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Top 7 Santa Face Swap Tools To Use for Christmas

Facemod Originally published Apr 09, 24, updated Apr 12, 24

Are you looking for something fun to do this Christmas? It’s still a bit early, but being prepared is always lovely. AI and its ability to transform people into random stuff is all the rage these days. Face-swapping technology, in particular, is being used to create funny faces for people, especially the users themselves. So, for this Christmas, you might want to add a Santa Claus face swap tool to the mix.

You can even make a Santa Claus version of yourself and post it on social media or send it as cards. Or, you can make a Santa face-swapping station where kids and adults can make fun versions of themselves. This article will guide you through all the best face-swapping tools that let you transform into Santa. Hop in and try out how you look sleighing on reindeer!

santa face swap card
In this article
  1. Top 7 Santa Face Swapping Tools
  2. How To Use Your Santa Face Swaps and Examples

Part 1. Top 7 Santa Face Swapping Tools

Without further ado, here are 2024’s top Santa face swap tools that you can use. For the best results, try out the AI tools listed here. The other ones provide you with a Santa template in which you can insert your face photos. The real face-swapping tech is with the AI face-swapping tools. They analyze the faces in pictures and swap them accordingly. Use front-facing photos for better outputs.


First on this list is FaceMod – a web-based face-swapping tool that lets you easily create fun and fantastic face swaps of yourself and other people. While most face-swapping AI tools require a dedicated, stable diffusion app or downloadable software, FaceMod removes the need for such. This way, every person will have access to high-end face-swapping technology. Here are some of its key features:

faceengine upload video portal
  • AI Image Generator. With the AI image generation capabilities of FaceMod, you can perform face swaps in seconds. Everything is done online and doesn’t require many resources from your computer.
  • AI Video Generator. FaceMod is not limited to pictures, meaning you can even create Santa face swap videos of yourself. It features 1000+ templates that you can use for other purposes, too.
  • AI Portrait. The AI’s face detection technology employs over 106+ facial key points. This magical feature lets it accurately swap your face over Santa’s or any other character or person’s.

FaceMod’s key features are why it’s currently on top of the face-swapping game. If you want to try it out for face swapping, go to the website, upload your photo, and follow the prompts. Here’s a more specific step-by-step process:

Step 1: Go and visit the FaceMod homepage. Then, log in with your account or Facebook, Apple, Google, or X (formerly Twitter) accounts. You can also Sign Up for a new account.

facemod sign up

Step 2: go to the AI Tools > AI Image Generator option. As the AI Image Generator page opens, press the Generate Image Now button to open the main editing interface.

facemod generate ai image

Step 3: From the AI Image Generator tool, click Upload Photo to add the image for face swapping.

Step 4: After uploading a photo, select a face from the available options on the bottom right or add your own face. Continue to click Swap to start the process.

Step 5: WThe face swaps within the photo within a few seconds. After reviewing the results, click Download to save it on your computer.


Next up is INSERTFACE.com, an online tool that lets you “insert faces” on their templates. The tool offers thousands upon thousands of images you can swap your face with.

Of course, if you can’t find anything you need, you can always use its Face Swap feature to choose any photo of your liking. As you can see in the photo below, INSERTFACE.com offers 7,986 Santa face swap images you can use.

Check out the online app – it’s all free of charge. Enjoy all its templates without the worry of commitment.

insertface santa filters


Pho.to, on the other hand, is an online photo editor. It has several fun effects, including the “Santa Yourself.” With Pho.to, you can create pixel-accurate face-in-the-hole edits without manually doing them.

Just upload your photo to a filter you like, and bam! You have your Santa face swap ready for downloading and sharing. After swapping your face, proceed to its Editor, Face Retouch, or Instant Fix menus to improve the photo.

