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10 Best Solutions to Deepfake Media Properly

Do you know you can create deepfakes of any person using your mobile app? There are so many deepfake apps that you can download to swap any person's face.
Facemod Originally published Mar 02, 24, updated Mar 11, 24

Have you ever tried to change your friend's face with someone else for fun? Face-swapping is a world of fun and entertainment. With such tools, you can easily change faces and create hilarious content. However, one impressive aspect of this technology is the creation of deepfakes. Deepfakes allow you to swap faces in videos, making it seem like someone else is speaking or performing actions.

To create deepfakes, you can use different tools and software. These tools use advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to change faces. Additionally, what's more exciting is that these deepfake tools are available on your mobile devices. You can use these deepfake apps by respecting ethical boundaries and privacy.

  1. Part 1: How Do Deepfake Apps Help the Media Industry?
    1. 1. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video [Android | iOS]
    2. 2. FakeMe: Deepfake Videos [iOS]
    3. 3. Deepfake Studio [Android]
    4. 4. Reface: Funny Face Swap Videos [Android | iOS]
    5. 5. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face [Android]
    6. 6. FaceSwapper: AI Swap Videos [Android]
    7. 7. DeepFaceLab - Face Swap Editor [iOS]
    8. 8. Facee - AI Face Swap [iOS]
    9. 9. DeepFace - AI Face Editor [Android]
  2. Part 3: An Online Solution to Perfect Deepfake: FaceMod

Part 1: How Do Deepfake Apps Help the Media Industry?

Different deep swap apps can switch faces in any digital media. Moreover, such applications are helping the media industry in so many ways. Some of them are discussed in the section below.

• Special Effects: These apps can create cool visual effects in movies and TV shows. They can change facial expressions and gestures, making the scenes more exciting and realistic.

• Character Replacement: Sometimes, there are situations where actors need to be replaced. Deepfake apps can help by mapping a new actor's face onto the body of another.

• Localization and Dubbing: Such apps can make foreign-language content more accessible. They can accurately match lip movements and facial expressions to dub movies and shows.

• Historical Recreation: With these apps, historical figures and events can be brought back to life. Media producers can use deepfake algorithms to create realistic representations of historical figures.

• Virtual Characters: Deep fake apps can help create virtual characters that can be used in games. These characters feel real and can interact with the audience, taking storytelling to a whole new level.

Part 2: Top Deepfake App to Use for Perfect Editing

If you are looking for deepfake video apps for your smartphone, you are at the right place. Here is a list of some of the best face-swapping apps you can download.

1. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video [Android | iOS]

It is an amazing face-swapping application that is available for both Android and iOS devices. Using DeepFaker lets you change faces in any video. In addition to this, it allows you to modify the facial expressions in your video as well. With this app, you can make creative deepfakes using any video. Furthermore, this app allows you to apply filters to your media files.

deepfaker face swap ai video

  • • Using this application, you can change the gender in any motion picture.
  • • Moreover, you can modify the age of any person in your digital media file.
  • • This tool does not have the ability to swap faces in pictures or GIFs.


• Android: 8.0 or newer

• iOS: 14.0 or newer

2. FakeMe: Deepfake Videos [iOS]

FakeMe: Deepfake Videos is the ultimate solution to swap faces on iOS devices. This tool uses artificial intelligence to detect and switch faces. Furthermore, you can swap faces with any celebrity or famous personality. You can swap faces with your friends too, and create hilarious content. Additionally, you can use any still image and transform it into a deepfake video.

fakeme deepfake videos

  • • FakeMe is a great tool that allows you to generate your AI avatars.
  • • In addition to this, you can even change the facial expressions in your images and videos.
  • • Despite accurate face-swapping, the quality of the face-swapped media is not so good.


• iOS: 15.0 or newer

3. Deepfake Studio [Android]

Deepfake Studio is an intelligent Android app that can create deepfakes for you. Using this app, you can change faces in your digital files. Moreover, this app learns from your uploaded images. You can create a face set of over 500 images to help the app learn. Additionally, it will allow the application to use your face and animate it in any video. It helps in making deepfakes accurate and easy.

deepfake studio

  • • Deepfake Studio provides high-quality results of your swapped face media files.
  • • Furthermore, you can even upscale the quality of your source images.
  • • The app uses credits for every single feature, which makes the free plan almost useless.


