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The Best Face Swap Online Tools: A Top 10 List

Richard Brown
Richard Brown Originally published Apr 25, 24, updated Jun 14, 24

Have you ever tried a face swap tool to change the face in the photo or video for fun? Are you still changing faces on Photoshop or other photo editors manually? If yes, here you can try the advanced AI face swap online tools to complete the face swap online. Therefore, you can get rid of the complicated manual steps and swap your face with ease. Here you can see the top 10 best face swap AI tools to see how you look with a different face in just a few taps!

In this article

Part 1. Top 10 AI Face Swap Online Tools

Check out these top 10 face swap tools available online. We'll go through each tool, giving a quick overview to assist you in choosing the right AI face changer tool that suits your needs.

1. FaceHub

Get ready to be amazed by FaceHub! This online face swap tool is more than just your typical face swap tool. With FaceHub, you can easily swap faces on a picture with ease. It is available online, so there's no need to install anything.

FaceHub face swap tool

Key Features

  • Simple interface with no ads or watermarks
  • Swaps face on video or image with one click
  • Supports to animate your photos or generate different styles of portrait
  • Removes face-swapped images/videos within 24 hours to ensure your privacy
Pros Cons
Easy-to-use interface
Preview before downloading, all for free
Have no ads and watermarks
AI anime/AI portrait generator available
Might be pricey for some people
The free version comes with restricted features

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2. Deepswap.ai

Deepswap lets users create face swap content like videos, photos, and GIFs effortlessly. Its features range from swapping faces in movie roles to changing genders and crafting face memes.

deepswap face swap tool

Key Features

  • A web-based tool, no need for installation
  • Facilitates face swapping in videos, photos, and GIFs
  • Offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • There are no watermarks on the output.
Pros Cons
Works on web and mobile apps.
You're able to transfer credits between the web and mobile platforms.
Access to free AI image editing tools.
AI face-changing features have consistent accuracy
Lack of a free trial option.
Usage is based on credits, with no availability of unlimited plans.
There are upload limits for video, image, and GIF files.

3. Artguru

Artguru is a website tool designed for face swap faces on photos effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface lets you upload photos to detect faces with ease.

artguru face swap tool

Key features

  • Automatically detects single and multiple faces
  • Provides Diva templates and allows avatar creation
  • Supports single and multiple face-swapping
  • Includes a video face-swapping feature
Pros Cons
Provides built-in templates for selfie face swapping
Allows detection and swapping of multiple faces
Supports video face-swapping
The free version has limited features

4. Face Swapper

Face Swapper is one of the top free AI face swap tools available online. You can use this tool without registering an account. Simply upload your selfie and let them detect your face.

face swapper face swap tool

Key features

  • Generates animated avatars
  • Provides realistic transformation of scanned faces
  • Offers presets and the ability to create GIFs and videos
Pros Cons
Allows creation of videos and GIFs
No account setup required
Enables creation of avatars from movies, anime, and more
Doesn't function well with low-quality images
The free plan limits to 10 credits per day

5. Pica AI

Pica is a face-swap tool that is easy to use. It's crafted for both personal and professional purposes, allowing users to swap faces in images with ease, regardless of their expertise.

pica ai face swap tool

Key features

  • Boasts an extensive library of templates
  • Provides fast and simple face swapping functionality
  • Generates high-resolution images suitable for downloading and sharing across various platforms
  • Allows downloading of all converted files without any watermarks
Pros Cons
Quick face detection and swapping, saving users time.
Maintains high output quality despite its simplicity.
Have a user-friendly interface, suitable for both beginners and professionals.
This tool needs a strong internet connection for optimal performance
Primarily focused on face swapping and may lack advanced editing features.
Occasional errors in face detection may occur.

6. Reface

Reface is a photo app powered by Artificial Intelligence. It allows users to enhance their faces, experiment with face swaps, alter hairstyles, apply filters and effects, and more.

reface face swap tool

Key features

  • Reface lets users quickly swap faces in videos, GIFs, or photos.
  • It features a face photo animator called Revive, which animates static images by making faces talk and dance.
  • Users can virtually try on outfits using Reface AI.
Pros Cons
Provides a wide range of filters, effects, and templates to choose from.
Enables users to easily share their creations on social media platforms or save them to their devices.
Respects users' privacy by not storing or misusing their personal data.
Can use a significant amount of battery power and data.
May encounter difficulties with certain faces or videos due to lighting, angle, or quality issues.

7. Remaker.ai

Remaker AI stands out as a distinctive AI face-changer tool that is available online. Remaker is a free tool, dedicated to providing enjoyable and flawless face swaps for its users.

remaker face swap tool

Key Features

  • Detects multiple faces
  • Gender Swap feature available
  • Generates AI fashion models with face-swapping
  • Allows manipulation of backgrounds
Pros Cons
Lets you edit photos and restore them with face-swapping
Preview face swap effects before finalizing
Compatible with mobile devices like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox
Advanced features may be challenging for beginners to use
The video face swap feature is still in development

8. HeyEditor

HeyEditor is an online platform powered by AI for editing both photos and videos. You can easily upload your media to do things like AI face-swapping, turning images into anime styles, and improving photo quality for better resolution and detail.

facemagic face swap tool

Key Features

  • Photo & video face swap
  • Transform photos into anime-style
  • Enhancing photo quality using AI-driven enhancement tools
  • There are demo options to try out features before committing to the full service
Pros Cons
Produces high-resolution results
Easy-to-use interface
Delivers detailed photo enhancements
It doesn't have advanced editing tools.
Faceswaps might not always be accurate.
The photo-to-anime feature has limited capabilities.

