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The Funniest Pikachu Face Swaps You’ll See

Facemod Originally published Apr 09, 24, updated Apr 12, 24

You might know Pikachu. The cute Pokémon is one of the most famous around the world. Who doesn’t know about the electrifying, yellow Pokémon that zaps us with its cuteness? In fact, Pikachu is so cute that many people have tried to make face swaps of them, maybe hoping to become cute like him. Others even try to swap Pikachu’s face with that of other characters like his trainer, Ash, and many more.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re eager to see some Pikachu face swaps. This article will show you the funniest Ash and Pikachu face swaps. You can use them for inspiration or share them with your friends. Also, this article will teach you how to create your face swaps. Stay tuned for that.

pikachu with hat and light beads
In this article
  1. Funny Pikachu Face Swaps
  2. How To Create Your Own Pikachu Face Swaps

Part 1. Funny Pikachu Face Swaps

Here’s a collection of funny Pikachu face swaps that you might love. They’ve been collected from the internet based on how people reacted to them. Take a look and get some tissues because you might laugh and cry. You can even search for them afterward and save them to share with your friends. Later, you’ll also be taught how to do your face swaps.

Classic Ash and Pikachu Face Swap

This Ash and Pikachu face swap is a classic. These have been circling since the dawn of the internet, and for good reason. It’s uncharacteristically amusing, and Ash looks funny with Pikachu’s round eyes. Furthermore, Pikachu’s demeanor here looks uncanny, too. You’d imagine that Pikachu was the trainer here. It’s a funny meme you can send to your friends and make them wonder what’s wrong.

Moreover, whoever made this did such a good job that you won’t see anything wrong at first glance. Well, that’s until you look closely. This picture was taken from Imgur, but the original creator is in question.

pikachu and ash classic face swap

Ash-Pikachu Tied Up

Here’s another iteration of an Ash and Pikachu face swap. While Ash is not here, he’s using Pikachu’s face. This is funny because Pikachu has some human characteristics you wouldn’t usually see. And, without sugarcoating, he looks ugly, too. He seems stressed because he’s tied up, and you’ve never seen a Pikachu express this emotion before.

This photo was taken by user JCCCcarlos987, who posted it on DeviantArt, a hub for many funny pictures and art. Take a look at the website for more possibly funny face swaps.

pikachu ash face tied up

Ash and Pikachu Sitting Down Face Swap

Another Ash and Pikachu face swap is coming right at you! This picture shows Ash and Pikachu curiously looking at something while sitting down. Except, of course, their faces are swapped! It’s funny because humans like Ash shouldn’t have round and fully dark eyes. And everyone’s used to seeing Pikachu with those cute round eyes! Now, he has human expressions thanks to Ash’s eyes.

This is another masterpiece from user JCCCcarlos987 in DeviantArt.

pikachu and ash face swap sitting

Angry Ash and Pikachu Face Swap

Here’s the last Ash and Pikachu face swap for this list, promise! It’s just so funny to look at Pikachu having human-like expressions. In this picture, he’s now mad, too! Ash is looking weird with Pikachu’s sharp canine teeth as well. Looking at it, you’ll be sure to burst a laugh or at least find it uncanny.

This picture was posted by user @SmoshGames of X (formerly Twitter), garnering around 97 reposts and 263 likes. If you find it funny, don’t worry; other people did, too.

pikachu and ash angry face swap

Sonic and Pikachu Face Swap

Next up is a photo taken from the live actions. As you may know, the live-action Sonic and Pikachu were the subject of ridicule when they were released. It’s not ugly, but people may have found it weird to see the cute cartoon characters realistically. Of course, online users took the chance to make a funny Sonic-Pikachu face swap. Internet users don’t let anything fly by!

This specific picture was taken from Redditor potatocruncher74. It’s a funny iteration of the Pikachu face swap that you will surely love. They look uncanny but accurate! You won’t even know they’re face-swapped if you haven’t seen them together in one picture. It’s for the books on the funny face swaps on the internet.

pikachu and sonic face swap

Spongebob and Pikachu Face Swap

Last on the list is a Pikachu-Spongebob face swap. Two yellow characters look funny when their faces are exchanged. Just look at the photo. Spongebob would have sold more Krabby Patties if he just had Pikachu’s cute face. On the other hand, it’s pretty unsure if Ash would have taken Pikachu with two big teeth and super-round eyes. It’s a treat to look at, and it showcases the internet’s creativity.

They know no bounds when it comes to creating funny face swaps. Redditor ThatsAn_L created this particular image. They sure are a creative one!

pikachu and spongebob face swap

If you want to use the photos provided here for sharing, you can freely do so. However, sharing them as your own requires the creator’s consent, so message them first. After all, the links are provided from where they were initially posted.

Part 2. How To Create Your Own Face Swaps

Hold your horses now; the fun is just starting. After seeing some funny face swaps, you might have had some inspiration to create your own Pikachu face swaps. Remember, you can choose any character in the world, or even yourself, to face-swap Pikachu with. You’re in the right place if you want to do just that. This section will teach you how to create your face swaps using FaceMod.

A Quick View of FaceMod

facemod homepage

FaceMod is one of the latest products. It brings the power of AI image generation and face-swapping to the palm of your hand (or your browser, specifically). It’s sure to bring you the power to create fun and laughs with a simple image it created. Since it’s web-based, you don’t have to download complicated stable diffusion apps or choose suitable models. FaceMod does the work for you.

To know more about this powerful tool, here are its key features:

  • AI Image & Video Generation. FaceMod revolves around image generation with the help of AI. While the standard face swap tool will require you to use complicated keywords and upload references, FaceMod requires three steps. Upload a photo, swap it with over 1000+ templates (you might find a Pikachu template here), and you’re ready.
  • AI Portrait. FaceMod’s technology recognizes over 106+ facial key points, so you know it’s accurate. It can deal with cartoon characters and real-life pictures, so Pikachu face swaps are easy. This high-end technology is what sets it apart from other image generators or face-swapping tools. Others merely put the subject picture into a template. This one, well, analyzes photos for pixel-perfect face swap accuracy.
  • Fully Online. Since FaceMod is fully online, so you don’t have to download anything. Enjoy the power of AI technology straight from your browser. If you have a not-so-beefy computer, that’s no problem at all.

The possibilities are endless with this innovative online app. Here’s a specific step-by-step method to face swap:

  • Step 1: Launch your web browser and visit FaceMod. Login with your Facemod, Facebook, Apple, Google, or X (formerly Twitter) account.
facemod sign up
  • Step 2: Click AI Feature > AI Image Generator.
facemod ai portrait
  • Step 3: Click AI Portrait on the left-hand panel and choose a style you want to use.
facemod ai portrait styles
  • Step 4: On the Samples area, choose My face and upload your photo. Then, click Generate.
facemod generate ai portrait
  • Step 5: FaceMod will take some time to process your photos. Once done, click the Download icon and get your AI generated image. 


Overall, Pikachu face swaps can give you just the right laughs you need. If you want to download examples from the internet, you’re free to do that. Just remember to ask for the creator’s consent before doing so. If you don’t want to go through this process, creating face swaps with FaceMod is always an option. With this powerful tool, AI technology is brought to your hands.

Remember to use face-swapping tech like FaceMod responsibly. Never use other people’s photos without consent. The key to fun with face-swapping is having no problems once you release an image. So, be sure to wield the power given by FaceMod ethically.

Facemod Apr 12, 24
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