• Android: 7.0 or newer

4. Reface: Funny Face Swap Videos [Android | iOS]

Reface is a top-notch refacing app available on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. This fantastic app can modify you into someone famous. Moreover, this tool uses AI algorithms to reface any person using images and pictures. However, that's not it; you can also animate your still images and make them lively. In addition, you'll get high-quality results in your edits.

reface funny face swap videos

  • • This app can create GIFs, images, and photos. Moreover, you can give your media a vintage look.
  • • Furthermore, using this application, you can swap genders in any video or photo.
  • • The app has removed its search option making the selection of source media difficult.


• Android: 7.0 or newer

• iOS: 15.0 or newer

5. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face [Android]

Do you want to impress your friends with your media files? Now you can create something new and creative with the MorpheME app. This incredible application can change faces using your media files. All you need is a selfie or a portrait to swap faces in a photo or a video. In addition to this, this tool allows you to edit your refaced videos using trendy video templates.

morphme deepfake magic face

  • • MorphMe application uses AI technology to swap faces with accuracy.
  • • Moreover, it allows you to choose trendy videos or use popular templates for your videos.
  • • It is a great app to use, but you cannot create GIFs with this application.


• Android: 5.0 and newer

6. FaceSwapper: AI Swap Videos [Android]

FaceSwapper is an excellent deepfake video app that you can download on your Android devices. It is one of the most popular deepfake applications available on the market. You can use your face and be in a movie to play your favorite character. Moreover, you can even use famous paintings and swap faces with them to create something new. It is a fun app to use to create deepfakes.

faceswapper ai swap videos

  • • In addition to face swapping, this app allows you to create your avatar with the help of AI.
  • • Moreover, you can also create a cartoonish version of yourself using this app.
  • • This tool does not allow you to add or import audio files to make your content more creative.


• Android: 5.0 or newer

7. DeepFaceLab - Face Swap Editor [iOS]

DeepFaceLab is an amazing deepfake video app for iOS. You can dive into the world of deepfakes and create mind-blowing transformations. Furthermore, you can use this app to have fun with your friends and family. In addition, you can entertain people by swapping faces and creating hilarious and memorable moments. Moreover, you can even surprise your loved ones with your edits.

deepfacelab face swap editor

  • • DeepFaceLab allows you to change the gender of any person in a video or a photo.
  • • Additionally, it gives you editing options as well, such as adding stickers, images, and more.
  • • Many users complained about the app being crashed while swapping faces.


• iOS: 11.0 or newer

8. Facee - AI Face Swap [iOS]

Facee is a fakerface app to face swap for iOS, bringing excitement to your photos and videos. This powerful app lets you effortlessly swap faces with a touch of your finger. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to become someone else or merge with a different character. Additionally, you can transform yourself into your favorite superheroes or iconic movie characters.

facee ai face swap

  • • With this application, you can transform your ordinary photo into an animated one.
  • • In addition to this, you can even apply filters to reage any person in a photo.
  • • Sometimes it gets frustrating to see popup ads asking to pay for the premium plan.


• iOS: 11.2 or newer

9. DeepFace - AI Face Editor [Android]

DeepFace is an incredible video-deep fake app for Android phones. It lets you unleash your creativity by editing and modifying faces in photos and videos. Furthermore, you can modify your appearance by experimenting with different hairstyles and looks. This app allows you to visualize and try various transformations using your digital media files.

deepface ai face editor

  • • This application has a star library to swap faces with different celebrities.
  • • In addition to face-changing capability, this app can transform you into a cartoon character.
  • • This app lacks editing capabilities like any other similar face-changing app.


• Android: 5.0 or newer

Part 3: An Online Solution to Perfect Deepfake: FaceMod

FaceMod is an online face-changing application that utilizes AI to make face swapping a breeze. Furthermore, it allows you to change or modify faces in photos and videos accurately. Additionally, it gives you the ability to transform yourself into someone else. Furthermore, with this powerful tool, you can create deepfakes and have a lot of fun in the process.

Moreover, it's an entertaining way to explore the creative possibilities of digital manipulation. You can swap your face with your favorite celebrity, creating hilarious videos with your friends. Furthermore, the possibilities are endless regarding entertainment with face swapping. Deepfake videos created with FaceMod can be used in various ways, including social media platforms.


To conclude, deepfakes can be entertaining and fun. Many people think they can only create deepfakes using computers and laptops. However, you can create face-swapped photos and videos using smartphones. While searching for such apps, you'll find some of the best deepfake apps. This article has discussed some of the most prominent deep fake applications for mobile devices.

Facemod Mar 11, 24
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