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The Developing Trends of Creating Celebrity Deepfakes

Do you know what are the trends and considerations of deepfakes? You can create trendy celeb deepfakes, but keep ethical considerations in check.
Facemod Originally published Dec 07, 23, updated Mar 11, 24

Deepfakes are an emerging digital trend that has started both curiosity and concern. It creates realistic and often deceptive videos which use AI algorithms. Additionally, it can replace or manipulate a person's face using digital media. While the technology behind deepfakes has become more accessible, there are also some concerns.

Moreover, it is essential to understand different tools to create celeb deepfakes. However, there are ethical considerations surrounding their use. Nevertheless, the popularity of deepfakes is not limited to TikTok or YouTube only. There are several other social media platforms where you can find trendy celebrities' deepfake videos.

  1. Part 1: The Rising Trends of Celebrity Deepfakes in TikTok
    1. 1. Mivita - Face Swap Video Maker [Android]
    2. 2. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video [Android | iOS]
    3. 3. iface - AI Face Swap [iOS]
    4. 4. Facemix: Face Swap Videos AI [Android | iOS]
  2. Part 3: Keeping Celebrity Deepfakes Ethical - Some Things to Consider

Part 1: The Rising Trends of Celebrity Deepfakes in TikTok

Deepfakes have made their way onto popular social media platforms like TikTok. The users of this platform transform their faces or bodies to resemble famous personalities. For instance, the @deeptomcriuse TikTok account has over 5.2 million followers. This account posts fake Tom Cruise videos on its Twitter account that look so real.

Additionally, you might have seen a video of Mark Zuckerberg on social media. In this video, he appears to confess to conspiracies regarding Facebook's data-sharing issue. Furthermore, you'll find hilarious clips featuring celebrities like Robert Pattinson. However, deepfakes aren't just about fun and games anymore. They are increasingly being used for disinformation campaigns and identity fraud for celebrities.

Part 2: How to Create the Perfect Deepfake with The Best Available Apps?

If you are looking for deepfake face video apps, you might find many. However, choosing the best one is never easy. Here are some of the popular deepfake apps you can download on your smartphone.

1. Mivita - Face Swap Video Maker [Android]

Do you know you can create mind-boggling deepfake celebs videos with Mivita - Face Swap Video Maker? This app is perfect for staying on top of the latest trends in deepfakes. With Mivita, you can create hilarious videos that leave your friends rolling on the floor. Additionally, you can explore the endless possibilities of face-swapping and share your videos.

mivita face swap video maker

Key Features

1. Mivita offers numerous video templates to choose from. It has different categories available from which you can choose to edit your media files.

2. In addition to this, this application has an in-built library that has trendy videos. You can select any video and swap faces in that video.

3. Moreover, Mivita offers access to its music library. You can add songs and music to your edited videos using this feature.


Android: 5.0 and above


• Android: 4.2/5

2. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video [Android | iOS]

DeepFaker is the ultimate face-swapping AI best celebrity deep fakes video app that you can use. You can effortlessly blend your face with anyone you desire, from celebrities to historical figures. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in deepfake technology. Furthermore, you can transform into iconic characters or even prank your friends. The possibilities are limitless, but make sure to create content responsibly.

deepfaker face swap ai video

Key Features

1. This excellent video-changing editor can also change your facial expressions in your videos. Moreover, you can get HD results with this application.

2. Apart from face swapping, you can also change genders using your digital media. This feature provides you to explore your new gender using your photos and videos.

3. Moreover, you can change your age using this deepfake face changer app. Its features can transform you into a baby face or an aged person in your videos.


Android: 8.0 and up

iOS: 14.0 and up


• Android: 4.1/5

• iOS: 4.6/5

3. iface - AI Face Swap [iOS]

iface - AI Face Swap app will let you explore the creative world of deepfakes. With iface, you can swap faces and create impressive videos that push the boundaries of reality. Simply jump on the trend of deepfakes and surprise your friends with incredible transformations. Additionally, you can swap faces with any popular personality and see yourself in a new way.

iface ai face swap

Key Features

1. With this amazing deep fake AI app, you can add stickers to your deepfakes. Moreover, this feature gives access to more creative and personalized content.

2. In addition to this, this powerful application lets you save all your creations in high quality. Unlike other apps, you only get good quality and high-resolution videos.

3. Furthermore, you can change faces in real time. With its live deepfake feature, you can create unique face-changing videos in real-time scenarios.


iOS: 13.0 and later


• iOS: 4.3/5

4. Facemix: Face Swap Videos AI [Android | iOS]

Enter the unique world of deepfakes with Facemix: Face Swap Videos AI. This celeb deep fakes app allows you to change your face with a real or a fictional character. Additionally, you can create viral videos for your social media, including TikTok. Furthermore, it provides you with an opportunity to grow your audience and viewers. However, it's important to use deepfake apps in a responsible way.

facemix face swap videos ai

Key Features

1. Apart from face-swapping, this excellent application can gender-swap using your digital media. Using this app, you can easily change genders in videos.

2. Moreover, with this app, you get unique and exciting features. One exciting feature is that it provides a digital library where you can choose from different videos.

3. Other than that, you can also style yourself and create a new version of yourself. This application lets you rediscover yourself and try new and different looks.


Android: 5.0 and up

iOS: 11.0 and up


• Android: 3.4/5

• iOS: 4.1/5

Part 3: Keeping Celebrity Deepfakes Ethical - Some Things to Consider

There are many ways to create the best celebrity deepfakes using tools. However, generating deepfakes also comes with ethical issues. If you want to create deepfakes, there are certain things to be considered, have a look:

1. Consent and Permission

It is required to seek consent from the individuals whose faces or identities are being used. This consent should include celebrities and public figures before creating their deepfakes. Without their consent, creating and sharing deepfakes breaches their rights and privacy.

2. Disclose Deepfake Content

Moreover, make it clear to viewers that the content they see is not genuine. Additionally, it helps avoid confusion and prevents the spread of misinformation. Furthermore, it creates a trusting relationship between the viewer and the creator.

3. Promote Educational Awareness

Additionally, you can raise awareness about celeb deepfakes and their potential impacts. Moreover, you can highlight the ethical considerations associated with their use. In this way, we educate people and prevent the spreading of harmful or misleading content.

4. Encourage Responsible Creation and Sharing

Furthermore, the importance of responsible creation and sharing deepfakes should be highlighted. Additionally, discourage malicious or defamatory uses of this technology. Moreover, encourage users to focus on harmless applications like entertainment or parody.

5. Implement Robust Content Moderation

In addition, platforms should have strong content moderation systems. This system should detect and remove deepfakes that violate ethical guidelines. Moreover, using tools, user reports, and human moderation can help identify inappropriate content.

6. Collaborate with Celebrities

Moreover, platforms can collaborate with celebrities and public figures to raise awareness. These campaigns should discuss deepfakes and their potential impact. Furthermore, to partner with influencers and provide resources to address deepfakes concerns. In this way, platforms can create a safer environment while creating content like Scarlett Johansson deepfake.

7. Establish Policies and Regulations

Governments and platforms should work together to establish clear policies and regulations too. These measures can set guidelines for the ethical use of deepfakes. Moreover, it will discourage malicious intent and provide legal protection. In this way, the identities of individuals are not misused.


In conclusion, celebrity deepfakes have become a prominent phenomenon in this digital world. This technology allows users to generate hyper-realistic videos in a snap. The availability of various deep fake AI tools has made it easier to create swapped videos. However, it is potentially raising concerns about privacy, consent, and misuse. Nonetheless, if used ethically, we can create a safer digital environment for everyone.

Facemod Mar 11, 24
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