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Face Swap Live Review 2024: Pros, Cons, Alternatives & More

Facemod Originally published Mar 29, 24, updated Apr 11, 24

Whether you want to supercharge your creativity or just participate in the cool and interactive social media trends, you might want to try an AI face-swapping tool. Face Swap Live is one such interesting app that helps you switch up your face with anything and create hilarious edits in seconds.

The AI live face swap app switches faces live right from the camera's video feed — using nothing but static photos. While this simple and basic tool can get the job done, it's only available on mobile phones — meaning you would need to download Face Swap Live from the Google Play Store or App Store to use the tool.

face swap live with face swapping tools

We've tested the application to create this detailed Face Swap Live review, where we'll reveal everything from its working to pros and cons, as well as alternatives.

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  1. What is Face Swap Live?
  2. How Does Face Swap Live Work?
  3. Pros & Cons
  4. Best Face Swap Live Alternative: FaceMod AI-Powered Deep Fake Tech

What is Face Swap Live?

Face Swap Live is a simple AI face-swapping tool that swaps faces into any photo, video, or GIF. It uses facial recognition technology and is available on both Android and iOS devices. While Face Swap Live is a decent tool, some users may find the interface a little clunky.

what is face swap live app

Face Swap Live app has some good features, like effects, filters, and the ability to take photos or videos with the swapped face. Its image search feature allows people to find images on the Internet and then swap faces with the app. However, you'll have to pay nearly $9.99 to try the AI Face Swap Live.

How Does Face Swap Live Work?

Face Swap Live appstarts working when you download Face Swap Live and upload any photo to the platform and use its face swapping feature to switch faces in real-time. It also allows you to record videos or photos while swapping faces with friends, celebrities, or any funny picture available on the Internet. Here are some good features of Face Swap Live application:

  • Swap with Friends: If you and your friend want to swap faces with each other, try Face Swap Live! Simply point the camera toward the faces, and the AI tool will swap faces right away!
  • Swap with Filters & Photos: You can either pick any 3D filter or effect available on the app or search for an image on the Internet to swap faces with.
  • Mask Costume Mode:With this feature, you can add glasses, hats, or even beards on your face for a hilarious look.

As we can see, you need to download the mobile application on an iPhone or Android device to use the Face Swap Live app. This could be a major limitation for those who don't want to install any app on their device. That's why it is important to look for an alternative that works online without the need to download or install anything.

Pros & Cons

Face Swap Live is a mobile application that works on both iPhone and Android — but it lacks an online version and cannot be used on desktops. For this reason, many people look for an alternative that works well on devices and effortlessly swaps faces in photos and videos. Here, we'll reveal some pros and cons of Face Swap Live that you'll need to keep in mind before using the swapping tool.

  • Face Swap Live has a simple interface that's ideal for beginners.
  • It allows users to record both videos and photos, followed by swapping faces.
  • It lets users swap their faces during live videos — making it easier to enjoy face-swapping during live streaming.
  • The Face Swap Live app is not available online and requires installation on the device.
  • You cannot test the AI face-swapping tool for free.
  • It lacks some advanced features that are available in many of thebest live face swap app

Best Face Swap Live Alternative: FaceMod AI-Powered Deep Fake Tech

If you are looking for a Face Swap Live alternative that can be used online — without the need to download any application, try FaceMod. The face swap online helps anyone to try high-definition templates, experience many AI styles, and swap faces online — and, that too, with a click!

wondershare facemod face swap ai tool

FaceMod is a decent online face-swapping tool that allows you to swap faces in any photo or video — and even during live streaming. It's a versatile tool that's designed to create funny memes, preview makeup looks or hairstyles, or even view the effects of aging on the face. There are many face templates available that are customizable and easy to use — even for beginners!

Here's what makes FaceMod different from other face swap live video or photo tools:

  • Easy to Use: FaceMod uses a self-developed video face-swapping AI engine and generates face-swapping photos/videos with one click.
  • Free Templates: There are many templates available, so you can customize the template content to meet your needs.
  • Safe and Ad-Free:FaceMod is a safe and ad-free AI face-swapping tool. It also supports customizing video template content and swapping faces anytime.

If you want to try FaceMod to switch faces online, here are the steps you'll need to follow:

  • Step 1: To get started, go to the official website of FaceMod and then click on the “Swap your own face” option. You'll be directed to the new page, where you can simply upload any video or photo on the FaceMod platform. Here, click the blue “Upload” icon.
select the swap your own face option to get started
  • Step 2: Log in to your FaceMod account. If you are using the FaceMod application for the first time, create a free account. Now, upload the original photo or video you want to swap or choose any template. Click “Upload” to proceed.
click the blue upload button to upload the original photo
  • Step 3: Once the face swapping is completed, you can save the swapped face by selecting the “Download” button and keep the new photo/video with the swapped faces on your device. If you want to get optimal AI face-swapping results, make sure the uploaded faces are clear.


Face Swap Live is quite easy to use and comes with decent features. While it gets the job done for most users, Face Swap Live might fall short if you want to swap faces without downloading the application on the device.

That's where FaceMod comes into the picture. In this case, you don't have to install the application to use the FaceMod online face swap tool. Simply go to the website and start swapping faces with minimum effort. So don't wait; start swapping online with 1-click!

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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