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Top-Rated Face and Head Swap AI Tools You Need to Know

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published Apr 25, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

This article will help you learn about head swappers. You will learn about the potential advantages they offer. We'll also talk about the best head swapper and other great options and explain everything you want to know about how AI head swap works.

We will discuss six different head swap AI tools and show you how to use the best recommended one step by step. We'll help you discover a fun way to make your stream more interesting.

In this article
  1. All You Want to Know About Face and Head Swap AI
  2. Choosing among the Best Face and Head Swappers in 2024
  3. Conclusion

Part 1: All You Want to Know About Face and Head Swap AI

Someone who has ever taken pictures of their family or a group of people knows how annoying it is when people close their eyes, turn their heads, or make faces that you don't want them to. These things may undermine a great picture. You can save the picture if you use an AI head swap.

Swapping heads has always been an important part of creative photo editing. It lets you make amazing changes and create interesting visual stories.

When you use head swapper, you can put together funny and one-of-a-kind photos that will make everyone laugh. You can now see how you look when you change your head in pictures to another head.

1.1 Why is an AI head swap more beneficial than a manual head swap?

Head swap AI technology lets people have fun, be creative, and improve visual material. It helps to maintain their privacy and ease of access.

AI Head swap Manual Head swap
Security: It lets people swap out their own heads or names for others, so they can stay anonymous while doing things online.
Recreation: It lets people make funny or creative works, which makes social media more fun and engaging.
Easy access: It makes things more accessible by making it easy for anyone to change photos without needing to know a lot about editing.
Artistic Expression: People can express themselves more creatively, and visual storytelling lets them try on new roles and situations.
Graphic Features: AI head swap makes composite pictures more realistic, which makes movies, ads, and digital art more immersive.
Exhaustive Procedure: When you manually swap heads, you have to choose and change facial traits. It takes a lot of time and makes updating difficult. It can take hours to finish, which makes it a difficult and tiring process.
Minimal Correctness: The end product from the manual method can still look fake and unnatural. It's not easy to match the lighting, angles, and emotions on the two faces. It also makes the result wrong because the content is swapped around.
Restricted Usefulness and Ineffectiveness: Some images or videos can't be used in these ways, and they aren't very good at what they do. It works best when the two faces are switched about the same size, shape, and direction. Also, this method doesn't work well for a lot of pictures or movies, so it's not very useful.
Manual Procedures and Risks of Errors: In the old way of doing things, people had to help with every step of the process. It takes a long time and makes mistakes more likely. If you make these mistakes, the end effect might look fake and not real. So, there are choices that work better and are more reliable than manually swapping heads.

1.2 What is a face-and-head swap?

Face swaps and head swaps are ways to edit photos that change people's faces. In face swap, two faces are switched around in a picture to make it look funny or strange. It's often found in filters and apps for social media.

Head swap, on the other hand, is when the body stays the same but the head is switched between people. This means that, when you edit photos, a head swap helps you replace the features of one person's face on top of the features of another person's face in a digital picture.

People often use this fun method to make combined pictures. For both swaps to work, you need software that can recognize facial traits and blend and change faces so they look natural.

Part 2: Choosing among the Best Face and Head Swappers in 2024

Face Swap is what you need if you only want to change faces in photos and not swap the whole head. You don't get that weird look that comes with switching the whole head. You only need to tap a few times on the face swap tool. You can swap looks like a pro with FaceHub, which opens up a lot of fun options. This great tool can help you swap the faces of the pictures in the best way possible. Not only that, but you can also turn serious pictures into funny memes and GIFs.

1. FaceHub (Online tool)

FaceHub website interface

Price: $9.99 per month and $39.99 annually

Available on: Online


Expertise: FaceHub makes it easy to switch faces quickly and can be shared anywhere.

Key Features of FaceHub

  • It can change your face into that of the movie character in the most genuine way.
  • This tool comes with many customizable themes and built-in templates.
  • It carries Numerous movie and photo templates.


  • This app lets users turn photos into animations by changing the faces and reactions of the people in them.
  • You can also make memes and photos that look funny by swapping the faces of people in different photos.


  • Its free trial version only lets you use a few features, so you can't use all of the advanced customization choices and effects.
  • The AI head swap feature is missing, which means users can't easily switch whole heads in photos.

How to Swap Faces on FaceHub (step-by-step guide)

FaceHub can be utilized to swap faces in pictures using AI. Here is a step-by-step guide to swap the faces:

Step 1: Go to the FaceHub website and click on the "Get Started Now" button on the home page.

