo to comics style

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FaceHub is an AI comic maker that lets you create comics with a fun twist: face-swapping! Take a selfie and put your face on any character in a popular meme or character. FaceHub uses artificial intelligence (AI) to seamlessly blend your features, making it easy to create hilarious and share-worthy comics from your photo.

Key Features

  • Large library of trendy templates such as Pixar, Super Hero, Christmas Comic, and more
  • Hyper-realistic multi-face swap or portrait face swap
  • Video face swap
  • · Easy to use, even for beginners
  • · Supports different file formats for upload
  • · Access to free features
  • · Primarily focused on face swapping, not creating original stories
  • · May require a subscription to access all templates Most Flexible AI Comic Maker for Character Training

comicsmaker ai online is a powerful AI comic maker that allows you to train AI to draw custom characters. Enter text prompts, and the app will learn their unique features. Then, you can place them in various scenarios and create custom comic strips. This app offers the most flexibility for character design.

Key Features

  • Page designer to make comic panels
  • Narration box and speech bubbles
  • Region prompting for detailed comic panels
  • · Perfect for creating comics with original characters
  • · More creative control with an intuitive interface
  • · Offers training features for a personalized touch
  • · Training the AI can take time and effort
  • · A steeper learning curve for novices

AI Comic Factory: Best Generator of Diverse Comic Styles

ai comic factory website

If you’re looking for a comic maker with AI offering different comic styles, AI Comic Factory is the app for you. This AI-powered tool can generate comic panels from manga to superheroes. Simply provide a text prompt describing your story, and the app will create a comic strip in your chosen style.

Key Features

  • Generate comics in diverse styles, including 3D render, Medieval, American, and more
  • Different layout or gird options
  • Option to add text captions for narration
  • · Great for experimenting with different comic styles
  • · Easy to use for quick comic creation
  • · Allows to redraw one panel without changing the others
  • · The result’s quality will depend on the prompt entered
  • · Subscription needed to remove disruptive ads

Storyboard That: Top Free AI Comic Panel Creator for Educational Use

storyboard that ai comic maker

Storyboard That is a free AI comic maker perfect for educational purposes. This online app allows you to create comic strips to explain concepts, visualize stories, and engage students. Storyboard That can help you make educational comics for literary satire, sequence of events, classroom decorations, and more.

Key Features

  • Comic book templates
  • Customizable scenes and speech bubbles
  • Plenty of characters and item selection
  • · Easy to use without in-app ads
  • · Free to use for basic features
  • · Supports rostering with Google Classroom, Schoology, and more
  • · Limited artistic customization options
  • · Free trial plans have watermarked downloaded images

Cohesive: Best AI Comic Generator for Funny Storylines

cohesive comic maker with ai

If you’re looking for laughs, Cohesive is the best comic maker with AI for funny storylines. This app can create humorous comic strips based on your text prompts and preferences. Simply provide a starting scenario, and Cohesive will generate a full comic strip guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

Key Features

  • Multiple aspect ratios
  • Generate different comic variations in one click
  • Easily share the output on webcomic platforms, social media, and other websites
  • · Can create comics within 30 seconds or less
  • · 8K visual quality of comics
  • · Can be used for commercial purposes
  • · Less control over the overall plot compared to some apps
  • · Need a paid subscription to generate AI images

Neural Canvas: Best Comic Maker With AI for Commercial Use

neural canvas photorealistic comics with ai

Neural Canvas is a powerful online AI comic maker designed for professional use. It allows you to create photorealistic comics with detailed backgrounds and character designs based on your short story. This app is ideal for artists and studios looking to produce commercial comic eBooks efficiently.

Key Features

  • Over 100 illustrations styles like comic book, manga, and digital arts
  • Story mood options such as exciting, positive, and apocalyptic
  • Several popular main character selection
  • · Ideal for professional comic creators
  • · Excellent art quality
  • · One-time payment only for 25 illustrations
  • · May have a steeper learning curve for those new to text prompts
  • · No free trial

Perchance: Best AI Comic Maker for Drawing Anime Illustrations

perchance free ai comic maker

Perchance is a free AI comic maker specializing in anime-style illustrations from text. If you dream of creating manga or light novels, this app provides the tools to bring your characters and scenes to life. Perchance offers AI-powered character and background creation, making bringing your anime vision to life easy.

