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Funny Face Swaps: 3 Tools to Create Them With, and More

Facemod Originally published Apr 09, 24, updated Apr 12, 24

Lately, face-swapping has been the rage all around social media. Popular social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok have face-swapping filters that anyone can use. Most of them are made by the users, too. This is why everyone’s going crazy about using these filters – they’re plenty, funny, and abundant! However, since these are pre-made, users might be left wanting for more.

This is where AI face-swapping technology comes in. Many people use them to create funny face swaps of their favorite characters with celebrities, themselves, or other characters. If you’re looking for some face swap examples to laugh about or want to look for tools to make them, you’re in the right place. This article will provide the tools and funny face swap ideas to get started.

frog and cat face swap
In this article
  1. 3 Tools You Can Use for Creating Funny Face Swaps
  2. A Collection of Funny Face Swaps Found Online
  3. Ideas To Make Funny Face Swaps

Part I. 3 Tools You Can Use for Creating Funny Face Swaps

Before diving into the funny face swap inspirations, here are some tools you can use. They’ve been handpicked to ensure you won’t go wrong with these tools. They’re powerful and backed by excellent reviews from the face-swapping community. Read through to learn more about how to create funny face swap photos online or on your mobile phone.


First off is FaceMod. While most face-swapping tools require you to use complicated stable diffusion and some sprinkle of coding, FaceMod brings the best and the newest technology to you. It’s easy to use, so you can easily create funny face-swap memes. These are some of its features:

facemod upload photo
  • AI Image Generation. FaceMod’s face-swapping tech does not simply swap faces; it analyzes them. Through AI image generation capabilities, it can understand what makes human faces unique and appropriately combine them. This means that you can get pixel-perfect face swaps. You won’t see any blurry outlines like you do with most face-swapping filters or apps.
  • AI Video Generation.The app does not stop with image face-swapping. It can generate face swap videos with over 1000+ templates you can start with. Do not limit yourself to images, as FaceMod can give you much more.
  • AI Portrait.In addition to its excellent face-analysis capabilities, it also understands the human face (and animals) with over 106+ key facial points.
  • Online Tool. The best thing about FaceMod is that you don’t have to download anything. It’s available straight from your browser.

More than these features, getting started with FaceMod is easy. Just visit the website and upload your photo; it will work for you. Like any other face-swapping tool, it’s best to use front-facing images. Here’s a detailed step-by-step:

  • Step 1: Launch your browser and visit FaceMod’s website. Login with your Wondershare account or Sign Up to make one. If you don’t want to, you can always use your Facebook, Google, Apple, X (formerly Twitter) or Google accounts.
facemod sign up
  • Step 2: From the AI Image Generator tool, click Upload Photo to add the image for face swapping.After uploading a photo, select a face from the available options on the bottom right or add your own face. Continue to click Swap to start the process.
facemod ai portrait
  • Step 3: After FaceMod processes your photos within a few seconds. After reviewing the results, click Download to save it on your computer.


Banuba – Funny Face Swap is a mobile app with over 100+ face filters. Of course, it includes a face-swapping tool primarily designed to create funny face swaps. With over 1 million downloads in the Play Store, you know it’s a powerful and reliable tool many use. Experiment with celebrities’, characters’, and animals’ faces and swap them with yours. Anything you can think of, Banuba can make that possible straight from your phone.

banuba play store page


As this article’s last suggestion, ReFace is another viable option for creating funny face swaps. You can even use Reface to make funny face-swap videos. This powerful app goes beyond simple face-swapping. Reface utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to transform your photos and videos. Reface is your one-stop shop for all things photo and video editing, powered by the magic of AI. It’s available online and on iOS or Android.

reface website

Part II. A Collection of Funny Face Swaps Found Online

Now that you’ve seen some tools that you can use, here’s a collection of funny face swaps found online. From funny animal face swaps to funny celebrity face swaps, this list will not fail you. Ready your tummy because this list will make it hurt from laughing. You can also use these photos as inspiration for your next face-swapping project.

