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Top Deepfake APKs to Consider in 2024

Do you know other than Android apps, you can even download deep fake APKs? If you can't find a good deepfake app, consider downloading an APK file.
Facemod Originally published Dec 08, 23, updated Mar 12, 24

Deepfake is the new black in the tech world and has amazed everyone with its capabilities. For starters, deepfake is a technology to modify digital media with algorithms. Moreover, these algorithms can change faces in a video with high precision. Additionally, the results you get look so real that it is hard to believe that these are not real. Similarly, deepfake makes it even harder to distinguish what's fake and what's not.

However, these are just about deepfakes, but the question is, how can we use this technology? The answer is quite simple; many deepfake apps and tools are out there to use. Furthermore, there are multiple apps available for mobile devices too. However, all the Android deepfake apps are not as good as they should be. So, consider downloading deep fake APKs from the internet as an alternative.

    1. 1. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video
    2. 2. Reface: Funny Face Swap Videos
    3. 3. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face
    1. 1. DeepFake Face Swap App
    2. 2. Deepfake Swap
    3. 3. Deepfake Studio
    4. 4. DeepFace Lab
    5. 5. Jiggy: Deepfake GIF Maker
  1. Part 3: FaceMod: An Online Alternative to Deepfake APKs

Part 1: A Review of Some Top Deepfake Apps on Android

Before jumping onto the deepfake APKs, you'll need to consider some of the best apps on Android. These applications are available on Play Store and are accessible to almost everyone.

1. Mivo: Face Swap Video Bride [Android]

With DeepFaker, you can dive into a whole new world of deepfakes using AI technology. This innovative app allows you to create realistic deepfake videos. Additionally, with this app, you can step into the shoes of your favorite movie characters. Moreover, it extends the boundaries of creative expression. You can make social media posts or pranks on your friends with this app.

deepfaker android deepfake

Key Features

• The DeepFaker app lets you change faces in a video. Moreover, it lets you change expressions or age in your deepfakes. It is a great feature to add more creativity to your deepfakes.

• Apart from face-swapping, you can even change genders in a video. Moreover, this feature provides additional transformation to your videos.

• Furthermore, this application lets you upload unlimited videos for creating deepfakes. It makes it easy to import as many videos as possible for deepfake generation.

2. Reface: Funny Face Swap Videos

Reface is a delightful app that lets you easily create hilarious face-swap videos. With this application, creating deepfakes becomes easy and accessible to everyone. You can start your journey where you can place your face onto popular memes. Additionally, you can deepfake music videos, movie scenes, and more. Moreover, Reface allows you to upload your own videos to swap faces.

reface android deepfake

Key Features

• With this application, you can create AI-generated avatars using your images. You have to import your images, and the app will create an avatar for you.

• In addition to this, you can even change your hairstyles to match your style. This feature adds a touch of creativity by rediscovering your new look.

• Moreover, this application provides a library where there are different videos to create deepfakes. You can use any video from the library to swap faces in that video file.

3. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face

If you are looking for a fun side of creating deepfakes, then MorphMe is your best bet. This app lets you magically transform your face into anything you can imagine. Furthermore, it lets you blend or modify your face with various templates available. Moreover, you don't need to attend the Comic-Con when you can use this app for cosplay.

morphme android deepfake

Key Features

• This application has the incredible feature of creating gender-swapped videos. With this feature, you can explore and discover yourself in a different gender.

• Furthermore, there are different trendy and popular videos available on the application. This library has many videos that you can use for deep-faking videos.

• However, this application has another unique feature. MorphMe has the ability to change the gender of a person in a video by swapping their face.

Part 2: Download The Best Deepfake APKs in The Market

It's time to consider, if not the best deepfakes app APK but at least some of the best ones out there. Take a look at these APKs, which are available online. You can easily download these APK files to make unique deepfakes.

1. DeepFake Face Swap App

Experience the incredible world of deepfakes with this amazing APK application. With this app, you can unlock the power of creating realistic face swaps using AI technology. Moreover, this deepfake APK is developed by AI App. Furthermore, you can create both static images and even perform live face swaps using this APK. It provides you with the option of creating deepfakes in real time.

2. Deepfake Swap

Deepfake Swap is a remarkable deep fake APK that lets you enter the world of deepfakes. This APK file is compatible with devices running Android 6.0 or higher. With Deepfake Swap, you can indulge yourself in the art of creating deepfakes with ease. Moreover, you can amuse your friends or create engaging content with this application.

3. Deepfake Studio

Deepfake Studio is a powerful app designed to bring your deepfake creations to life. Furthermore, this deep face APK is available on Android versions 7.0 and newer. Additionally, you have the ability to generate face sets by providing a maximum of 500 images. This feature allows you to create personalized deepfakes that truly capture your vision.

4. DeepFace Lab

You can explore your creativity by using the DeepFace Lab application. It is an exceptional deepswap APK application for Android devices. Besides deepfakes, this APK provides additional features for video editing and beautifying your face. In addition, you can edit your videos and enhance your appearance. Moreover, you can add stickers to personalize your deepfakes.

5. Jiggy: Deepfake GIF Maker

Jiggy: Deepfake GIF Maker is an amazing APK developed by Botika. This app allows you to swap faces in GIFs, creating hilarious visual transformations. Moreover, it provides a library of media files from which you can choose to swap faces. Additionally, you can add stickers to your GIFs, further enhancing the humor and creativity. Furthermore, Jiggy's animation feature allows you to bring still images to life.

Part 3: FaceMod: An Online Alternative to Deepfake APKs

When you cannot find a good or reliable deepface APK, consider using FaceMod. Talking about FaceMod is a great online alternative to APK files. It is a deepfake website that can change or modify faces in your digital media. Moreover, the good part is that you don't need to download any app or tool on your device. You can access the website from your browser to create a deepfake.

Furthermore, FaceMod uses AI to create deepfakes and generate extraordinary results. This technology detects a face and then accurately maps another face. Moreover, you can use this tool to create some amazing face-modified videos to share. Additionally, the procedure of creating deepfakes using FaceMod is very simple. Simply upload the target file and select a face using an image to create deepfakes.


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Deepfakes is the new sheriff in town, without any doubt, and everyone is talking about it. However, the talks are not only in favor of this technology. Nevertheless, the talks will continue and foster the development of new apps. Moreover, with new apps, you'll get more options, and with more options, you'll get new platforms. Similarly, deepfake video APKs are becoming a new alternative for Androids.

Facemod Mar 12, 24
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