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[2024] Best App to Switch Faces in Picture

Do you want some entertainment by switching faces in photos? This article will introduce some of the best face-switch apps for you.
Facemod Originally published Dec 07, 23, updated Mar 12, 24

With a face switch app, you can virtually turn yourself into your friend or family member. Many people are curious about the looks they will have if they were born with the opposite gender. This type of application has the capability to satisfy your curiosities without impacting your personal life. Other than self-expression and entertainment, you can also experience creativity with these applications.

Yet some of you have no idea about the best apps to switch faces in the picture. To help you with this issue, we will introduce some of the best-in-class applications. You will also discover an online face switch tool in the bonus part.

    1. 1. YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor [Android | iOS]
    2. 2. Snapchat [Android | iOS]
    3. 3. B612 [Android | iOS]
    4. 4. Reface: Face Swap Video App [Android | iOS]
    5. 5. Faceover: Photo Face Swap [iOS]
    6. 6. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer [Android | iOS]
    7. 7. Cupace – Cut Paste Face Photo [Android]
  1. Part 2: What Should A Good Face App Should Have?
  2. Bonus Part: FaceMod: An Online Alternative to Face Switching

Part 1: Finding The Best Face Switch App for Effective Editing

With the significant number of apps to switch faces in pictures, getting confused is a common thing to happen. Yet, you need to find a limited number of apps that can help you with virtual face-switching. After an optimized evaluation and consideration, we have gathered some of the unmatchable applications for you. Let us get into the details of these face switching apps without any further delay:

1. YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor [Android | iOS]

YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor is one of the most known free face switch apps on both Android and iOS platforms. With this, you can change your face into your brother's or friend’s face to experience some entertainment. Moreover, you can also beautify your selfies by whitening your teeth and smoothening your skin. If you have some acne spots on your face in a photo, you can use this app to remove them.

youcam perfect photo editor

Key Features of YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor

• With the magical object remover, you can remove the backgrounds of your photos and can also cut the unrequired parts. It can give an aesthetic feel to your simple photos.

• It has an amazing collection of collages, frames, and effects. You can use them to create a unique piece of art with full creativity.

• If you are a big fan of anime, then you can also animate your simple photos. Moreover, it also lets you create your own AI avatars.

2. Snapchat [Android | iOS]

Every person is familiar with the versatility and highest performance ratio of Snapchat. This app allows you to switch people's faces in an unrealistic manner. Not just by adding filters, but you can also turn your face into the face of the opposite gender. One of the best parts about Snapchat is that you can connect with your friends, family, and even strangers just by sending streaks.

snapchat switching faces

Key Features of Snapchat

• With Snapchat, you can share your stories to share your daily life with your beloved ones. You can also watch the stories of other people and can also manage the privacy of your stories.

• The memories of Snapchat have the capability to save unlimited photos and videos. You can also save the memories in the camera roll and share them with the world.

• Every friendship profile displays your streaks of days, media content you have shared, and horoscopes. You can also see the starting date of your friendship.

3. B612 [Android | iOS]

With this faceapp switch face, you can experience the best user experience. It lets you work on both photos and videos to make every moment in your life special. You can create your own customized filters with it or can use its built-in filters. Above all, it also lets you capture high-quality pictures and videos with its real-time filters.

b612 face switching

Key Features of B612

• You can beautify your pictures by adding lip colors, contouring, blushes, and eyeshadows to your face. It also lets you do the full body edits.

• It has many modern editing techniques and features. You can make your videos and photos more eye-catching by editing them.

• With this, you can customize every bit of your media content. You can manage the borders and aspect ratio and can also add intuitive stickers.

4. Reface: Face Swap Video App [Android | iOS]

With Reface Best Face Swap Video App, you can not only change your face in photos but can also create videos. You can cut out your face from the photos and add it to the photo of Superman or the Mona Lisa. This switch face-on picture app is way more fun and entertaining than you have expected. Other than this, you can also create your own personal avatar with this app.

reface face swap video app

Key Features of Reface: Face Swap Video App

• No matter if you want to insert your face in photos or videos of a character, or celebrity, this application can help you with all.