Key Features

  • AI prompt generator
  • Multiple art styles like vintage comics, painted anime, and 3D Disney character
  • Generate up to 9 illustrations at once
  • · Free-to-use app
  • · User-friendly interface
  • · Good for character design
  • · No speech bubble
  • · Results will vary based on the text prompts Best AI Comic Book Panel Generator for Superheroes

plugger ai comic generator online focuses on generating superhero comic strips from text. This app empowers you to create dynamic action sequences and powerful superhero characters, perfect for fans of the genre.

Key Features

  • AI cartoon generator
  • AI photo enhances
  • Text-based AI comic generator with example prompts
  • · Unlimited image generation
  • · Easy to use for generating action scenes
  • · Intuitive interface for beginners
  • · Free trial users need a paid plan for more access
  • · No speech bubbles

AILab: Best AI Comic Maker for American Animation Style

ailab ai comic maker

AILab is an online AI comic maker specializing in classic American animation. This app is ideal for creating comics with a familiar and timeless look. Consider it if you want to capture the spirit of iconic comic book heroes based on your photos.

Key Features

  • Character design styles such as manga, sketch, and other popular characters
  • Control character emotions
  • · The intuitive interface makes it fast to navigate the app
  • · Easy to use without in-app ads
  • · Generates high-definition images
  • · Limited customization options
  • · May not be suitable for other genres

SkyReels: Top Customizable Comic Maker With AI for Webtoon

skyreels ai comic maker

SkyReels is a top customizable comic maker with AI, made for creating webtoons. This app offers a high degree of control over character design, backgrounds, and panel layouts. In short, SkyReels lets you tailor your comics or webtoons based on the text description and selected template.

Key Features

  • Different drawing styles, such as superhero comics, anime, fantasy art, and more
  • Storyline generator and regional modification
  • Customized character training
  • · Easy to customize for storytelling
  • · Can add speech bubbles in different styles
  • · Generous daily free trial credits
  • · Need a subscription to use comics for commercial use
  • · Image quality for free trial users might be lower

Part II: How To Use a Comic Maker With AI To Draw Comic Panels?

This guide will show you how to use AI tools to create comic panels.

  • Step1: Write a Script (Optional)
  • First, decide how detailed you want your comic. If you prefer a more planned approach, write a script outlining each panel’s story, dialogue, and descriptions. This script helps ensure your comic flows smoothly, and you can also use it later to add speech bubbles.

  • Step 2: Choose an AI Comic Maker
  • Many AI comic creator tools are available, each with different features, prices, and difficulty levels. Consider the art styles they offer, how much you can customize the settings, how easy they are to use, and their pricing plans before choosing one.

  • Step 3: Make Clear Prompts
  • The quality of your comic panels depends on how detailed your prompts are. The more specific you are, the better the AI can turn your vision into comic art.

  • Step 4: Select Your Art Style
  • Many AI comic creators offer a variety of art styles. Choose a style that matches the genre and tone of your comic. For example, a bold and energetic style might be good for superhero stories. Meanwhile, a softer and more whimsical style might be better for a heartwarming slice-of-life comic.

  • Step 5: Arrange Your Panels
  • The way you arrange your panels also affects how your story is told. Consider using single panels for dramatic moments, grid layouts for clear sequences of events, or dynamic layouts for high-action scenes.

    comic panel grid layout
  • Step 6: Generate and Refine Your Artwork
  • Once you’re happy with your prompts and layout, most AI comic makers will let you generate batch variations for each panel. Some platforms offer editing tools for minor adjustments like changing character details. Finally, download the comics for further editing or share them directly on social media.


    You can now play around with the entertaining AI comic makers listed here. These tools are good for sparking ideas and getting visuals for your story. Although they can’t take the place of a human artist’s creative spark, they might be a useful tool in your thinking.

    Looking ahead, AI promises to play an even bigger role in comics. For those who want to focus on characters, check out FaceHub for fun face swaps. You can use it to add your face or your friends’ faces to the comic templates in the app.

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    Richard Brown
    Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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