Swap Gender Without Photoshop in Easy Steps
Compared to Photoshop, FaceMod won't make you go through hours of complex manual editing. It automatically swaps your face and body in a single click.
  • • 106 facial key points to accurately recognize your face
  • • Various free faces and built-in photo and video templates
  • • Legit and safe no data collected
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How To Swap Gender in Photoshop in Easy Steps

Do you ever wish to know how you would look as the opposite gender? Whether it’s a part of self-exploration or just to prank and play with gender swap, there is a solution for this.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published Apr 08, 24, updated Apr 29, 24

Do you ever wish to know how you would look as the opposite gender? Whether it’s a part of self-exploration or just to prank and play with gender swap, there is a solution for this.

You can easily gender-swap in Photoshop in a few clicks with its powerful photo editing capabilities. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, photoshop gives you precise control over swapping your gender.

This article will tell you all about how the Photoshop gender swap works. We will also walk you through a step-by-step guide so you can transform yourself into anyone you’ve ever wanted to be.

In this article
    1. Bonus Tips: Swap Full Body Using Photoshop
    2. What are the Pros and Cons of Photoshop Gender Swap
    1. Key Features of FaceMod
    2. Steps for Seamless Gender Swaps with FaceMod
    3. What is FaceMod’s Pricing

Part 1. What is Photoshop’s gender swap?

Gender swap in Photoshop lets you manually edit your face over another photo. If you are a man you can place your face over a woman’s body and vice versa. The cool part about changing your gender with Photoshop is that you have full control over it.

You can simply copy a face from one photo and paste it as a layer over another. It is as simple as that. Then you can further adjust the layers so that it looks as natural as possible. An example of this, you can see below.

male-to-female gender swap with photoshop

If you are a regular user of Photoshop, you’ll have no difficulty swapping any type of face regardless of the color and brightness. However, for beginners, it would be difficult to achieve natural results if images don’t match in lighting. Here is an example of one such gender swap with Photoshop.

female-to-male gender swap in photoshop

Knowing the versatile ways to swap gender with Photoshop, let’s move forward and find out how to use it.

Part 2. How to gender swap in Photoshop step-by-step guide

First, select a male and a female image with bright light and minimal shadows on the face. For convenience, we will name them a “Girl” and a “Boy” image. Open the images with Photoshop and use the instructions below to swap your gender with this tool.

Step 1. Select the “Elliptical Marquee Tool” from the left Toolbar panel and use it to select the main part of the face from the Boy image.

make a face selection

Step 2. Copy-paste the selection over the Girl image and reduce its opacity to 60%. Then, select the “Move Tool” from the left Toolbar panel. Drag the corner of the Scale box to adjust the layer size.

drag to adjust the selection size

Step 3. Now, reset the opacity to 100%. Select the “Elliptical Marquee Tool” and CTRL + left-click on the (Boy) layer 1 to reselect the face.

Step 4. Go to the “Image” tab and choose “Adjustments. Then click on “Match Color” and set the “Source” as the Girl image and “Layer” as the Background.

configure the match color settings

Step 5. Duplicate the (Girl) Background layer and toggle its visibility off. Select the duplicated layer and go to “Select > Modify> Contract.” Choose 6 pixels to contract by and click “OK”.

contract the layer

Step 6. Now, hit the delete key to delete the selected area from the body layer. Then, select both the body and face layer. Go to “Edit and choose Auto-Blend Layers.”

apply the auto-blend layers effect

That’s it now you have successfully gender-swapped a photo with Photoshop.

Bonus Tips: Swap Full Body Using Photoshop

When talking about gender swaps with Photoshop we cannot overlook the possibility of full body swaps. Apart from your gender, you can change your entire look by placing your face over another photo. The process of this is the same as mentioned earlier.

Only this time, you will be focusing on choosing an image with your ideal body shape. Then, copy and paste your face over the photo and you’re good to go.

photoshop’s full body gender swap

Let’s look at some tips to enhance your full-body gender swaps with Photoshop.

  1. Start with High-Quality Images
  2. Before you start with the gender swaps, make sure that both of the images are of high quality. Look for images with similar brightness, contrast, shadows, and colors to save the time spent on post-swap adjustments.

  3. Choose Frontal Face Images
  4. When selecting the photos for the full-body Photoshop gender swaps, avoid the images with complex poses. Choose Frontal faces to place over the photo for ease during the editing process.

  5. Use the Right Tools
  6. From Layer Masks and Clone Stamp tool to the Object Selection, Photoshop offers a variety of ways for full body gender swaps. Choose the one that is better suited for the pose and lighting in your images.

  7. Focus on the Key Areas of the Face
  8. When using the Object Selection tools, focus on the distinguishing features such as eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, etc. You can skip the hair as they may have issues with auto-blending the layers.

  9. Use the Auto-Blend Tool
  10. After swapping the faces, you can ensure a seamless finish by using Photoshop’s Auto-blend Layers tool. It will erase all the harsh edges of the layers, removing the need for manual blurring.

So there you have it! These tips can ensure a great full-body gender swap with Photoshop. However, the technical steps and the lengthy process of manual editing make it quite inconvenient. Especially beginners may find it difficult to navigate. Now, let’s move on and explore the pros and cons of using Photoshop.