9. Fotor

As a professional face swap online tool, Fotor delivers results that are realistic and flawless. With a few steps, you can quickly and accurately replace faces in photos.

fotor face swap tool

Key Features

  • Access preset templates or upload your favorite ones.
  • Swap faces in seconds with AI Face Change.
  • Enjoy added fun with the gender switch feature for selfies.
  • Enhance your beauty with a variety of hair styling options.
Pros Cons
Has a straightforward interface that simplifies the process of swapping faces in a photo.
The face swap operation is quick, taking only a few seconds.
Supports only one face swap per photo.
Ads are displayed on the interface when using the free version.

10. MioCreate

It's a professional GIF face changer tool that helps you identify and swap faces in a new picture. It's compatible with Android, iPhone, and online platforms, allowing face swaps on various devices.

miocreate face swap tool

Key Features

  • Support swap faces in single photos, multiple faces, GIFs, and videos.
  • Use AI technology to enable multiple face swaps.
  • Offers various face swap options including painting, celebrity, movie roles, and memes.
Pros Cons
It has accurate face recognition.
Has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Provides convenient sharing options for social media platforms.
Requires manual face swapping for GIF photos.

Part 2. Compare the Top 10 AI Face Swap Tools

Here is the comparison of each AI face swap tool on the list.

Tools Features Ease of Use Device Compatibility Pricing
FaceHub Face swap, gender swap, AI anime, & more Easy Online $9.99/month or $39.99/year.
Deepswap.ai Face swap photos, videos, and GIFs, enhance photos, removes background Easy Online $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
Artguru Provides Diva templates and allows avatar creation, supports single and multiple face swap Moderate Online Starts at $3.33/month
Face Swapper Animated avatars, offer presets and the ability to create GIFs and videos Moderate Online, Android & iOS Starts at $29/year
Pica AI Extensive library of templates, generates high-resolution images,
downloading all files without any watermarks.
Easy Online & iOS Monthly plan for $4.99/month and Annual plan for $1.67/month
Reface AI and deepfake technology, high-quality face swap results, a wide variety of templates Easy Online, Android & iOS Free
Remaker.ai Face swap, gender Swap, AI fashion models Easy Online $29/year or $49/year
HeyEditor Photo & video face swap, photo-to-anime, photo enhancer Easy Online Start from $19.99 per month
Fotor Face swap, gender switch, enhance portrait Moderate Online, Android & iOS Start from $3.33 to $7.49/month, billed annually
MioCreate AR technology, face swap, Easy Online Free

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Part 3. How to Choose the Right AI Face Swap Tool?

We've compiled a detailed list of the best AI face swaps online for free and paid. But how do you pick the right one from this list? Here's a list of features to consider, ensuring you select the perfect tool for an enhanced face-swapping experience.

  • Accuracy of Face Recognition

Ensure the tool accurately detects and recognizes faces for seamless swapping.

  • Quality of Face Swap Results

Look for tools that produce high-quality and realistic face swap outcomes without distortion.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Opt for tools with intuitive interfaces that make the swapping process easy and accessible for all users.

  • Privacy and Security

Prioritize face swap tools that prioritize user privacy and security, so that your personal data is protected and not misused.

By considering these features, you can make an informed decision and select the perfect AI face swap tool for an enhanced face-swapping experience.

Out of the list above, FaceHub is the best choice for an AI face swap tool. FaceHub lets you swap your face into celebrities, videos, and other templates without watermark. It offers premium features at a reasonable price. Now you might be wondering how to get started with FaceHub. Let's walk through the step-by-step process of using FaceHub to transform faces in your images.

Part 4. How to Use The Best Face Swap Online Tool to Swap Face Online?

Follow the guides below to learn how to use FaceHub to face swap your face into another person’s face:

Step 1. Go to the FaceHub official website and click “Get Started Now” to start the process.

Get Started Online

try to face swap online tool FaceHub

Step 2. Then a new tab will open. There, you can upload a picture for the face swap. Just make sure the file isn't bigger than 20 MB for photos or 500 MB for videos up to 5 minutes long.

upload a photo you want to face swap

Step 3. After FaceHub finishes analyzing the face on the photo, the uploaded photos will appear. Then, you can choose the face from the list provided or choose your own photo on the right side of the screen. And click “Swap” to start generating the face swap.

choose target face or use your own photo

Step 4. When both faces of the images have successfully swapped, you will be directed to the preview page. If you are satisfied with the result, you can click “Download” at the top-right side of the screen.

preview the face swap result and download it

In addition to the feature for face swap faces on photos, FaceHub also has a feature for face swap videos. It lets you swap faces on any videos and create entertaining content, such as putting yourself in a movie scene. With its advanced facial recognition technology, FaceHub can easily create face swap photos or videos with natural-looking results.

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When it comes to selecting the best AI face swap tool, FaceHub comes as the top choice among the options available online. It's a standout choice among the many options available online. FaceHub is super easy to use, has no ads or watermarks, and offers cool features like swapping genders and creating AI anime. Plus, it takes your privacy seriously by automatically deleting swapped images after 24 hours.

While other tools have their perks, FaceHub's simplicity, versatility, and reliability make it the go-to option for anyone wanting to play around with face swapping. Try out FaceHub today and see how it can turn your photos into fun, new creations!

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Richard Brown
Richard Brown Jun 14, 24
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