FaceMod User Guide

Welcome to the FaceMod User Guide! FaceMod lets you easily swap faces in videos or images, cartoonize your photos, and so on. Start exploring diverse styles of yourself now!

How To Face Swap Any Images?

In this informative FaceMod guide, we will teach you how to face-swap any private images. Moreover, we will guide you on how to use AI animation styles and AI portrait styles.


The max image size for AI Image Generator and AI Anime is 20MB. It provides dedicated support for PNG, JPG, and JPEG images for face swapping. You can also swap 6 faces within the "AI Image Generator" but cater to only a single face swap for  AI Portrait. There are no limitations for "AI Anime".

Part 1. Upload Your Private Images to Swap Images Face

FaceMod can be used to swap faces in images using AI with perfect results. Provided next is a guide to uploading your images for swapping the face with FaceMod:

Way 1. From Face Swap Section

Step 1 Open FaceMod Face Swap Section

Open the FaceMod official website and click on "Get Started Now" button from the homepage. Continue to select the "Upload" option to upload the image that needs to be swapped.

access face swap section

Step 2 Swap Face By Selecting Right Option

After uploading the image successfully, continue to select the face from the bottom-right section of the window from the sample available or upload your own face by clicking the “Add Face” under "My Face" tab. Once selected or uploaded, tap the “Swap” button to process the image face swap.

swap image after selecting face

Step 3 Download Image To Device

Once the image is swapped, it opens another window where you can click the “Download” icon to save the image on your device.

download final image after swapping

After the image is downloaded, you can click the “Manage” icon on the original window to delete it on the tool.

delete image after swapping

Way 2. From AI Image Generator

Step 1  Access the AI Image Generator tool

To swap the image face in another way, click "More AI Tools" or go to the "AI Tools > "AI Image Generator" option. As the AI Image Generator page opens, press the "Generate Image Now" button to open the main editing interface.

start using facemod for swapping

Step 2 Proceed to Upload Photo For Face Swap

From the AI Image Generator tool, click "Upload Photo" to add the image for face swapping.

open ai image generator and upload

Step 3 Select Face and Proceed to Swap

After uploading a photo, select a face from the available options on the bottom right or add your own face. Continue to click "Swap" to start the process.

select the face and generate

Step 4 Download Face Swapped Image

The face swaps within the photo within a few seconds. After reviewing the results, click “Download” to save it on your computer.

download face swapped image

Part 2. Use AI Animation Styles to Cartoonize Your Face

When looking to create an aesthetic appeal out of a simple image, FaceMod offers the option to animate your face with its AI animation feature. Create fan art or express creativity by creating composed animations with the steps provided below:

Step 1 Choose the AI Anime Tool

When in the main editing window, select the “AI Anime” section. Choose the appropriate style for face animation from the available options.

use ai animation styles to cartoonize

Step 2 Generate the AI Anime

This will open the file explorer to select the image for the face swap animation. As the image is previewed, click the "Generate" button on the bottom right to execute.

add image and select style

Step 3 Perform the Generated AI Anime

As the results are reviewed, click the “Download” button to save the animated image. You can change the animation style and click “Redraw” to change the image.

download animated image

Part 3. Use AI Portrait Styles to Make Different Portraits

If you want to follow a specific image style, following a portrait style is the right format to go with. In the provided steps, learn how the use of AI portrait styles can be opted for making portraits with swapped faces:

Step 1 Access the AI Portrait Function

To swap your photo according to an AI portrait style, you need to navigate to the "AI Portrait" section on the left.

select the portrait template

Step 2 Choose the AI Portrait Face to Swap

Out of the available options, select any appropriate template, continue to select any face from the "Samples" section, or click "My face" to add faces, and click "Generate" to process face swapping.

select face for swapping portrait

Step 3 Download the Face-Swapped AI Portraits

Following this, you are provided with the face-swapped portraits, which can be downloaded from the top-right button. You can also separately download an image by clicking on the "Arrow" icon.

download face swapped portrait images

There are several other templates available to help you understand the objective behind image swapping in FaceMod. For more templates, check out our Templates Guide for an in-depth overview of available categories.