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Deepfakes And Their Discussion On Reddit: Finding Best Options

Want information on deepswap Reddit alongside the best deepfake Reddit apps? This article contains all the answers and options for you.
Facemod Originally published Mar 02, 24, updated Mar 11, 24

Reddit is a popular online network where users can share thoughts on collective topics. Discussion on multiple threads on different topics exists there. Similarly, threads on deepfakes are also present for sharing knowledge or work. This article will discuss an important Reddit thread on deepfakes. Besides you will also find the list of popular Reddit deepfake apps.

  1. Part 1: The Dedicated Sub-Reddit for Discussing Deepfake
    1. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video (Android | iOS)
    2. FakeMe: Deepfake Videos (iOS)
    3. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face (Android)
    4. DeepFaceLab - Face Swap Editor (iOS)
    1. FaceMod
    2. Icons8
    3. DeepSwap.ai

Part 1: The Dedicated Sub-Reddit for Discussing Deepfake

The Reddit discussion thread on deepfake comprises viewpoints and content on deepfake technology. Being a regular user of Reddit, you will find many influencing and convincing details about deepfake technology. People share valuable knowledge that aids deepfake learning capabilities and expertise. Meanwhile, some people share their self-created deepfake face swaps with popular personalities.

In this way, the thread remains maintained around deepfake swapping. You'll see people posting comments, YouTube links, or screenshots of their work. Those who wish to take a head start on this technology should definitely visit this subreddit.

Part 2: Finding the Best Options to Deepfake in Smartphones

Amongst popular gadgets these days, smartphones take the lead. After all, everyone from children to adults uses this gadget to simplify daily tasks. In general, several AI face swap Reddit apps exist for smartphones. Let's find these applications that can help you create good deepfakes after learning from Reddit:

1. DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video (Android | iOS)

Execute face swapping conveniently and easily using DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video. Using this deepfake Reddit app, upload portrait videos to swap with desired faces. You can upload a picture of your target face, and AI will extract that face. The extracted face gets added to your respective video. Meanwhile, operating and managing face swaps is very easy.

Key Features of DeepFaker: Face Swap AI Video

• Experience a perfect gender swap by putting your face on the opposite gender. Afterward, surprise your close ones with new looks.

• After creating your deepfake video, share it on social media networks. This includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

• You can also add manga or anime characters' faces to your face. For this, upload a picture of your character and your portrait video.

deepfaker fake swap ai video

2. FakeMe: Deepfake Videos (iOS)

Continue to merge and morph faces with FakeMe: deepfake videos. This is the ultimate swapping app for facial creativity. The app is also discussed in various deepswap Reddit discussions. After uploading your video and photo with the target face, wait until the swapping finishes. The available AI technology scans and performs face swapping accurately.

Key Features of FakeMe: Deepfake Videos

• The available face animation allows you to add movements and expressions within your photos. This makes your visual content more special.

• With AI image generation models, you can also create your avatars. This provides you with a unique look in cartoonist characters.

• With its easy-to-use interface, you will not find any problem navigating tools. Everything is simple and convenient at FakeMe: Deepfake Videos. Thus, the user experience will get enhanced.

fakeme deepfake video

3. MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face (Android)

Swap faces without hassles by using MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face. After using this deep swap AI Reddit app, you can swap your face with friends or celebrities. You're required to upload a video and photo-based on which your deepfake gets designed. There is also an option to select videos and photos from stock media. The platform offers complete solutions to your content deep faking.

Key Features of MorphMe: DeepFake Magic Face

• After creating your deepfake video content, share it on popular social media platforms. This includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

• There exist different categories of stock media videos. Thus, choose your desired video and swap faces in an efficient manner.

• All the videos get exported in HD resolution display. Hence, you can share and upload your deepfake visual content in the highest quality.

morphme deepfake magic face

4. DeepFaceLab - Face Swap Editor (iOS)

Would you like to see yourself in the opposite gender? With DeepFaceLab - Face Swap Editor, it's a reality now. This deepfake subreddit app allows you to swap faces within visual content. Select two pictures and swap faces by clicking the process. Afterward, share the content with your fellows, friends, or relatives. Surprise people around you in an advanced way.

Key Features of DeepFaceLab – Face Swap Editor

• Use editor tools for rotating and cropping images, adding stickers, changing colors, and more. Transform your deepfake in the way you like.

• Apply celebrity, anime, manga, politician, or anyone's face to your face in a video. There isn't any limitation on the type of photos to select.

• With the DeepFaceLab premium version, explore more advanced features within deep-faking content. You'll get thrilled while using this application.

deepface lab face swap editor

Part 3: Top Online Deepfake Tools to Use

Deepfake technology is a great utility for transforming video editing by swapping faces. With its extensive use cases, using deepfake becomes ideal. Let's find some of the top deepfake app Reddit online tools:

1. FaceMod

An extensive platform for deep-faking visual content, FaceMod is a trusted solution. With this best deepfake app, Reddit, feature your face on popular people. It's possible through deep faking visuals where faces get replaced inside a video. With minimal effort, you can make a perfect deepfake portrait to surprise people. The platform is simple and easy to use with convenient tool navigations.

Key Features of FaceMod

• There exist unlimited templates available for both photos and videos. Choose the appropriate ones for yourself. You can even make customized templates.

• The deep-faking content gets generated through the HD face-swapping algorithm. Thus, your content will look more realistic and natural.

• The exported videos are of high quality, so you'll not face interruptions in playback. Hence, continue to enjoy your deepfake content convincingly.

Pricing Offered by FaceMod



2. Icons8

The Icons8 deepfake Reddit utility generates customized faces in a real-time scenario. Meanwhile, it's possible to make a new face from an existing face. For this, you must upload your image and change facial expressions, elements, and tones. The layout of the face will get transformed. Hence, you can generate a new face as deepfake content.

Key Features of Icons8

• Using the adjustable facial elements, turn your existing face into a young, old, or baby appearance. It's possible to adjust hair color as well.

• Enhance your creativity by making 2D and 3D illustrations. This ensures a realistic effect on your visual creations.

• With an available AI smart upscaler, enhance the quality of your photos by removing blur. Thus, your photos become sharp and clear.

icons8 deepfake swap

Pricing Offered by Icons8



3. DeepSwap.ai

Perform face swapping in an easy and convenient way with DeepSwap.ai. This Reddit deepfake app uses AI technology to replace faces with visual content. There isn't any restriction, so you can swap faces with anyone. Besides, ads won't get displayed while you're making your deepfake content. No display of watermarks either when you download your content.

Key Features of DeepSwap.ai

• Get your AI-refaced video in a quick time after providing the video and the target personality's face. The system performs necessary face swapping in an efficient way.

• You can even make GIF memes by swapping your face with popular entities. Afterward, share the meme with close ones to amaze them.

• It's possible to reshape up to 6 faces within a single clip. This can make your face-swapping process more simplified.

deepswap ai deepfake swap

Pricing Offered by DeepSwap.ai




Deepfake is an innovation when you combine artificial intelligence with video editing. Thus, you'll find deepfake getting discussed on various Reddit threads. Besides, you'll also find people sharing their creative deepfake generations. This article provided information on the deepswap Reddit thread.

You can find major deepfake Reddit applications for Mobile and Web platforms. However, it has been observed that FaceMod is an industry-leading platform with an extraordinary face swap use case.

Facemod Mar 11, 24
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