Get Started Online

safe visit100% safe & secure

Step 2: After a new window opens, click Upload to upload your image for the face swap.

upload photo for face swap

Step 3: Once the picture has been uploaded successfully, choose a face from the sample in the bottom right corner of the window or share your face by clicking "Add Face" under the "My Face" tab. To do the face change, tap the "Swap" button after the picture has been chosen or uploaded.

start face swapping photo

Step 4: Save the picture to your device by clicking the "Download" button.

download the face swap photo

Get Started Online

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2. Wondershare AILab (Online tool)

wondershare aIlab website interface

Price:$9.9 for 50 credits

Available on: iOS / Android


Best for: Image & video generation, smart cutout and content enhancer

Prominent Key Features:

  • It's all about digital creation and includes processing video, images, and sounds.
  • It has a strong free online AI head swap feature that lets you swap faces and heads with just one click to make funny memes or improve group photos.
  • It works with many image, video, and audio files, making it flexible and simple to use.
  • AILab also has API services for custom requests, which makes it a useful tool for artistic projects.


  • Gives people of all skill levels a tool that is simple to use.
  • Widespread access is possible because it works with many devices and running systems.


  • For more advanced features, you usually have to pay for a higher version.

3. Face Swapper AI (Online tool)

face swapper ai interface

Price: Free/subscription at $6.9/month (199 credits)

Available on: Online

Rating: N/A

Best for: Adding faces to reference pictures and making GIFs that change faces

Prominent Key Features:

  • Change your face to one of their model pictures.
  • For face swap tests, you can first use the three model files for free before you buy credits.
  • This online tool now has a new feature called Animated Face Swap. It has 6 animation themes that you can use to make face-swapped gifs that look like memes.


  • The app lets you add creative effects to your pictures and make them move.
  • Users can also switch faces and genders to change their appearance.


  • It crashes for some users when they try to change pictures, telling them, "Something Went Wrong."

4. Fotor (Online tool)

fotor website interface


Available on: Online


Best for:

  • Fotor's AI head swapper comes in third place among many AI head swap tools.
  • It offers you a fast solution for the extensive process of AI head swap.
  • It's great for fixing flaws in group photos and lets you make them look better with filters, changing the size of the heads, and blending the edges.
  • This makes it easy to make perfect group pictures.

Prominent Key Features

  • Graphic Designer
  • Collage Maker
  • AI Photo Enhancer
  • Background Remover
  • Photo to Art
  • AI Image Generator


  • AI-powered editing tools make it easy and quick to improve photos.
  • Different features can satisfy various artistic needs.
  • There are a lot of ways to change things, filters, and effects.


  • The pictures made by AI might look more real.
  • The free plan doesn't have any AI tools.

5. FaceApp (Android/iOS)

faceapp application interface

Price: Free/subscription at $10/month

Available on: iOS and Android

Rating: 4.7

Best for: Face Swap, Gender Swap, Beauty Filters

Prominent Key Features

  • Comes with more than 60 filters
  • Make yourself look better and get a realistic makeover for the best selfie you've ever taken. This is the AI change that went viral on the internet.
  • Even out any lines and spots.
  • Try different things with your beard hair.


  • You can have fun changing the face pictures or use them for work.
  • This feature can accurately predict how your face will look in the future, and it can also take you to a view of your younger face.


  • It gathers a lot of information about its users.

6. Face Swap Live (Android/iOS)

face swap live app interface

Price:$0.99 (Paid)

Available on: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.5

Best for: Face Swap Live is the best solution to switch faces.

Prominent Key Features:

  • It's easy to switch faces in real-time while your camera is taking videos.
  • Be the best at instant changes, and make your friends laugh with your tricks.
  • You can pick any movie and switch the faces around to make a whole new, fun work of art.


  • You can switch faces with friends or famous people right away in live video.
  • Offers hours of fun and laughter for meetings and parties.
  • It lets you be artistic with a wide range of fun filters and effects.


  • Could have delays or bugs, especially on older models.


People who want to quickly and easily swap heads and faces have found the best AI head swap and face swap tools above to be useful. They have advanced AI features and easy-to-use interfaces that make switching heads a breeze. This means that your pictures and creative projects will be perfect in no time.

Fotor and AILab are two AI head swap tools that aren't great right now, but they will likely be updated soon to make them better. Face swap, on the other hand, looks more realistic and nice to look at than head swap AI.

You can use FaceHub to keep the head's original shape, which makes switching between faces smooth.

Get Started Online

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  • Why should you choose FaceHub over other face and head swappers?
    FaceHub is the best choice because it is easy to use, flexible, and lets you change photos without any problems. It sticks out from other head and face swappers because it has easy-to-use features and a lot of customization options. It's a great choice for many projects.
  • How Do You Align with Ethics While Using Head Swap AI?

    It's fun to use these AI face and head swappers, but some social issues come up. You need to make sure that switching faces and heads is always done honestly. It's important to get permission before using any software that changes your face. Getting permission is important, even if you're not using it for business.

    Spreading false information is another social issue. It might hurt their image. The altered movie or picture shouldn't cause any harm.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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