The best thing about Pho.to is that it’s free, too. Try all its editing features, automated effects, and more without cost.

pho.to face swap santa portal


Photofunny is another online tool that uses face-in-the-hole technology to edit your photos. You can edit your photos, create montages, love cards, and more with its online website. To try out its Santa face swap tools, use the search bar. It will lead you to community-powered effects and filters you can all use for free. It’s an amazing tool for quick and funny edits for the family.

photofunny face swap santa portal


Next up is FACEinHOLE. You guessed it – it’s another face-swapping tool with thousands of Santa face-swap filters you can use. You’ll never run out of ideas with this one.

It even has different scenarios and video options that you can explore to create dynamic and fun content. Use it for social media, cards, or just a fun, simple face-swapping booth for Christmas or other occasions. You can search for a lot more face swap ideas and options.

Like the other tools, FACEinHOLE is completely free. You don’t have to spend a single dime to make the most out of its capabilities.

faceinhole face swap santa portal


PhotoFunia turns ordinary photos into unforgettable memories. Our clever face swap tool effortlessly blends faces into various scenes, including Santa’s iconic look. Whether you’re sending holiday greetings or just having a laugh, its face swap feature can surely bring joy to your loved ones.

It also offers hundreds of photo filters, effects, and face swap templates. So, if you feel bored of the Santa face swap, you can always try out other stuff. You can even use your photos, too. Plus, you can enjoy all of these features for free.

photofunia face swap santa portal


Lastly, you might have seen this app being used around in TikTok. CapCut is an authentically user-powered community filter app that lets you create funny, quirky, and creative videos with a simple click. CapCut has become synonymous with viral trends and engaging content.

The platform is buzzing with community-powered energy, offering an array of user-made templates that capture the spirit of Christmas. With CapCut, you can easily insert your face into a jolly Santa template, adding a personal touch to your holiday greeting. Just be sure to look for the right one.

capcut website home

Part 2. How To Use Your Santa Face Swaps and Examples

Once you’ve made your Santa Claus face swap, you might have some ideas for using it. But did you know you can make the most of it and use it for many things? Here are some excellent ideas, along with examples:

santa face swap with gifts

Christmas Cards

Spread the holiday cheer by turning your family photo into a Santa-themed Christmas card! Imagine everyone’s faces transformed into jolly old Saint Nick. It’s sure to bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces when they receive your festive greeting.

  • Example: A family photo where each member’s face is swapped with Santa’s, accompanied by a cheerful holiday message.

Social Media Posts

Share the season’s joy with your friends and followers on social media. Post your Santa face swap creations to brighten their feeds and spread Christmas magic. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, your Santa photos will get likes and comments.

  • Example: A collage of Santa face swaps featuring different friends or family members, with a caption like “Getting into the Christmas spirit with some festive face swaps! #SantaSelfies”

Profile Pictures

Give your profile picture a seasonal makeover with a Santa face swap. Whether for your Facebook profile, WhatsApp display picture, or even your work email, adding a touch of Santa to your profile will show off your holiday spirit to everyone who sees it.

  • Example: Your regular profile picture is replaced with one where you’re sporting Santa’s iconic red hat and beard, with twinkling eyes and rosy cheeks.

Party Invitations/Flyers

Planning a holiday party? Use your Santa face swap to create eye-catching invitations or flyers. Whether for a family gathering, office party, or neighborhood shindig, a Santa-themed invitation will surely excite everyone for the festivities.

  • Example: An invitation featuring a Santa face swap of the host, surrounded by party details like date, time, and location, along with a cheery message inviting guests to join the fun.

These are just a few ways to make the most of your Santa face swaps. Get creative and spread the joy of the Christmas season soon with your jolly transformations.


If you’re keen on experimenting with Santa face swaps, numerous tools are accessible online. While the internet boasts a plethora of apps, a good starting point is exploring options available in the App Store or Play Store. FaceMod stands out for its reliable and accurate face-swapping technology.

With FaceMod, you can astonish your friends with how convincingly you transform into Santa. It’s a dependable solution for spreading holiday cheer through your festive transformations. Whether you’re preparing Christmas cards, social media posts, or party invitations, FaceMod ensures your Santa face swaps look authentic and bring joy to all who see them.

Facemod Apr 12, 24
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