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The Best Android, iOS, Online Face Swap App to Use in 2024

The best face swap software can create professional, humorous, and entertaining content for you. You can even swap faces in real-time instantly
Facemod Originally published Nov 29, 23, updated Apr 11, 24

Face-swapping tools and apps have revolutionized the way we edit photos and videos. These tools are transforming the editing process by making it easy and convenient. The best face swap software can create professional, humorous, and entertaining content for you. You can even swap faces in real-time instantly.

Moreover, users can swap their faces with any person with a few clicks and taps. These tools can easily create fun and engaging content for social media and other online platforms.

    1. 1. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face
    2. 2. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video
    3. 3. Face Changer 2
    1. 1. FakeMe: Deepfake Videos
    2. 2. Face Swap Video by Deep Fake
    3. 3. iface: AI Face Swap app
    1. 1. FaceMod
    2. 2. FaceHub
    3. 3. DeepSwap.ai

Part 1: Best Face Swap App Android Tools to Consider

With the increasing demand for such applications, many are available to download. If you want to download the best face swap app for Android devices, here are some of the best tools to consider from.

1. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face

MorphMe is the perfect solution for people who want to explore their creativity and have fun. You can create morphing animations of any person. This app allows you to merge two or more photos and give amazing results. Moreover, it is one of Android's best face swap apps. It lets you create unique and engaging content for your social media platforms, website, or personal projects.

morphme face swap app

Key Features

• This application enables users to change their faces in real-time. With its advanced AI technology, you can easily swap faces in live video.

• MorphMe makes the face-swapping process easy and less frustrating. You can also add and edit your media without any watermarks and annoying ads.

• In addition to face swapping, this app can even swap genders. You can get fun comments and reactions by swapping your gender and sharing with your friends.

2. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video

This is another powerful app that lets you swap faces with anyone and anywhere. With this app, you can switch the faces of one person with another. DeepFaker is one of the best face swap apps for videos that lets you swap faces. You can use it to create content for social media, advertisements, or marketing campaigns. Additionally, it contains multiple filters that can make your content unique.

deepfaker face swap app

Key Features

• Using this application, you can transform any person into a whole different personality. You can even add different filters to your photos.

• Another amazing feature of this app is that it lets you reage yourself. With its aging filter, you can become a younger and older version of yourself.

• With this app, you can transform your selfies and images into anime-style art. It uses AI to swap your face with an anime character of your choice.

3. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 is a user-friendly app that simplifies the face-changing process. You can create amazing swapped-face content without any prior experience. It is an easy-to-use app that lets users be creative with different effects and editing options. With this best AI face swap app, you can transform yourself into any character or personality you want.

face changer 2 face swap app

Key Features

• You can change faces with any person easily. Moreover, you can morph, warp, or even smudge faces with this tool. It makes hilarious images like aliens, monsters, and more with these effects.

• Other than face changing and swapping, you can also change facial features. This tool lets you change the facial features of any picture.

• Furthermore, you can add different stickers and backgrounds to your photos. This helps you create hilariously looking memes and photos with these features.

Part 2: Best Face Swap App iOS Tools to Consider

Users searching for the best face swap apps for iOS devices find it difficult to choose one. This part will discuss some of the best face-changing apps for your pictures and videos available for iOS.

1. FakeMe: Deepfake Videos

FakeMe is a great app that can help you tell your story differently. Its powerful technology allows you to create amazing face-swapped content, effectively conveying your message. Using this tool, you change the faces of any person with anyone. You can use this app to make your stories stand out if you're a content creator, marketer, or business owner.

fakeme face swap app

Key Features

• You can create your AI avatars using this tool. This application allows users to create unique AI avatars that match their style and personality.

• Using this application, you can animate any of your style images. Moreover, you can add or change their facial expressions and movements as well.

• Additionally, this app is powered by artificial intelligence for face-changing. It provides good and accurate face-swapped results using advanced algorithms.

2. Face Swap Video by Deep Fake

Face Swap Video is an app that adds magic to your videos. Using this app, you can transform your photos into something creative that captures the viewer's attention. You can reface yourself and your friends into a different personality. Furthermore, you can create professional content for social media, blogs, or personal projects.

deep fake face swap app

Key Features

• This amazing tool allows users to save their files in high resolution. With a high frame rate, your videos will run fluently without lag.

• You can also benefit from unlimited uploads and edits. This option allows you to upload and edit as many videos as you like.

• Furthermore, you can edit and save face-swapped videos for up to 60 seconds. You can share your minute-long videos on different social media platforms.

3. iface: AI Face Swap app

If you want to create something new and exciting every time, this app is for you. It helps you take your creativity to a whole new level. This application lets you create humorous content and posts to share. With the iface app, you can change your face with anyone of your choice. You can bring your ideas to life by creating swapped content with endless possibilities.

iface face swap app

Key Features

• You can create face-swapped videos in different roles and characters of good quality. The final result of your edit will be of high quality.

• Another fantastic feature of this application is its real-time face-swapping capabilities. You can also swap faces in a live video recording with its Swap Cam.

• Moreover, you can add some amazing and fun stickers to your creation. It makes your video more unique and fun.

Part 3: Finding The Best Face Swap Online Platform in 2024

There are many available online tools for face-switching. It gets complicated when choosing one for swapping faces. Here are the best face swap tools available for online usage.

1. FaceMod

FaceMod is a game-changing online tool that lets you swap faces with anyone you want. You can swap your face with a friend, a family member, or a celebrity. This best face swap online tool makes creating humorous and entertaining content easy and fun.

In addition, you can use this tool for your social media platforms, work, or personal projects. It allows users to create content to make their audience laugh, engage, and share.


Get Started Online

Key Features

• With FaceMod, you can create not only face-swapped photos but videos as well. It makes it easy for users to choose the type they want for their edits.

• Similarly, this tool lets you save your creation in high quality, unlike similar tools. This way, you can save and share your edits without compromising quality.

• FaceMod offers no watermark and no ads option for the users. It makes online edits of your videos and images without disturbance.

2. FaceHub

FaceHub is an online face swap solution for people who want to use such tools. This tool allows you to swap faces with famous people, different personalities, and much more. You can swap faces on a picture or video without expertise. Moreover, you can create personalized ads for your marketing campaigns. You can also use this tool to increase their engagement on their social platforms.

facehub face swap app

Key Features

• FaceHub provides 3 different options for face-swapping edits. Two allow you to change faces on a still image, while the third is for videos.

• You can create short videos and reels using this online tool. It allows users to create 30 seconds of fun videos and reels with amazing results.

• Lastly, you can import images or videos of their choice for their edits. However, this tool offers pre-installed AI avatars for face swapping as well.

3. DeepSwap.ai

DeepSwap.ai is a smart tool that uses artificial intelligence to deliver realistic-looking results. You can create high-quality face-swapped videos and images with this tool. You can also play a movie character, portrait as president, create a superhero photo, and more. Furthermore, you can create customized advertisements and marketing campaigns for different platforms.

deepswap.ai face swap app

Key Features

• There are multiple types in which a user can create their creations. You can make GIFs, photos, and videos with this online tool.

• Using this tool, users can swap faces, gender, or even characters. You can create face-swapped videos of any movie, song, or video.

• Additionally, it allows users to change their style. You can use this tool to change your hairstyle, outfit, and personality.


Those looking for the best face swap app to use in 2023 have a wide range of options. When choosing the best app, considering many factors, including quality results, is important. The choice of an app or tool mostly depends on the individual's preference. Face-swapping is fun, entertaining, and creative when done ethically and responsibly.

Facemod Apr 11, 24
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