FaceMod User Guide

Welcome to the FaceMod User Guide! FaceMod lets you easily swap faces in videos or images, cartoonize your photos, and so on. Start exploring diverse styles of yourself now!

Find More Face Swap Templates/Designs/Themes in FaceMod

FaceMod provides a complete system for swapping faces from images and videos, likewise. In this guide, understand the multiple use cases associated with face swapping by looking into a complete template library.

Part 1. Swap Face in Videos With AI Video Template

You should know that FaceMod can be used to swap faces within videos, but FaceMod also offers a complete set of templates for more creative possibilities. Look ahead into the "AI Explore" to get all templates for swapping faces in videos:

Want to check yourselves as a bride for your special day? Instead of buying a complete wedding set, shift your face with the bride and get a clear view of how you’d look.

bride face swap templates

Being a diehard follower of TikTok, you might look forward to creating a TikTok Face Swap trend with your followers. Using FaceMod for crisp face-swapped content is your go-to option for easy content creation.

social media face swap templates

With Christmas or any special holiday nearing, you might want to consider looking into some ideas for making quality video content for your social media. FaceMod provides exclusive festive templates to help you easily swap faces and create something different for your viewers.

bride face swap templates

FaceMod provides support for face-swapping two faces within a single video. Try these fun and creative templates to bring you and your friends into the fun. 

double face swap templates

Part 2. Cartoonize Your Photo With AI Anime Templates

If you are a fan of anime and love creating AI animations, you might also know that FaceMod provides an exclusive AI experience of cartooning photos. However, are you aware of how AI animation can be used on a wider scale? Learn more about some top utilities of AI animations from its templates:

  • Cartoon Animation Style

If you want to create a perfect cartoonized animation of yourselves, there are several templates that help you turn your real self into professional-grade animation.

cartoon style animations
  • Gamified Animations

Are you a close fan of top-rated games for computers? If so, FaceMod offers cool gaming animation templates that can help you convert your face into a relevant character's attire and stature.

gamified style animations
  • Character Influenced Animations

Do you like Disney and have always loved watching your favorite female characters? With the extensive character-like animations available, you can make perfect animations of yourselves in your favorite Disney female star.

character style animations
  • Christmas Animations

While Christmas approaches, you might look to create an image of yourselves in animation. FaceMod covers both avenues with unique templates offering animations in a Christmas theme.

christmas style animations

Part 3. Make Portraits With AI Portrait Templates

As a fan of portraits, FaceMod provides special templates in the AI Explore section that cover very specific use cases and themes. Learn more about the available AI portrait templates that can help you understand the variety of themes available for you:

  • 30s Style

A fan of old movies always looks to bring something that shows themselves in a similar theme. That is why FaceMod offers a 30s style template for male and female users, allowing them to create 30s style portraits with perfection.

30s style ai portraits
30s style ai portraits
  • Magazine Style

Want to feature yourselves in a magazine? FaceMod features magazine-style portrait templates that help you put your face on the next magazine cover.

magazine style ai portraits
magazine style ai portraits
  • 80s Style

Many people are fans of the uniquely dressed 80s era. If you want to put your face in an 80s-style portrait, FaceMod is the right option.

80s style ai portraits
80s style ai portraits
  • Yearbook Style

Students desire to have their pictures saved in the form of a yearbook style when they graduate from college. Make yearbook-style portraits easy with FaceMod's progressive face-swapping technology.

yearbook style ai portraits
yearbook style ai portraits