FaceMod User Guide

Welcome to the FaceMod User Guide! FaceMod lets you easily swap faces in videos or images, cartoonize your photos, and so on. Start exploring diverse styles of yourself now!

How To Face Swap Any Video?

FaceMod provides a complete system to swap the face within video as well. In this guide, learn how this utility makes the face-swapping process look easy.


Please note that the uploaded video should not exceed the file size of 500MB. Furthermore, the video’s width and height should be greater than 120px and the aspect ratio should be less than 40. Out of all video formats, it features support for MP4, MOV, MKV, and WEBM file formats. Also, you can swap up to 6 faces within the video file.

Part 1. Upload Your Private Video to Swap Video Face

As you are aware, FaceMod is a platform that features photo and video-swapping abilities. To start with the process, you need to upload your private video for swapping the face, which can be done as follows:

Way 1. Access the Face Swap Section

Step 1 Look For The Face Swap Section

When accessing the main FaceMod website, continue to click the "Get Started Now" button and select the "Upload" option to add your private video.

continue to upload the video

Step 2 Select Face To Swap

After you upload your private video, drag the video timeline to capture the length of the video for swapping face, and continue by clicking “Next”.

continue to upload the video

Now, look for the right face to swap with from the provided samples in the bottom-right section of the window. You can also upload your face from the "My Face" tab. After selecting a face, click the "Swap" button to perform the process.

select face for swapping

Step 3 Download Private Face-Swapped Video

Once the video is swapped, it will lead to another window where you must click the "Download" icon to save it on your computer.

download final face swap video

You can click "Manage" to delete the downloaded video on the original window.

manage face swap video

Way 2. Access the AI Video Generator

Step 1 Access the AI Video Generator Section

You can also look for the video face-swapping option from the "AI Tools" tab on the top. Select the "AI Video Generator > "Generate Video Now" option to lead into the new editing window.

open ai video generator facemod

Step 2 Upload Video To FaceMod

When you are present in the AI Video Generator tool, proceed to tap "Upload Video" to add the video.

upload video to ai video generator

Step 3 Select Face For Video Swap

As you upload your video, look for an appropriate face using the options provided in the bottom-right section. You can also add your personal face from the "My face" tab. When selecting a face, continue to click "Swap" to start the process.

look for right face for swap

Step 4 Download Final Face Swapped Video

As the face swap process concludes, look for the "Download" button on the top right to save the video on your device.

download video that is swapped

Part 2. Use Video Templates to Swap Video Face

FaceMod offers a variety of video templates to enrich your video style. With the instructions provided below, learn how to perform the perfect face swap with FaceMod video templates:

Step 1 Select Video Template and Choose Face to Swap

From the AI Video Generator, tap on the Arrow icon to expand the Video Templates. Next, choose the video template of your choice, select or upload the face with which you want to swap, and press the “Swap” button.

add video for face swap

Step 2 Download Face-Swapped Video Template

Once the face is swapped in your video template, use the "Download" button to save the video to your device.

swap and download result

To access more templates, you can check out our Templates Guide to better understand the available templates.