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Top Best Deepfake Online in 2024

Do you want to know about the best free deepfake online tool? This article will discuss 5 popular options for you.
Facemod Originally published Dec 08, 23, updated Mar 12, 24

With advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, deepfake technology is rising. In general, deepfake technology is the way to manipulate videos by deep-faking faces. This means you can put your face on anyone's face inside a video. It's also possible to deepfake voices and other content. Hence, deepfake technology can transform video editing in a smart way.

Meanwhile, choosing the best deepfake online free tools is necessary. This article provides recommendations for 5 popular tools to get started.

  1. Part 1: How Can You Find The Best Online Deepfake Maker?
    1. 1. FaceMod
    2. 2. Hoodem
    3. 3. DeepSwap.ai
    4. 4. Icons8
    5. 5. FaceHub
  2. Part 3: What Are The Qualities of A Good Deepfake?

Part 1: How Can You Find The Best Online Deepfake Maker?

While the internet has several online deepfake maker free tools, choosing the right option is a difficult task. Here you'll find the factors that can help you in good decision-making:

1. Ease of Use

Deepfake applications must have a simple interface. Thus, it gets easier to understand the system and navigate different tools. This way, you can make deepfake videos by replacing faces and voices as desired. The presence of tutorials and instructions is also valuable.

2. User Rating

Looking at ratings and reviews of other users can help determine the working quality. So if any deepfake application has good ratings, you will get good results. Hence, it's important to check ratings first. This will make your decision easier.

3. Advanced Functions

A good online deepfake tool will always have complete deepfake functions. This includes face deep-faking, voice deep-faking, and full body deep-faking. This way, you can make pranks, entertaining, and other funny videos. With more functions, usability is enhanced.

4. Data Privacy and Security

When you upload your video, there exist risks to data privacy. After all, your sensitive visual content will get uploaded on an untrusted platform. Hence, you must always check the security protocols before using the application. This will protect your important data for unwanted thefts and breaches.

Part 2: The Best Deepfake Online Services Available

By using deepfake technology, transform the video editing process through doctored content. This can be both fun and exciting. If you're looking for deepfake free online tools, here you'll find the best options:

1. FaceMod

Enhance your video editing with exciting prospects using FaceMod. After all, this deepfake maker online has solutions to swap faces within videos. It's performed by deep-faking videos using deep neural networks. Hence your selected face gets applied to the target face within the video. This way, you can turn your serious videos into fun or GIFs.

Meanwhile, there is also an option to apply different outfits to your character. This will make your deepfake video more realistic and special. Using this tool is very simple and easy.


Get Started Online

Key Features

• From the available templates, customize your video creation in the desired way. You can select, use and apply different faces if needed.

• The quality and resolutions of videos won't get affected in the face deep-faking process. Hence, your videos will play in a smooth way without interruptions.

• You will not face annoying ads during the deep faking process. Your focus on the video persists, and you will create a creative video.

2. Hoodem

Create deepfake videos in a simple way with Hoodem. This online deepfake maker-free tool replaces faces within the videos. You can apply your face to any celebrity or popular entity. Meanwhile, the entire deepfake process has fast and efficient execution. With accuracy, deepfake faces will get applied for realistic looks.

hoodem deepfake online

Key Features

• There are many face templates available that you can use. This also includes the faces of celebrities and other popular figures.

• All the videos get exported in HD resolution display. Thus, enjoy watching and sharing visual content in high-quality graphics.

• The platform is compliant with GDPR and CCPA protocols. Hence your uploaded data is safe and secure without risks of data breaches.

3. DeepSwap.ai

Swap faces across genders by using DeepSwap.ai. This deepfake video online facility offers ideal solutions for performing video deep faking. You can replace faces with anyone, even a celebrity or politician. Meanwhile, there won't be the existence of annoying ads within the videos. The faces gets scanned and replaced in an optimal way without affecting video formatting.

deepswap ai deepfake

Key Features

• The platform allows you to download deepfake videos without watermarks. Hence, you can use the videos as your content.

• With the latest AI face-changing technology, experience accurate face swapping. The results would look realistic and appealing.

• You can also use photos and GIFs for deep-faking visual content. Get your creativity enhanced with this advanced editing.

4. Icons8

Generate new faces in a real-time scenario using Icons8 deepfake picture online. Using this tool, you can make a new face from an existing one. It's possible by applying necessary facial adjustments that change face layout. In this way, you can create your desired face with minimal effort. Meanwhile, you can also witness your face in old or young mode.

icons8 deepfake online

Key Features

• You can make as many faces as you want. After all, there isn't any limitation on deepfake personalization. So don't stop your creativity at all.

• With the available smart upscaler, enhance your image resolutions using AI. Thus, your picture will start looking sharp and great again.

• It's possible to remove backgrounds from the photo. This is ideal when your background is not appealing or has problems.

5. FaceHub

FaceHub is an ideal platform for creating deep faking content. With this free online deepfake tool, upload desired images or videos, and AI will analyze visual content. Afterward, choose the desired face of your model and begin swapping. Meanwhile, the face deep-faking gets executed in an efficient way with optimal results. The variety of functionality available at FaceHub makes it one of the best options.

facehub deepfake online

Key Features

• The quality of your photo or video won't get affected. The original layout and metadata would remain preserved.

• There are two modes, including fast mode and pro mode. Thus, customize your deepfake content in the desired perspectives.

• With a simple and clean interface, using FaceHub is simple and easy. As a beginner, you won't face problems creating your deepfake content.

Part 3: What Are The Qualities of A Good Deepfake?

When it comes to choosing a good deep fake online tool, several options are available. In general, some tools are good, while some aren't reliable. But what are the qualities of a good deepfacelab online? Find all the qualities here:

• Detailed Enhancement:The deepfake tool should have different elements, effects, and transitions. This way, face swaps would look more natural.

• Accurate Results:The deepfake tool must provide accurate results with realistic appearances. After all, you would always want your deepfake to match the original person.

• Real-time Mimics:A good deepfake tool must mimic a person's real-time emotions and facial expressions. This includes lip-syncing, eye movement, and more.

• Authenticity Verification:The deepfakes get utilized for manipulating or deceiving people. Thus, a good deepfake tool must verify the reasons for creating deepfakes. This way, authenticity gets established with transparency.


Technology keeps advancing with time, and so is deepfake technology. After all, with deepfake, users can replace faces within the videos. This concept is a revolution for video editing that manipulates the content to make funny videos. This article discussed the 5 top deepfake AI online tools. Among them, FaceMod is the most reliable tool for effective face deep-faking.

Facemod Mar 12, 24
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