• After creating your avatars, you can also make them talk or sing. You can also add your dedicated voice to make it unique.

• The procedure of face swapping is very straightforward in this app; you have to import photos and add filters. This app will handle the rest of the work for you.

5. Faceover: Photo Face Swap [iOS]

It is one of the best face switch apps because you can not only swap your faces with other people but can also tilt them upward down. The results are quite realistic, so you can use it without worrying about quality. Moreover, after swapping faces, you have the option to save it to the gallery or share it with the world.

faceover photo face swap

Key Features of Faceover: Photo Face Swap

• It lets you swap faces with multiple photos. You can change up to 6 faces in more than two photos.

• The Face Bomb effect lets you add the same face on the two people in the same photo. This is also known as the Face Juggler effect.

• There is also a library, and you can find memes, celebrities, or other faces in it. It turns out to be an effective way to save time and effort.

6. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer [Android | iOS]

It is a very easy-to-use and fun application that you access on both Google Play Store and App Store. It not only helps to change the faces, but you can also change the dimensions of faces with it. There is no limit on face swapping, so you can swap as many faces as you want. Above all, you can also adjust the skin tones so they will match the face.

face swap booth face changer

Key Features of Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

• You can save the faces for further use and can also mix the facial features to create a new look.

• There are tons of pre-loaded faces in it, so you can also search through them and use whatever you like.

• After creating the face swap pictures, you can share them with friends and family on social media platforms.

7. Cupace – Cut Paste Face Photo [Android]

With over 5 million downloads, this application never fails to amaze users with its high functionality. By using this app, you can also create funny photos of your group. In addition to this, you can also swap the faces of the two people in the photos. It also has a magnifying glass that lets you cut your face in photos with optimized precision.

cupace cut paste face photo

Key Features of Cupace – Cut Paste Face Photo

• There is no restriction to swap faces in the same photo because you can crop your face from the selfie and add it to another photo.

• You can also add trendy and modernized text and stickers in a photo to express yourself with illustrations.

• All the faces that you will see will be saved in the gallery. You can use the faces in other photos without investing extra time.

Part 2: What Should A Good Face App Should Have?

• Precise Face Detection: A reliable face-swapping app should have advanced algorithms which can help you to detect faces. By this, you don't have to adjust everything manually and can accomplish the task in a limited time.

• Face Selection Metrics: If the app is not allowing you to select the face from other photos, it maybe it's not a good app. The serviceable app always has a good selection metric along with a face library.

• Blending and Customization: You will see that the best app will let you customize everything in a photo. You will also be able to adjust the skin tone and other features to match faces. Moreover, the blending factor will be strong so that it can give a realistic effect.

• Privacy and Security: Users never want to compromise their privacy, no matter what. Thus, one of the factors of a good tool will be dependable privacy. Thus, always select a tool with strong privacy and security features.

Bonus Part: FaceMod: An Online Alternative to Face Switching

Sometimes, you are short on space and look for an online solution for getting the work done. Just like this, if you don't have enough space in your device but want to change faces, then you can use an online tool. The best tool that can help you with this is FaceMod. This is a feature-rich tool through which you can swap faces without complications.

It also has an outstanding feature named “reface mod” that can turn serious images into funny GIFs and memes. You can also explore and select multiple unique outfits or styles to virtually see yourself as another person. There are also diversified templates, and you can also customize the templates as per your need.


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To sum up, diversified apps allow you to switch people's faces to experience creativity and entertainment. Some apps are discussed above, including Snapchat, B612, YouCam Perfect - Photo Editor, and more. You can use them on mobile devices and share your work with others.

experiment the full-hand creativity and desirable results with it.

Facemod Mar 12, 24
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