What are the Pros and Cons of Photoshop Gender Swap

Using Photoshop or similar software to perform a gender swap, also known as gender-bending or gender transformation, can have various implications. Here are some pros and cons:

  • It gives you full control over the gender swap process.
  • It lets you match the skin tone of the face and body.
  • It provides several unique tools to further retouch your photos.
  • You can gender-swap your face and even the full body.
  • Too many steps make the process time-consuming.
  • It requires some mastery of Photoshop skills to overcome some technical difficulties. It is complicated to use by the beginners.
  • You can only swap faces that match the same pose or angle.
  • It requires a large storage for download which may not be suitable for everyone.

Overall photoshop may be a complicated and time-consuming way to gender swap. However, a plus for the app is that you can swap your full body as well.

Lucky for you, there is a hassle-free way to swap your full body without Photoshop. It’s powered by AI. Keep reading to explore more of this tool.

Part 3. How to put a face on another body without Photoshop (quick and easy)

When seeking quick gender swaps without any technical procedures, FaceMod offers the best solution! Powered with AI, this versatile tool delivers one-click photo and video transformations.

Compared to Photoshop you don’t need to go through hours of complex manual editing. FaceMod is Photoshop’s gender change online alternative that automatically swaps your face and body in a single click. You can use it to change your gender in portraits, personal photos, and videos or from several free templates!

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facemod website interface

Get Started Online

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The cool part is that you can even visualize your gender-swapped pictures as an anime character. Despite being an online platform, FaceMod works super fast providing realistic outputs within seconds!

Key Features of FaceMod

  • One-click gender swaps: Simply choose a photo for face swap and upload the picture of your face, FaceMod automatically detects and swaps your face!
  • Super fast processing: FaceMod provides instant face swaps in seconds regardless of the size of your images.
  • Powerful facial recognition: It uses 106 facial key points to accurately recognize your face, skin color, and even gender for highly accurate face swaps.
  • Create multiple face swaps: FaceMod lets you face swap multiple faces in your group photos within as short as 2.25 seconds.
  • Free templates and samples: FaceMod offers various free faces and built-in photo and video templates to use for powerful gender swaps.

Knowing all the capabilities of FaceMod, are you ready to use this creativity powerhouse for quick face swaps? Let’s find out how to use it in simple steps!

Steps for Seamless Gender Swaps with FaceMod

First, go to FaceMod’s official website. Then use the following instructions to create powerful gender swaps with this tool.

Step 1. To start, click on “Sign Up” and create an account with FaceMod. Then, select the “AI Image Generator” tool from “AI Tools” and click “Generate Image Now” to start.

click generate image now

Step 2. Once you have opened the interface for the AI Image Generator, click on “Upload Photo.” Then import the source photo for the gender swap.

click upload photo

Step 3. Now, click on “My face” near the bottom right side of the page. Upload the picture of your face to swap with the uploaded picture. You can also select a face from various “Samples.”

import the source picture.

Step 4. Click on “Swap” to place the opposite gender face in your uploaded photo. Once the process is complete, click on “Download” to save your new photo to your device.

results of facemod’s gender swap

Step 5. If you don’t have a source photo to swap your gender, you can use FaceMod’s AI Portrait tool. Select the “AI Portrait” from the left panel and choose the template you want to use.

select ai portrait

Step 6. Select a face from “Samples” or upload your picture using “My face.” Then, click on “Generate” to automatically place your face over the main photo.

select a face to generate.

That’s it! Now you have successfully gender-swapped a photo with FaceMod. Download your photos and have a blast sharing them with a friend! Now, let’s look at the pricing of FaceMod’s powerful features.

What is FaceMod’s Pricing

Most of FaceMod’s features are free to use. You can use various free templates to gender-swap photos and videos and freely download them to your device. If you want to upload your own photos and videos, FaceMod offers cost-effective monthly and annual plans.

  • Monthly Plan: $9.99 / month
  • Annual Plan: $39.99 / year


Gender Swap with Photoshop is a fun way to explore another version of you. You can share your gender-swapped photos on social media and with friends for fun.

When it comes to Photoshop’s gender swap capabilities, they can be too intricate to handle. Beginners may find it hard to navigate the app. Plus the manual editing for gender swap can be tiresome.

That’s why tools like FaceMod come into play. FaceMod is not only fast but also highly accurate with its powerful AI technology. Try FaceMod and explore the endless ways for self-expression with stunning photo and video gender swaps. Still have questions about gender swaps? See if our FAQs help you out.

Get Started Online

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FAQ on Photoshop Gender Swap

  • How to convert a boy picture into a girl?
    FaceMod lets you convert your boy picture into a girl in a single click. You only need to upload your face picture and the source photo for the gender swap. FaceMod will automatically gender-swap your photo.
  • What is the filter that can swap your gender?
    A filter that changes your gender in a photo or video is usually called a Gender Swap filter. You can find it in most AI Photo editing apps that use AI technology to automatically put your real face over another photo.
  • What app can I use to swap my gender?
    You can use a photo editing app like FaceApp, FaceLab, and even Snapchat to swap your gender. TikTok also has a gender swap filter. You can also use an online gender swap tool called FaceMod.
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Apr 29, 24
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