Take a look here, share them with your friends, or be inspired by what face-swapping tech offers.

#1: Funny Baby and Father Face Swap

As an introduction to this list, here’s a funny face swap of a father and his baby. It’s pretty disturbing to look at, but it will give you a laugh or two. You’ll never think that someone still small will have such a mature and smiling face like that. Not to mention, of course, the eerie face on the father.

funny baby and father swap

#2: Woman and a Baby Pig Animal Face Swap

Another face swap idea is to swap your face with any other animal. As you see in this photo, that’s what this woman did. Now, she has the nose of the pig, while the pig has her features! It’s funny because you’ve probably never seen a person with a pig nose and eyes. This is creative!

pig and woman face swap

#3: Toddler and Cat Face Swap

As the saying goes, pets are just like babies. Well, that’s what this funny animal face swap is all about. Due to face-swapping with the baby, the cat now looks just like Garfield. The baby, however, seems somehow different.

baby and cat face swap

#4: Man and Doll Face Swap

Now, how about face-swapping with toys? That’s possible, too. Just look at what this man did. The doll with the big round face got the man’s features. While the man, however, looks weird. He has doll eyes!

man and doll face swap

#5: Face Swap With Baby Gone Wrong

Now, this error with face swapping gave us a funny photo. At first glance, you’ll see the baby’s face has changed. Look at the man’s face next. The baby face-swapped with his dad’s nose!

nose and baby face swap

#6: Baby and Father Face Swap

Dads love to play with their kids. One way of playing with them is with face swaps. Look at another funny face swap between a loving dad and a kid. It’s cute and humorous at the same time!

dad and child face swap

#7: Jack-O-Lantern Face Swap

Now, this one’s a treat, literally! If you’re looking for the perfect idea for Halloween photos, try face-swapping with your Jack-O-Lantern, just like this person did. You’ll never expect to be trick-or-treated with a Jack-O-Lantern with a person’s face.

man and lantern swap

#8: Widened Mouth Face Swap

Rule #1 of face-swapping is to use clear, front-facing photos. Rule #2: Don’t mush your face while taking the picture. You’ll get this result when you face swap with your mouth stretched by your hands. It’s an unexpectedly funny face swap!

#9: Baby and… Oven?

The last on our list is a bit scary. You’ll never know how face-swapping technology works. Sometimes, it works well; sometimes, it swaps your baby’s face with the oven switches. Either way, it’s funny!

baby and oven face swap

Part III. Ideas To Make Funny Face Swaps

Ready to take your face-swapping skills to the next level? Dive into some surefire ways to create laugh-out-loud, funny face swaps.

  • Beyond Human.Swap faces with inanimate objects, your furry companions, or iconic fictional characters. Imagine your boss with a grumpy cat’s face or your friend morphing into a superhero!
  • Friend Fun. This is a classic for a reason! Swap faces with your friends and capture their hilarious reactions. You can recreate funny moments from movies together or switch places in a photo for a good chuckle.
  • Baby Boom.Babies’ faces are naturally funny, so swapping them with adults creates an undeniable comedic effect. Imagine your friend’s serious expression on a giggling baby, or vice versa!
  • Fine-tuning (optional).While AI technology does a great job, you can enhance the humor by subtly adjusting the face swaps in a photo editing app.
  • Imperfect is Perfect.Remember, sometimes the funniest face swaps are the ones that go a little “off.” Just look at the examples provided above.


This guide has equipped you with a toolbox of funny face swap ideas and editing tips. Feel free to share this list with your friends to spark even more creative face-swapping sessions. Remember, the key to face-swapping is creativity and the right tools.

Whether you’re looking to recreate iconic movie scenes, swap places with your pet, or witness the comedic magic of a baby with your friend’s face, FaceMod provides the perfect platform to unleash your inner prankster. So, download FaceMod today and get ready to share some serious laughs!

Facemod Apr 12, 24
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